The first high results of the NFT collection "Guardian Bulls"

Dear players! Congratulations on starting the Web3 era in our clone world! We are also in a hurry to share the good news: in terms of trading volume for 24 hours, we have reached the 21st place (out of 1000) in the rating of popular collections of the MagicEden marketplace !

The pre-sale of 1000 NFT at a discount price has ended. In the near future, lots of 1 SOL will begin to be exhibited . We remind you that information about the collection is available on the Taurus Guard page ( ), where you can also purchase the bulls you like. You can also go to the MagicEden marketplace and search for the name of the Taurus Guard collection (the name must be accurate!). 

As we can see, the crypto community has shown no small interest in our collection, although it has not even been advertised in it yet. So, we are moving in the right direction!