Further symbiosis of the world of clones and the crypto-world

Dear players! We are pleased to inform you that we have already implemented the functionality of receiving out-of-game cryptocurrency bonuses for NFT owners. Also at the final stage is the introduction of in-game bonuses - a beneficial effect on the cowshed and receiving deductions from the new fund. “What next?” - a question that interests many. The purpose of this news is to reveal the nearest plans of the Golden clone in the crypto direction!

The next main goal is the tokenization of the currency (gold and cloncoin), as well as all game resources (commodity exchange and fair) on the Enclave server. The currency and the resource will be placed on separate crypto-exchanges where you can buy/sell the resource, exchange gold for kloncoin and vice versa, as well as deposit and withdraw funds using the exchange. For small transactions and for those who do not want to master the world of cryptocurrencies, the old man-changer will come to the rescue, which will be replenished with the function of selling various resources, however, the price of resources will be slightly higher than on the stock exchange, so as not to dump the general market. 

After the full tokenization of the Enclave server, it is planned to advertise the project in the crypto community, various promotions (both for our players and for the external audience), as well as collaborations with various crypto projects to exchange the audience. At the moment, the audience of crypto games has millions of users who make a daily turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. This world is a world of new opportunities and perspectives. And we can offer him our interesting and fascinating world with many game blocks and opportunities. We can offer him a stable project with a 16-year history, which will be a unique phenomenon in the crypto industry. And in return, he will be able to give us an influx of new users, technologies and opportunities that blockchain gives!

When this amount of work is completed and the results are visible, the inhabitants of the Metropolis server will be offered a similar option for moving into the crypto world. Each of you will be able to participate in determining the future development of the Metropolis!

Whatever the decision of the Parliament on the further development of the Metropolia server, it will be very important for us, because we, together with you, have been building it brick by brick for 16 years! Its development will be no less a priority goal than the promotion of the crypto direction. Already now we are closely engaged in the development and implementation of a new game module for the Metropolis server, which will unite the efforts of everyone and everyone! Prepare your planes and sledgehammers, pickles and trays for gold panning, because the new module will require a lot of different resources and gold! Follow the news closely!