Mystery boxes (cryptoboxes) with NFT Taurus Guard

Dear players! As you know, the Taurus Guard NFT collection has been trading on the well-known MagicEden marketplace for several weeks now. We decided not to stop there, and part of the NFTs intended for open sale will be sold through the Overseas Resources in-game auction on the Metropolis server. The sale at the auction will be carried out using special crypto-boxes (boxes with prizes), in which the following prizes can fall:

- NFT Taurus Guard, starting with the most common rarity and ending with Mythic and Legendary, which are very rare and combine the most outlandish traits.

- 1 Solana.

- 3 Solana.

The starting price of the cryptobox is 200 gold, step by 5 gold. 10 lots will be posted daily. Depending on the interest of the players, it is planned to sell from 300 to 600 boxes.

Attention! With the volatility of the Solana cryptocurrency above 10%, the starting price of the box may be revised. The initial starting price is based on the rate of 1 Solana = 21.5 USD.

After you have won the auction and received your cryptobox, it cannot be sold/gifted/thrown away, there will only be an opening function. Upon opening, you can see the NFT serial number, and possibly additional Solana that was hidden in the box along with the NFT. Within 24 hours you will receive your prize in the crypto wallet linked to the game, so take care of this in advance. How to create and link a wallet to the game can be found in the help:

The first 300 NFTs that will be in the boxes have serial numbers 2801 to 3100 inclusive without gaps. Now they are in a purse specially created for this event and are looking forward to their new owners.

More details about the start date of sales and how these cryptoboxes will be arranged will be published later, but in the meantime, you have time to prepare for the hot auction!