General provisions

Lots at the Auction of Clones are offered by the State. Characters from deleted game accounts (except for Serfs), clones donated to State dependency and so on are on sale. The player's account may be deleted if the player has not filled in personal data in the settings and has not visited the account for more than a year.

Any clone of the social status "Craftsman" or higher can take part in the auction, make bids, buy clones.

The start price of a clone put up for sale depends on its status and is equal to:

  • Craftsman: 5 gold coins;
  • Peasant: 10 gold coins;
  • Townsman: 40 gold coins;
  • Merchant: 150 gold coins;
  • Nobleman: 400 gold coins;
  • Boyar: 1,500 gold coins;
  • Emperor: 10,000 gold coins.

After the clone is put up for auction, all its game characteristics and other parameters are fixed. Changing them, as well as changing the conditions of the auction, for the entire period of the auction is impossible.

The sales duration of the clone at the auction is 24 hours. If there were no bids during this time interval, the clone will be put up for auction again until it is sold.

If a bid on a lot is made in the last 5 minutes before the end of the current trading period, the trading period is extended by 5 minutes.

After buying a lot

The purchased clone will be credited to the buyer's account within 5-10 minutes after the end of the auction.

  • The buyer will receive a clone along with all its property (voyage ships, real estate, jewelry production, principality, administrative unit, positions held at enterprises, etc.) and characteristics;
  • If a clone moved up in the account of a player registered under the affiliate program, then his referrer will receive all the due bonuses in the process of developing the purchased clone;
  • Clones with old embassy connections lose their connection with their ancestor after being sold. Relationships with descendants-referrals are preserved, the clone will receive appropriate bonuses for raising the status of his referrals.

The gold received from the sale of clones is transferred to the State Budget and is its income. The State, in turn, transfers daily from this income item: