Rules for bidding at the Auction of Mines

Clones of the social status "Craftsman" and higher who have received "geology education" at the University can participate in the auction.

Gold mines are put up for auction by the State of Land of Clones as they are found by state geologists.

Bidding period is the period of time in hours and minutes during which the lot is sold. The maximum time period for selling a lot is 48 hours. If not a single bid has been made on the lot, the mine is put up for auction again, and the bidding for it is held again. This continues until the mine is redeemed.

If in the last 5 minutes of the bidding period any of the players makes a bid, the bidding period for this lot is extended by another 5 minutes.

A "step" is the amount of money or resources by which the current value of the lot will increase when the player places a bid to buy it.

The bid can be either in gold coins, or in golden eggs, or in silver eggs (depending on the type of mine). The current bid is indicated on the desired button (in gold and silver eggs, gold coins). The bid in gold and silver eggs is calculated taking into account their nominal price.

The next bid will increase the current cost of the lot by one step. To place a bid, you need to have the required amount of gold coins (precious eggs). You can place a bid using the "Bid" button.

You can raise your own bid without restrictions.

Once you have placed a bid, the bid amount is reserved. It will be definitively spent after the purchase of the respective lot. If another player overbids your bid, then the previously reserved bid will return to your disposal.

If at the end of the auction you bought mines, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

Purchased mine displayed by the clone who made the purchase. It will appear within 5-10 minutes after the end of the auction.

After the purchase of the mine, there are no reverse actions related to the return. The clone starts working at the purchased mine according to rules.

Nominal price of mines and step