Here you can see a description of all securities varieties of Land of Clones .

Trading Rules for the Securities Auction

General Provisions:

Any clone of the social status "Craftsman" or higher can take part in the auction.

Lots of securities are offered by the State of the Land of Clones at the time of issues.

Lots of 1, 10 or 100 securities are available for purchase. The price per lot is indicated taking into account the number of securities in it. When buying a lot, all securities in the lot are purchased.

Securities are put up for sale in the following proportions (of the total number of issued securities):

  • 10% - lots of 100 securities;
  • 30% - lots of 10 securities;
  • 60% - lots of 1 security.

"Era of the Megaliths" Securities and "Dragon Gold" Securities are put up for sale in the following proportions (of the total number of issued securities):

  • 30% - lots of 100 securities;
  • 40% - lots of 10 securities;
  • 30% - lots of 1 security.

Bidding period is the period of time in hours and minutes during which the lot is sold.

The lot can be put up for an unlimited times. However, from the moment of the first bid for the purchase, the auction for this lot will be completed within the specified period.

If at the last minute of bidding any of the players makes a bid, the trading period for this lot is extended by one minute.

A step is the amount of money or resources by which the current cost of the lot will increase when the player places a bid to buy it.

The type of bid depends on the type of securities. Bids can be in gold coins or resources (wood, cereals, stone or iron), forest gifts or other game items (for example, golden and silver eggs, etc.) The next bid will increase the current cost of the lot by a step. To place a bet, you need to have the required amount of gold coins (resources, etc.) You can place a bid using the corresponding button.

You can increase the bid by several steps at once.

You can raise your own bid without restrictions.

Once you have placed a bid, the bid sum is reserved from your account. It will be definitively spent off after the purchase of the respective lot. If another player overbid your bid, then the previously reserved bid will return to your disposal.

If at the end of the auction you bought a lot of securities, you will not be able to cancel the transaction. The purchased securities will go to the buyer's disposal within 5-10 minutes after the end of the auction.

Please see rules for dividend payments on securities.

Trading Advisor (temporarily unavailable)

The Trading Advisor is designed to make it easier to buy lots in the Securities Auction by automatically bidding and buying lots for you.

When creating a purchase order for a trading advisor, you specify:

  • Type of securities;
  • The number of lots you want to buy;
  • The type and maximum amount of the resource that you can spend to buy one lot.

Having received an application from you, the advisor acts in the following way:

  • Once every 10 minutes, it checks the lots in search of those matching the specified conditions and selects those for which the bidding time ends and the cost for which is currently minimal.
  • If at some moment the bid per lot reaches the maximum allowed by the conditions, or if the advisor does not have enough resources to overbid the bid, the advisor stops tracking this lot.
  • If the advisor does not have enough resources for the first bid, then the advisor will not search for new lots to buy and place bets on them for an hour.

In order not to lose lots due to a lack of resources, you can enable automatic purchase of the required amount of the resource. The resource will be bought from the Trade Guild at the lowest current market price (but not higher than nominal price x5).

The trading advisor can be given an unlimited number of buy orders at the same time.

The cost of the services of a trading advisor:

  • A fee of 0.01 gold coins is charged for creating an application (regardless of the maximum number of lots in it);
  • When making a "capture" of each lot (that is, the first bid on it), the advisor charges a fee of 0.001 gold coins. All subsequent bids on this lot are free.

The trading advisor fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the trade.

This feature is under development and is temporarily unavailable.

Securities Auction Fund

The difference between the sale price of the lot in gold coins and the nominal price of the lot in gold coins is transferred to the State budget. Cost equivalents of resources are not taken into account. The State, in turn, pays from this budget:

  • 0.5% - to a "Charity Fund";
  • 5% - to the Prince's Fund;
  • 5% - to the Treasuries of Settlements (Hamlet - City);
  • 5% - to the University Staff premium fund;
  • 5% - to the fund of Military Ranks;
  • 15% - to the "Social fund of the Land of Clones".