To build a Basalt Mining Production requires the efforts of only one clone - but with some knowledge. To do this, it is necessary to invest in the construction of the entire set of the required resource, as well as to spend a Basalt mining construction permission certificate, which can be purchased at the Auction of Securities during the emission. To buy this Permission certificate, clone must have social status not lower than Townsman, and trained specialty of "Magic of the Boulder" in the Magicians' Tower and then trained the specialty of "Engineer of Megalithic Structures" in the University.

Construction of Basalt Mining Production is very fast, you just need to submit all the necessary resources:


The built Basalt Mining Production produces megalith blocks in the amount of %day_resource_amount% piece / day for %production_days% days after construction. After that, the Basalt Mining Production is closed.

The produced megalith blocks are transferred daily to the Production's owners.

The companion of the Production can dispose of the received resource at own discretion: to sell in Trade Guild, to use as one of the materials for buildings construction. The possibility of using megalith blocks will appear in the process of developing new game modules.

One clone can build or develop only one Basalt Mining Production at a time.