I did it! My first win!

It was that first article that led to my brilliant results today. Now I can write anything, even a book. I know how to attract readers to my creations! Try yourself, write, train, because the World of Clones is your simulator!

Here are series of tips to help you be a great storyteller, writer.

1. Interest the reader from the first lines, immerse him in the atmosphere of what is happening - as briefly as possible, but at the same time intriguing.

- Night, street, lamp. (Alexander Blok) - pay attention - briefly, clearly and immediately immerses the reader into the atmosphere of what is happening.

- Alaska, cold, piercing wind ... A long line of gold miners stretches to the foot of the mountain ...

2. Use the abbreviation technique PDO (Pains, Dreams, Objections). This technique is used to create the best-selling presentations, texts.

- First, describe the Pain of what is happening, the hero, the atmosphere:

Example: The bent silhouettes of people slowly move under the weight of backpacks, dangling shovels and pickaxes.

- Describe your Dreams;

Example: I bet $1000 that each of them is now warm only by the dream of weighty gold nuggets.

- Describe the Objections;

Example: Idiots! They don't even realize that at best, only half of them will come back. Half of this half will bring gold, which will pay for their expenses and encourage them to play the roulette with death again.

And then everything is in the hands of the writer:

Continuation of the story:

Only a few of them will bring large gold nuggets and give them to me. Who am I, you ask? (support the intrigue)

See, each of the miners is dragging a shovel and a pickaxe? Only the blind do not see this, but they are the blind - blinded by nuggets and greed. Every day, from 500 to 1000 miners go to the mountains and each of them buys a new tool. A new shovel costs $5, my artel earns up to $5,000 a day selling it. A weighty nugget is bought by my artel from miners at a price of about $100. So I get 50 nuggets a day, being in a warm tavern, sipping a delicious expensive cigar ...

Again, who am I? Something else is important... (Dialogue with the reader and answers to his hypothetical questions) Once I realized that if people are looking for gold, then it is most profitable to sell them shovels, if a large school of fish came up, sell tackle. If computerization has swallowed up the world - create virtual twins and send them to work! (idea denouement of the narrative, call to action)

The World of Clones is a new meta universe, here you will learn how to be sighted! (answer to the question what the reader will get in return)

Try to write in such a way that people get excited from what you write! Hook the reader's brain from the first lines, do not let him read diagonally, lead him along each line you write throughout the article. Remember, people don't like to waste their time on empty words, so fill each one with meaning and content! Less descriptive water, more action. Intrigue, denouement - train to be the best! Become a Magician of the pen, turn the ordinary into the unique, the boring into the sensational. Let people beg you to write more!

The World of Clones is your trainer! Remember this and take advantage of its capabilities. Become the best version of yourself every day!

The Newspaper of the Land of Clones needs Creative Writers! The inhabitants of the World of Clones are waiting for interesting articles from you.

Check the spelling and style before sending the article to the editor (for example, using the Microsoft Word text editor).

If your article was rejected by the editor - check the text of the article, the editor could have left his comments in it.

DO NOT submit articles like this:

  • boring retelling of the rules of various modules of the project;
  • announcements, advertising;
  • dry or dubious calculations.

All this you can write and discuss on the forum with the World of Clones community.

Work on articles

Click on the "Write Article" button to start creating a new article. After making changes, do not forget to save the article. You can return to editing a draft of a saved article at any time. After the article is ready, click "Publish article" to send it to the editor. After that, the article gets on the table to one of the editors. Before the editor accepts the article for review, you can always withdraw it from the editorial office to make changes.

The editor will check the article and then can accept or reject it. If the article is rejected, check for a note that may indicate the reason for the rejection. Also, the editor can make changes to the text of the article before rejection. To view these edits, click the appropriate button on the article page. The author may choose to accept this edited version if desired, or return to editing their own version. Then the article can be sent back to the editor.

Types of publications

The Article

The material is based on the research / reasoning of the author on one specific topic.


  • Recommended length is from 2000 to 4000 characters.
  • Illustrations are desirable.
The Note

A short message that states a fact or raises a specific question. It may not contain an answer to a question or an assessment of this event.

The note is based on any event, news, case.


  • The volume is not more than 2000 characters.
  • Illustrations are desirable.
The Interview

Interviews with people of interest to a wide range of readers.


  • Volume - within the limits of common sense.
  • Illustrations are desirable.
Creative writing and humor

Artistic works of authors, including within the framework of competitions.


  • Positive message.
  • The volume is not more than 2000 characters.
  • Illustrations are desirable.

Formatting Newspaper Articles

The text editor in the newspaper allows you to apply formatting to, for example, make text bold or italic. Below you will find examples of such formatting. Please do not abuse these features, as the success of an article depends largely on how easy it is to read.

What is needed What to enter
Bold text **Bold Text**
Text in italics *Text in italics*
Bold text in italics ***Bold text in italics***


Dividing line
Asterisk symbol * \*
Hash symbol # \#

Pictures in articles

Authors need to diversify their articles with pictures and illustrations. Special topic for posting pictures has been created on the forum. If the author needs to insert any picture into the article, then you need to upload it in this topic, leave a comment on the picture like "Illustration No. 1 for the article "Article Title"". If you need to insert several pictures into one article, they should be uploaded in one message.

In a newspaper article, in the place where the picture should be, you should leave a link to the picture that is loaded into the topic (the link is not to the topic, not to the post, but to the picture itself). When publishing, the Editor-in-Chief will replace the link with an image.

Pictures are moderated at the time of publication of the article, so they must comply with ethical standards, the meaning of the article, forum rules and the provisions of the User Agreement.

How to write a good article or note?

1. Start by looking for an idea or theme. If you want, use the section "Themes for articles from editors".

2. Collection of materials on the theme - facts, figures, people's opinions, illustrations, etc.

3. Plan the article. For example:

  • Introduction,
  • Fact 1,
  • Example 1,
  • Example 2,
  • Fact 2,
  • Reflections,
  • Findings.

4. Read the resulting text aloud to check the links between paragraphs, identify long and dissonant sentences. Make sure your article is accurate, concise and clear. Make final changes, insert links to illustrations and send the article to the editor.

And finally, 10 classic tips for a journalist:

  • One thought, one sentence.
  • Write in short sentences.
  • Use verbs in the same tense.
  • Avoid unnecessary details.
  • Use terms only when necessary.
  • Quote vivid statements.
  • Answer possible questions from readers in the article.
  • Confirm all the facts used.