Newspaper work regulations

Clones with Craftsman status (and higher) can try out as a reporter for the State Newspaper. You can write interesting topical articles, notes or artistic works about the World of Clones.

After you have created a note or article in the "Your Cabinet" section - it goes to the editors for consideration. It can be edited by one of the editors (if necessary). Then the article is submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, who decides on publication.

After the material is approved by the Editor-in-Chief, it is published in the newspaper of World of Clones. The fee (gold coins) appointed by the Editor-in-Chief is credited to the game account of the editor and the author of the article. The author and editor of the article receive notifications of the publication by internal mail.

If you are interested in working in a newspaper, you like to write articles, your articles are loved and expected by the inhabitants of the Land of Clones, then you will definitely be noticed and may be offered the position of editor.

The editor's task is to read, analyze, edit and evaluate articles submitted by reporters, as well as to find interesting topics for new articles. The editor can also write articles himself and immediately send them to the Editor-in-Chief.

If an editor has an interesting article topic idea during the day, they share it on the "Themes for articles from editors" page. In addition to the proposed topics, the reporter can write an article on some hot news, event, or make an analytical forecast of his choice.

The editor must send the article, completely ready for publication, to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-chief can also edit it (at his discretion), and then publish or reject it. Based on the results of the work, he assigns a prize to both the author and the editor of the article. After the article is approved by the Editor-in-Chief, it goes to the Land of Clones newspaper with the names of the author and editor of the article.

The World of Clones newspaper will develop, but its development directly depends on the initiative and well-coordinated work of reporters and editors.


Question Will I get paid for my article (first, trial, whatever)?
Answer If your article, taken by the editor, is further transferred to the Editor-in-Chief and approved by him, this means that your article has been published in the newspaper and all the inhabitants of the World of Clones will see your article. As soon as the article is published - gold coins (your fee) are credited to your account.
Question Does the payment for an article depend on its volume?
Answer Not necessary. The amount of fee, first of all, depends on the quality of work. The article should be interesting, and this is usually achieved not by a large number of letters, but by the idea, style and literacy of writing.
Question How will articles be selected for publication if there are several on the same topic?
Answer The editor chooses the highest quality (interestingly written) from the works that come to him. The speed of writing an article is also important, especially if articles are written within the framework of players' tournament (on the same topic).
Question What is the fee for one publication?
Answer The amount of the fee will depend on the evaluation of your work by the Editor-in-Chief. The average size of the fee (regardless of the publication format - note, article or creative work) is currently from 1 to 10 gold coins, which are paid to the reporter and editor. There are cases when a fee of up to 100 coins was paid for very interesting articles.
Question What to do if the editor rejected your work?
Answer Check the text of the rejected article: editors can leave comments right in the text. Read again tips on how to make an article interesting and readable, check out the section § How to write a good article or note? on the page newspaper/listOwn "Your Cabinet". Read your article, answer yourself the question - is it interesting to read the article? Check if your work meets all the requirements? If you have any questions, please contact the editor who rejected the article by internal mail. Make the necessary edits and resubmit the text to the newspaper. In the title, additionally indicate the name of the editor who worked with it: then the article will be sent to him for consideration.

Additional tasks of the State newspaper

Dear reporters and editors! According to the bill passed in the State Duma of the Land of Clones, the following is proposed:

  • The editor-in-chief selects and offers one of the Internet resources, which in one way or another affects the discussion of our virtual world, but its description is not complete and detailed enough. Tasks are posted in the section Themes for articles from editors.
  • Reporters and editors are invited to supplement the proposed Internet resource with an OBJECTIVE description of the World of Clones - namely: what is the game simulator "World of Clones", its distinctive features, its pros and cons, according to the author.
  • An objective description can be left by participants who are no longer beginners. Therefore, the requirements for authors are that the age of the game account is at least 1 year old, the status of the game character is not lower than a townsman. The author is invited to leave his description on behalf of the clone, in order to further identify the author and pay a fee. It is not necessary to register on a resource with the same name - you can specify it directly in the review text.
  • The editor-in-chief sets the terms of work on the proposed Internet site, for example, 3 days, until such and such a date. At the end of this time interval, the editor-in-chief reviews the descriptions left by the participants on this Internet resource and pays a fee to the authors. The amount of the fee is assigned by the editor-in-chief. The more interesting and valuable the description of the author, the higher the fee he receives.
  • If the author does not meet the requirements to leave a paid description, but has an irrepressible desire to do so, he can leave his description for free.
  • If the author sees that the proposed Internet site is already filled with information about the World of Clones by previous authors and does not need to be supplemented, then he refrains from writing similar descriptions and awaits a new task.

P.S. Laudatory odes are not appropriate in our case, our goal is to supplement the proposed resource with information about the World of Clones so that readers can get reliable and complete information. Friends, let's jointly supplement the Internet with truthful information about the World of Clones, because in reality we can tell a lot about, our virtual world is already over 10 years old!