Welcome to the State Enterprises Employment Section of Land of Clones! Working here is a great opportunity to get as many experience units as possible in a short time. Employees with a lot of special expertise units can count on good bonuses. Another distinguishing feature of state enterprises is career growth. From a simple worker, you can grow to a manager!

Employment and combination of work

State Enterprises provide a huge number of jobs for your clones! Even serfs can work at some enterprises.

There are different types of enterprises and positions, with different requirements for employment:

  • The presence of a working tool;
  • Availability of specialized education;
  • The presence of a minimum threshold of characteristics;
  • The presence of a minimum number of characteristics that will be spent during employment.

For employment, go to list of enterprises. By clicking on the name of the desired enterprise, you will see a list of available positions. To find out the requirements of a specific position, hover the cursor over the position title in the desired enterprise.

Some positions are replaceable (the worst employee can be forced out by a better applicant). Removal from some positions is not possible, but a clone can be fired for other reasons (lack of tool or Work Efficiency, non-compliance with minimum characteristics).

If a clone needs work efficiency, experience, charisma, or special expertise, you can exchange some characteristics for each other at the University. Training the "Intention" characteristic at Canteen or at University will increase the clone's level of all special expertises.

If the enterprise has open vacancey and if all the necessary characteristics of your clone meet the position requirements, then the button right from the position name will be blue. To purchase a tool, click on the appropriate icon next to the position or go to the Tool Shop.

The durability of a tool is measured in terms of the number of working shifts in a single enterprise where the tool is required. For example, when working as a porter at a Fair and a handyman in a Carters' Guild at the same time, a clone will spend 2 units of mittens' durability daily.

Work in State enterprises can be combined with other activities, in accordance with the following rules:

Almost everywhere in State enterprises there is an opportunity to move up the career ladder. The more special characteristics your clone has, the more likely it is to get a higher position. Higher position - higher level of income! You can read more about the rules for placement and promotion in each enterprise by clicking on enterprise name and then on the "Help" tab.

Attention! Work at each State enterprise requires the cost of one rate of Work Efficiency consumption every day. One rate is equal to 1 unit of Work Efficiency. Some positions require additional Work Efficiency costs, which will be further discussed in the "Help" section of each such enterprise.

Keep an eye on enough "Work Efficiency" at your clone's indicator or in the Canteen. Also make sure you have the tool. If your clone ceases to meet the mandatory requirements for a particular position, then he will not receive salary and experience units (and will not spend a tool). Instead, he will be reprimanded in the Record of Employment. If a clone has been reprimanded for three days in a row, he will be fired. If necessary, you will have to re-employ.

You can set up the automatic purchase of the necessary tool at the end of its durability, if you do not want to constantly monitor its availability. You can do this in the Tool Shop.

Salary, experience units and seniority

As payment, employees can receive daily salary, bonuses and "experience" units. Experience is an important characteristic, it can be exchanged for "reasonableness", "charisma" or "special expertises".

"Experience" and other characteristics are very important for clones. Thanks to them, your clone can count on a more prestigious job or receive additional bonuses in enterprises. The better the characteristics and the higher the social status, the more gaming opportunities are open for your clone.

When working at several enterprises at the same time, the clone receives the total values of salaries, bonuses and characteristics from all positions.

For each clone, his Employment Book (Record of Employment) is created, where all events that occur with the clone at work will be recorded. It will reflect the dates of employment and dismissal, as well as the reprimands received and their reasons. Entries can be filtered by date and type. There will be a record of seniority at each enterprise.

Employee Statistics

At each state enterprise, you can go to the "Rating" page to get acquainted with the level of salaries and bonuses at this enterprise over the past day.

For each position, an employee with minimum characteristics and the best employee with the highest characteristics are indicated. Their latest salary is listed, as well as the characteristics that influenced it.

This information will allow you to understand what level of income your clone can expect, because you know its characteristics.