My name is Old Rat, welcome to the Brigands' Den!

Remember… The cheapest commodity in the world is what other people think of you.

Do you like the sound of coins and adrenaline? You are in good hands, here you will always be helped with tips on robbing a wealthy house.

If you put together your own gang of robbers, then there will be tips for you on hamlets, villages, towns and cities.

To join a "Gang of Robbers" or "Bandit Army" have at least 500 "Criminal Authority" units.

Rhe road to the Brigands' Den is closed for Princes, Mayors, Soldiers with rank, Security Guards.

Clones that work at Gold Mines in Settlements (Hamlet - City) also cannot engage in robbery.

Characteristics of a Robber

General Characteristics

|- ! Characteristic name !! What influences! How to increase |- | Health || Battle duration || +20 units per day automatically 1 "health potion" - up to 100 units at once |- | Criminal Authority || Number of robberies per day || + the level of the robbed house Participation in gang raids

Service in the Bandit Army (see below)

Use of Jewelry accessories |- | Military Expertises || Affects the accuracy of a shot/hit with weapons (compared to the enemy)* ||+1 unit for an inaccurate shot/hit with weapon +2 units for an accurate shot/hit with weapon

+0 units for an accurate / inaccurate punch (without weapon)

Service in the Bandit Army (see below)

Visit Warrior Temple Complex

Use of Artifacts and Jewelry accessories

The use of the "Kvass" drink |- | Robber's Luck || Determines the chance of a robbery without noise and dust (without fighting and shots) || +1 unit for a robbery (whether successful or not) Use of Jewelry accessories |- | Military Initiative || Used in choosing the order of firing || +1 unit for a robbery (whether successful or not) Service in the Bandit Army (see below)

Visit Thermae

Use of Jewelry accessories

The use of the "Kvass" drink |}

Remember that the value of the own clone's Military Expertises (basic units) cannot exceed the value of 1,000,000 units. But there is a trick - you can temporarily increase the amount of ME above this value by using Jewelry, Magical artifacts, "Intention" characteristic. If you fought with our common enemy Webman and deserved rewards, they do not increase the ME by more than 1 million units.

Health Recovery

Initially (at birth) You have 100 units of Health (this is the maximum possible value). During the battle, you will lose Health units when the enemy hits you. The character (clone) never dies, he only loses the battle due to lack of Health units. If you are wounded, the Health can be replenished in two ways:

  • Daily (at the checkout time) +20 Health units are automatically restored. Thus, the clone can fully restore Health up to 100 units in 5 days.
  • You can use "Health Potions" at Canteen.

One potion immediately restores Health to a maximum of 100 units. You can buy it at Fair or craft it yourself at Mages Tower.

In the Canteen, you can set "automatic healing" of your clones (all or just selected ones) as needed.

Replenishment of Health with a potion is possible only before the start of the battle. Automatic healing with the help of a potion also occurs before the start of the battle, in which the character enters, when the specified condition for the minimum health threshold is met.

Accessories (Jewelry items that increase Characteristics)

Would you like to dress up? Rubies, emeralds, diamonds... Well, these trinkets not only shine beautifully, but are also useful.

At the Fair you can buy jewelry that will increase the amount of Military Initiative, Military Expertises, Robber's Luck, Criminal Authority.

Available items types:

  • Belt, Diamond Belt, Ring of Courage (increase in Military Initiative).
  • Sash, Diamond Vest, Ring of Great Warrior (increase in Military Expertises).
  • Bracelet (increase in Robber's Luck).
  • Chain (increase in Criminal Authority).

You can wear 1 item for each characteristic at the same time (Belt, Sash, Vest, Bracelet, Chain), as well as up to 8 any rings. The maximum duration of an item (in days) is equal to its durability. If necessary, the item can be removed from clone to bag. An item's durability doesn't decrease if it's just in a bag or storehouse.

Belt, Sash, Diamond Belt, Diamond Vest, Bracelet, Chain: The characteristic's increase applies to the clone immediately after wearing up and for as long as the item is equipped. If the item is removed (or if it expires), this bonus will disappear.

Rings: characteristics are added daily in the specified amount throughout the entire period of wearing the ring and remain with the clone forever (they are basic units).

Details can be found in the description of each item (on mouse hover) or in the section "Business" → "Jewellery".

An unnecessary item can be sold at the Fair.

Artifacts (magic items that increase Characteristics)

On the Land of Clones, there is another kind of magical items, thanks to which a clone can temporarily increase certain characteristic - including Military Expertises. These are artifacts: a magic cocked hat, a magic warrior's phalerae, a magic warrior's cloak, a magic marshal's baton.

Characteristics when using artifacts are accrued according to special rules, which can be found on the page "Business" → "Fairy Tale Characters" → "Help". No desire to hang out with evil spirits? You can purchase ready-made artifacts at Fair. You can also sell an unnecessary artifact there.

Drinking the "Kvass" drink

In the Canteen you can drink this wonderful drink. Drinking a bottle of kvass before the battle will give a bonus (to choose from): Military Expertises (+10 units) or Military Initiative (+2 units). Before each battle, you can drink from 1 to 3 bottles of kvass. You can set up automatic consumption of kvass. In this case, the clone will consume kvass before the next battle immediately after the end of the previous one.

In addition, the properties of kvass can add one more unit of any special expertises available to the clone (except for such characteristics as "Criminal Authority", "Robber's Luck", "Clone's Luck"). Type of special expertise is chosen randomly.

The special expertises obtained in this way remains forever (they are basic units).

In addition, when using kvass, the clone transforms its "Additional bonus for Kvass" characteristic units into "Military Expertise" units (in proportions of 1 to 1, but not more than 33 bonus units for 1 bottle of kvass drunk).

Read more about the properties and rules for drinking the "Kvass" drink in Canteen.

Combat Skills

On the page "Character" → "Combat Skills" you can get additional combat skills that can improve some characteristics in battle, for example: reduce the damage done to you, increase the accuracy of your attacks, and maybe even restore health units.

How many skills you can get depends on your Military Expertises level. When obtaining skills, units of expertise is not spent and continues to be used in battles, but the total amount of expretises reserved for skills is summed up. For example, if you currently have 1500 units of Military Expertises, then you will not be able to train two skills that require 1000 units each. You can train only one skill, and get the second later, when the amount of Military Expertises of the clone increases to 2000 units.

Not all skills can be combined with each other. Your opponent may also have some skills, don't forget that.

Please note that some skills work in all battles, and some only work in battles between guards and a robbers, but do not work in battles with a common enemy (attacks of a Bandit Army).

See the help page "Character" → "Combat Skills" for more information.

Equipment and Ammunition


You can take cold steel arms and/or firearms with you. You can buy any weapon at Gun Shop, at Overseas Weapons Auction or at Arm's Stock Market. If you don’t have both cold steel arms and firearms, you will beat with your fist, causing damage to the enemy from 5 to 10 health points with an accurate blow. Units of "Military Expertises" are not accrual for such punches.

The following types of weapons are suitable for robbers:

  • Cold steel arms (brass knuckles, shiv, knife, bayonet, saber, scimitar, katana);
  • Firearms (pistol, fuzeya, musket, carbine, pair of pistols, light machine gun AW 0614, double-barreled rifle, triple-barreled rifle, sniper rifle);
  • Artillery (howitzer, regimental gun, "unicorn" howitzer);
  • Combat fleet (brig, corvette, battleship).

In raids on real estate and settlements (Hamlet-City), only cold and firearms are used. In the attacks of the Bandit Army, all these types are used. In addition, you need different types of cartridges and cannonballs. See the table below for details:

Type of weapons / Feature Cold steel arms Firearms Artillery Combat fleet
Minimum clone status Craftsman Artisan Peasant Townsman
Application in real estate raids + +
Requires Salt Cartridges
- -
Application in raids on settlements + +
Requires Salt Cartridges
- -
Application in a Bandit Army + +
Combat cartridges required
Cannonballs required
Cannonballs required

You can have an unlimited number of weapons in your bag or storehouse, but you can only wear one type of firearms and cold steel arms at a time. In this case, an artillery gun or a warship is equated to a firearm. Firearms (in the presence of cartridges and cannonballs) have priority over cold steel arms - they will be used first.

Each weapon has two characteristics: durability (the number of hits or shots that a weapon can make) and damage (the minimum and maximum number of health units that an enemy will lose when hit / shot).

  • Each hit with a cold steel arms reduces its durability by -1 unit.
  • Each shot of a salt cartridge from a firearm reduces its durability by -1 unit.
  • Each shot of a combat cartridge or cannonball from a firearm reduces its durability by -10 units.

Different types of firearms have different ammunition capacity, limiting the amount of cartridges you can take with you into battle. You can buy ammunition at the Trade Guild; and if you have an education of a gunsmith - make your own from the required components. For raids on houses and settlements, salt cartridges are required, for an attack as part of a Bandit Army, combat cartridges are required.

When the durability is completely consumed, the weapon is considered completely worn out, it must be replaced with a new one. If your account has storehouse, then you can configure automatic replacement of used weapons (if you have a new one). The weapon will be replaced after the end of the battle, during the battle this is not possible.

Protective Leather Clothing

You can put on one leather item (jacket, vest or cloak), which will reduce the damage inflicted on you by cartridges, cannonballs or cold steel arms.

Each thing has its own durability and degree of protection.

By how many health units clothing will reduce damage during an attack - by that many units its durability will decrease.

The degree of damage protection depends on the type of leather clothing and type of weapon:

Type of weapon/protective clothing Fists and cold steel arms Firearms, salt cartridges Firearms, combat cartridges and cannonballs Dragon fire
Leather Vest (Starting durability 3000) 1-5% 6-12% 3-7% 0%
Leather Jacket (Starting durability 5000) 5-10% 15-25% 7-13% 0%
Leather Cloak (Starting durability 10000) 10-20% 30-50% 10-25% 0%
Samurai Leather Cloak (Starting durability 10000) 10-40% 30-80% 10-50% 0%
Dragonscale Leather Cloak (starting durability 15000) 80-100% 80-100% 70-100% 85-95%

You can buy leather clothing at Fair.

Lone Thief (career start)

As long as you are young and unexperienced, the only opportunity for you is a career as a lone thief. You will be able to raid the houses of wealthy citizens.

Develop characteristics, and later you will open the way to a Gang of robbers or to a Bandit Army.

The Tip-off

Check out Tip-offs - we gave you the coordinates of several wealthy homeowners.

Every hour you can get new tip list if the old one is no longer valid. Use this tips for raids. Hurry up to commit a robbery, otherwise someone else may be more agile!

You can force the tip list to be refreshed an infinite number of times using "work efficiency" coupons. The best tips are the ones with the biggest jackpot. But the guard there is usually not weak.

The same house can be robbed several times a day, see the help section for details "Rentier" → "The Real Estate".

You can make from 1 to 5 raids per day. The number of robberies available to you depends on your "Criminal Authority" units:

Number of "Criminal Authority" units Number of robberies/day
up to 150 1
from 150 to 500 2
from 500 to 1500 3
from 1500 to 2500 4
2500 and more 5

Remember that you will not be able to raid your own house (or a house belonging to another clone from your account).

How to increase the Criminal Authority, read in the chapter § Characteristics of a Robber.

Robbery Raid

To go to work - fix up your health. If you have less than 10 units of it, you will stand on the sidelines... Also check the work efficiency, because a hungry clone will not be able to fight (if its work efficiency less than 0).

When you raid a house, you must take with you 50% of the jackpot you want to robber. If you fail, the house guards will take those gold coins from you. If you succeed, you will take away the gold accumulated in the treasury of the house.

When raiding a house, you may run into guard. If you see a tip-off with a fat jackpot - remember, the owner is prosperous, most likely the security is good, don't go if you're not sure!

If the guard's "Military initiative" characteristic is not developed at all, and you, on the contrary, the characteristic "Robber's Luck" is well developed, then your chances of robbing the house without being noticed are very high. Therefore, do not forget to develop your characteristics, because a robbery "without noise and dust" is the minimum risk for you!

But if the house is guarded by watchdogs, you won't be able to pass quietly... Be careful with level 50 houses (castles) - they can be guarded by dragons. This is a sure fail...

The Fight

If suddenly neither you nor the guard have any weapons, and you could not sneak in unnoticed, then you will still be able to escape from the scene of the crime, both sides will remain with their own.

If a fight broke out, then you will lose health units with each attack of the guard (with an accurate hit). The damage will depend on the characteristics of the weapon, the accuracy of the enemy and the presence of protective clothing worn.

The fight is a series of rounds. In one round, all participants in the battle make one attack in turn. The player with the highest "Military Initiative" characteristic goes first at each round.

You, like a guard, can fight as long as your health is greater than or equal to 10 units. If your health drops below 10 units earlier than the guard - you lost.

In the case of a firearm precense, fire is fired from it first. You or a guard fire a firearm as long as one of you is capacitated, and as long as there are cartridges in the ammunition load, as well as the durability of the weapon is greater than 0.

If there is no firearm, or the ammunition is used up, you can use cold steel arms (or, in his absence, fists), but only after the enemy also runs out of all ammunition.

The most elementary robbery - if there is no security, the jackpot is immediately yours!

The Basement Jails

If you are unlucky and caught, then you will be imprisoned in the basement jail of the house (every house with a development level of 3 and higher has a basement jail). Sitting in the jail, you can't go to robberies. Also, you can not remove cold steel arms or firearms.

Sit in the basement for two days (48 hours), although you can offer the owner of the house a ransom in gold coins, and perhaps he will let you go. The ransom is reserved when specified: first from your Robber's Cache, and if there are not enough coins, then the missing one is taken from the game account.

If the ransom offer was rejected by the owner of the house, or you yourself reduced the amount of the ransom, then the return goes to your Robber's Cache. Can you try again, maybe he was not satisfied with the amount of the ransom?...

While you are sitting in the basement jail, sophisticated executions can be carried out on you. Punishments will bring you significant inconvenience in subsequent battles: you will acquire not very pleasant combat skills "Wounds from Flogging", "Dung Spirit", "Chicken". Each punishment is valid for 1 subsequent battle. If several identical punishments are applied to you, then the number of such battles increases proportionally. Also, each punishment removes 10 units of Criminal Authority from the thief.

The number of possible punishments for each thief (for the current stay in the basement jail) is calculated using the following formula:

N = K / 0.05,


K - the size of the treasury of the house at the time the thief was caught.

For example, if the treasury of the house was equal to 1 gold coin, then you can get punishments: N = 1/0,05 = 20 times. If the treasury of the house is less than 0.05 gold coin, then the owner will not be able to apply punishments to detained thieves (although they will still sit in the basement for two days, or until they are released for a ransom).

Any combination of punishments can be applied to one thief, one punishment can be applied several times.

If you offered a ransom, but the owner of the house, instead of letting you go, applied punishment, then the offered ransom is returned in full to the Robber's Cache.

The lads of the Brigands' Den, having learned about the unsuccessful robbery, help their comrade in every possible way, covering him at State enterprises and other jobs, so the caught bandit does not receive reprimands at the all enterprises where he works.

If the time spent in the basement jail is up, you will be set free into the wild within a few minutes.

Gangs of Robbers

Raise a Gang

If your Criminal Authority has become equal to or higher than 3000 units, then you are now held in high esteem and can put together your own gang. Only gangs can raid settlements (Hamlet - City). The treasury there is often higher than in the houses, so do not miss the opportunity to profit.

The gang, as a rule, consists of several robbers. For every 1,000 Criminal Authority units you can recruit an additional bandit into your gang. If you have 3000 Criminal Authority, then there can be no more than three bandits in the gang (including you, the leader). The maximum count of members of the gang is 50 robbers.

If your Criminal Authority once decreased below 3000 units (for example, you put off your jewelry), then the gang is not automatically disbanded. But it will be impossible to attack administrative units until the authority rises again.

Rules for joining a Gang

If your Criminal Authority is below 500 units - pass by, they are not waiting for you in the gang. Learn the craft of thieves, then come.

Hint: Jewelry can be used to temporarily raise your Criminal Authority level.

If you join a gang, you will strictly follow the orders of the leader and you will not be able to go on a robbery of houses alone, as usual.

At any time you can leave the gang, but you can join another or go on a house robbery alone only 24 hours after leaving.

You can be kicked out of the gang, you will be notified about this by internal game mail.

When to go to work - the leader decides. You don't have to be online at this moment. Crime news about your gang's activities will also come in the form of internal game mail alerts.

You must have your own weapons, health potions and salt cartridges for the attack, there is a place for well-trained bandits...

The Tip-off

See special section for tips on wealthy settlements.

For every 1000 Criminal Authority units you will receive an additional one tip, but no more than 10.

Every hour you can get new tips if the old ones are no longer valid. Use them for raids. Hurry up to commit a robbery, otherwise someone else may be more agile!

You can force the tip list to be refreshed an infinite number of times using work efficiency coupons. The best tips are the ones with the biggest jackpot.

Each settlement, regardless of type (hamlet, village, town, city), can be attacked no more than three times a day.

The number of gang attacks per day is limited by the level of Criminal Authority of the leader:


Gang Attacks

When attacked, the leader of the gang must have 50% of the amount of the alleged jackpot in gold coins, in case of failure of the operation, they will have to pay off...

Depending on the type of settlement, its treasury can be guarded by a different number of guards, and not every gang can attack it:


Bandits in a gang that have less than 10 health units and did not automatically restore it before the start of the battle will not participate in the battle. Also, bandits whose work efficiency is less than 0 do not participate in the battle.

If the leader has less than 10 health units or negative work efficiency indicator, it is impossible to attack.

The Fight

When a settlement is attacked, a fight is started between your gang and the settlement squad.

The battle takes place according to the general rules of the raid, with some peculiarities:

  • participants in the battle per round make an attack in decreasing order of the number of units of the Military Initiative, without taking into account the side (robbers or guards);
  • a shot/hit is made on a randomly selected enemy (if there are no combat skills that determine a different choice of target);
  • if a clone makes several shots in a row (for example, from a three-barreled rifle), then each of them is considered separate and is fired at a randomly selected enemy;
  • the battle ends when there are no participants left on one side with a health indicator of 10 units or higher;
  • There are no basement jails in the settlements.

Assignment of Criminal Authority and Jackpot

If the gang of robbers takes the treasury of the settlement, then they receive a certain number of Criminal Authority units for the entire gang:


Of this total, 20% of the Authority units are given to the leader of the gang, and the remaining 80% are divided among all members of the gang (including the leader) in proportion to the level of Criminal Authority.

In case of a successful robbery, the leader of the gang divides the jackpot as follows:

  • 10% - transfers to the "Common Fund of a criminal community" (see chapter § Criminal Funds And Reserves);
  • 20% - takes in the form of his share (of which 10% then dives into his Robber's Cache);
  • 70% - divided between all members of the gang (including himself) in proportion to the level of Criminal Authority. At the same time, as a general rule, each bandit hides 10% of his part of the jackpot in his Robber's Cache.

The Bandit Army

Raise an Army

Having reached the value of the Criminal Authority 70 000 units and being in the social status not lower than Townsman, you fall into a special favour. You can assemble your own Bandit Army in order to organize sorties into the camp of our common enemy - General Webman.

Depending on your social status and level of Authority, you can command Army of various sizes:

  • 1. Criminal Authority 70,000 units, Townsman status: maximum 125 fighters, of which no more than 5 ships (except for "battleships").
  • 2. Criminal Authority 80,000 units, Townsman status: maximum 250 fighters, of which no more than 10 ships (except for "battleships").
  • 3. Criminal Authority 90,000 units, Townsman status: maximum 400 fighters, of which no more than 30 ships (except for "battleships").
  • 4. Criminal Authority 100,000 units, Merchant status: maximum 800 fighters, of which no more than 100 ships.
  • 5. Criminal Authority 150,000 units, Nobleman status: maximum 1500 fighters, of which no more than 300 ships.
  • 6. Criminal Authority 200,000 units, Nobleman status: maximum 2000 fighters, of which no more than 500 ships.

Applications of candidates for joining the Army can be approved manually, choosing only the best, or you can set up automatic admission of all comers.

Rules for joining the Bandit Army

If your Criminal Authority is less than 500 units - pass by, they are not waiting for you in the Bandit Army. Learn the craft of thieves, then come.

Hint: Jewelry can be used to temporarily raise your Criminal Authority level.

Having joined the Bandit Army, you must obey your commander - you will not be able to raid alone or join gangs.

At any time you can leave the ranks of the Bandit Army, but you can only go on a robbery or join another Army or Gang of robbers only 24 hours after leaving.

You can be kicked out from the Army, you will be notified about this by internal game mail.

When to attack the enemy - the leader decides. You don't have to be online at this moment. Criminal news about the actions of your Bandit Army will also come in the form of notifications by internal game mail.

You must have your own weapons, health potions, combat cartridges and cannonballs for the attack, there is a place for sufficiently trained bandits... If you use firearms, then salt charges will not be useful to you here, because things are serious.

Clones in the service of the Bandit Army receive the following characteristics daily:

  • +2 units of Military Initiative;
  • +10 units of Criminal Authority;
  • +5 units of Military Expertises.

Enemy Units

You can find the list of Enemy Units with the cost per 1 unit of health knocked out in special section.

Bandit Army Attacks

Each Bandit Army can make no more than 1 attack per day.

Webman's army can independently attack the Bandit Army. In this case, it is considered that the Army carried out 1 attack (it cannot attack more today). If during the day the Army has already independently attacked the enemy, Webman's attack is still possible.

Participating in combat, the clone consumes 1 unit of work efficiency. If the clone lacks work efficiency (less than 0), then he does not take part in the battle. He will also not participate if his health is less than 10 and does not restore automatically.

Also, an Army cannot attack an enemy unit if the Army Commander has less than 10 health units.

During combat operations as part of an Army, you receive increased accruals of characteristics:

  • Military Expertises: +6 units for accurate hit, +2 units for inaccurate.
  • Military Initiative: +3 units for a lost battle, +6 units for a victory.
  • Additional bonus for Kvass: depending on the weapon used (read below in the relevant section).

The Bandit Army can be deceived by Webman and attack the dummies of the enemy. Before the Army realizes about the trick, it will make one volley at the dummies of the enemy. The Army will be considered a loser in this battle, so it cannot collect expended ammunition from the battlefield according to the general rules. All those who accurately hit the target will be credited with Military Expertises and Military Initiative in accordance with the general rules.

The leader of the Bandit Army and his fighters can recognize the enemy’s trick with a probability of 60%.

Assignment of a Booty

It doesn't matter if your Army won or lost the battle, all participants in the battle are paid a salary in gold coins, according to the amount of enemy health units knocked out. The cost of one unit of health will be assigned and communicated to the fighters before the battle. The leader of the Bandit Army receives an additional 10% of the total booty of his squad of thugs.

Combat cartridges and cannonballs that fighters use during the battle contain iron and gold in their composition.

In addition, the winning side collects from the battlefield the ammunition it spent in battle in the form of gold and iron - separately, minus 25%. The winner also collects from the battlefield the ammunition spent by the losing side, also minus 25% (from both the iron and the gold component). Iron and gold are divided between the fighters in proportion to the amount of enemy health units knocked out.

"Additional bonus for Kvass" Characteristic

Participating in battles as part of a Bandit Army, a clone earns the characteristic "Additional bonus for Kvass" for each battle fought. This characteristic can be exchanged for Military Expertises using the Kvass drink. Each bottle of Kvass consumed by a clone in the Canteen will automatically exchange 33 "Additional bonus for Kvass" units for 33 Military Expertise units.

A clone's base increase in the number of units of this characteristic depends on the weapon he used in combat (see the table below):

Type of weapon Bonus accrual
Fists no bonus
Brass knuckles +1
Shiv +2
Knife +3
Bayonet +4
Saber +5
Pistol +6
Fuzeya +7
Musket +8
Carbine +9
Pair of Pistols +10
Scimitar +11
Katana +13
Double-barreled rifle +12
Triple-barreled rifle +14
Sniper rifle +15
Light machine gun AW 0614 +15
Howitzer +16
Regimental gun +18
Unicorn howtizer +20
Brig +24
Corvette +27
Battleship +33

For each battle, the clone will receive an "Additional bonus for Kvass" in the following amount:

Bonus = (Base value) x3

That is, a clone armed with a battleship will receive 33x3 = 99 units of "Additional bonus for Kvass".

Criminal Funds And Reserves

Gold coins received from sale weapons in the Brigands' Den, I spend not only on the development of the Brigands' Den.

  • 10% is deposited in the "Common Fund of a criminal community";
  • 30% I give to the State Treasury of the Land of clones;
  • 10% of the profit I send to the Fund of dividends of Steel Rolling Plant securities.

From each jackpot you take, you must also send 10% to the "Common Fund of a criminal community" - these are the rules of the Brigands' Den. Another 10% of the jackpot you will always poke into your Robber's Cache (the funds in it are used to pay ransoms from the basement jails).

The remaining 80% of the jackpot is yours (it immediately goes to your game account).

"Piece of Common Fund" Tournament

Do you want to earn gold, black pearls and improve your military characteristics in tournament battles? Then choose the league that is available to you and register in the tournament. The Piece of Common Fund Tournament is held between bandits every Sunday at 14:00 GMT.

For a detailed description of the participation rules, see at this link.

Raid Summary

All criminal attacks on the Land of Clones can be seen in detail in the general Raid Summary. The experience of comrades is a useful thing, do not pass by.

The battles fought by you are located on the next tab.

Take a look at the criminal summary for the principalities - you will see how the inhabitants of their homes in the principalities protect. High crime rate means that security is weak and you can profit well. If there are few successful robberies, it means that the guards are not sleeping, think about whether it's worth the risk.