General information

Duels between quarreling clones are officially allowed in the Land of Clones. You can challenge any clone, but not from your game account. In addition, you can be called to fight, you can refuse or agree. If the answer (consent or refusal) to the challenge was not received within 24 hours, this will be considered a refusal to duel.

The cost of participating in a duel is at least 0.1 gold coin from each of the participants. 20% of the cost of participation is the State tax, the rest amount is taken by the winner of the battle.

The clone can conduct an unlimited number of duels per day. But, having challenged one clone to a duel, it is necessary to obtain the refusal or consent of the opponent before a new duel can be scheduled. The number of simultaneously received challenges to a duel is not limited.

Participating in a duel, the clone does not need to be fired from the service in the guard, settlement squad or prince's troops, nor is he required to leave the ranks of the gang, bandit army, or squad of stash raiders.

Each clone has the ability to view the history of all duels that took place during the current day. To do this, the clone will spend 3 units of work efficiency. Perhaps you can write a sumptuous essay on daring duelists and send it to the newspaper of the Land of Clones. In the case that your article is published, you will receive a good fee.

Equipment of the Participants

The participants in the duel use their own weapons, whoever wants what. The clone can take with him to the duel:

  • Protective leather clothing;
  • Utility Vest;
  • Steel cold arms;
  • Firearms (+ salt cartridges);
  • Magic artifacts;
  • Jewelry accessories.

You can read more about the use of each item in the sections "Security" or "Way of the Robber".

Read more about Utility Vests at this link.


Dueling fights are conducted according to standard rules for combat between a bandit and a guard. The characteristics of opponents can be anything, there are no restrictions.

A hungry clone won't be able to fight; if his work efficiency is below 0, then he does not participate in the duel.

Duelists do not receive military expertise units for participating in a duel.

Before each battle, the clone can consume "kvass" drink according to the usual rules.

Black pearls are not awarded for winning a duel.