Here, anyone (a clone with the status of "Craftsman" or higher) can purchase high-precision overseas weapons (for work as a guard, /stash robberies, tournaments, etc.)

Overseas weapons has an additional characteristic called "base accuracy", which is an additional bonus to hit chance.

  • Double-barreled and triple-barreled rifles have a feature: they fire several shots one after another, according to the number of barrels and the availability of cartridges. The accrual of "military expertises" goes for each shot separately;
  • The scimitar also has a peculiarity: its owner inflicts two consecutive blows, not allowing the opponent to come to his senses. The accrual of "military expertises" is for each hit separately.

Funds from the sale of lots at the "Overseas Weapons Auction" go to the State. The State, in turn, transfers the income received only in gold coins daily:

  • 45% - to the "enterprise bonus fund" of the state enterprises (Sawmill, Mill, Stone Mine, Ore Mine, Carters' Guild);
  • 30% - to the dividend fund of the Arm's Stock Market Securities;
  • 25% - to the income of Overseas Traders (State obligations: supply of a resource from reserves with a 40% discount).

Other types of weapons can be purchased at the Gun Shop or Arm's Stock Market.

A detailed description of the characteristics of all types of overseas weapons is presented in the following table: