To participate in the "Mafia" game can all players, except those who have an account with a single clone with social status of Serf or who are not filled personal data in the account settings. To participate, the player must apply in a specially designated time. You can submit only one application from one game account. After accepting applications, the Presenter will notify you that you are registered. Further, among the registered participants will begin the draw in order to select players and active spectators. Players can have a maximum of 8 people, 6 civilians and 2 members of the mafia. The draw is random. If you are selected as a player, you must confirm your participation in a specially designated time.

If you have a Ticket for the "Mafia" game, then using it at the registration stage, you are guaranteed to get into the number of players. The party of participation (Civilians or Mafia) in this case is also chosen randomly. You do not need to confirm your participation when using the ticket. The number of registrations with tickets in each game is limited! The ticket must be in the bag of active clone (which you control at the moment) or in storehouse (with enabled "auto issue of resources and items" option). Tickets can be purchased on the "Tickets" tab.

Who has not been chosen for the role of the player, he becomes an active spectator. Active spectators, as well as players, have a chance to win a prize in the form of gold coins. Active spectators play for Civilians, which means they have to vote against those players who they think are Mafia. Absolutely no one knows who are the Mafia among players, except the Mafia themselves.

Playing this game, you will not see the names of the clones, the statuses of the players are the roles, and they will not necessarily coincide with reality. That is, if you are the Emperor in the virtual world, you may fall the role of a Serf or some other.

Attention!!! Participation of one player on behalf of several characters in the "Mafia" game is prohibited and is a gross violation of the rules of the game.

It is forbidden to insult other players in any way during the game as well as obscene language in any form.

Tickets auction

Any clone, except for Serfs, can take a ticket at the auction. First who would want to get a ticket needs to click on "take for free" button and wait for 3 hours, suddenly more wishing buyers can appear. He takes the ticket free of charge, if before the end of the trading period were no other applicants. if there are others wishing to buy ticket – they can arrange a small auction. The bids are a penny – from 0.0001 gold coins. Immediately after the first bid, the trading time is reduced to 1 hour. If the player has placed a bid during the last minute of trading, the trading time is increased by 1 minute. The purchased lot will be arrived to the buyer's bag within 5 minutes after the end of trading.

Your own game

Any player, being in a good mood, can act as a Maecenas and create his own game with Prize Fund assigned by him. This amount will be deducted from his game account. 20% of the designated Prize Fund goes to the State income, the remaining 80% are distributed in the form of prizes to the winners according to the standard rules of the "Mafia" game (see "Awarding" chapter below).

The Creator of the game can create the game with a random assignment of players and roles (according to the General rules) or manually select players from all applicants who have applied. The selection of participants will be available after the end of registration time. The roles will be assigned automatically. You can select 8 players or fewer (in this case, unallocated roles will be filled randomly by applicants according to the General rules). If the game is created with a selection of participants, it is impossible to register for it with the ticket.

Process of the game

The essence of the "Mafia" game is to ensure that Civilians find out who among them are the corrupt Mafia, and neutralized the villains.

The first day starts on, it takes 5 minutes. During this time, players communicate with each other and prepare for the vote, the result of which they will have to eliminate one of the players – in their opinion, the mafia. At this time, active spectators follow the communication of players and can prompt players in their choice by voting, the results of which will be visible to players. Active spectators also do not know who of the players are the Mafia. Active spectator gets +1 points after each vote in the case that he voted against the Mafia. On the first day, members of the Mafia can not vote against each other. If players are unable to agree 3 times in a row (a vote is equally divided) - none of the players is eliminated, but the day ends.

After the day, the night comes. Mafia begins secret communication, which is not visible to Civilians and the active spectators, but Civilians and the active spectators feel this communication their backsides… Night messages are visible only to members of the Mafia, so do not be afraid that the Mafia will reveal itself. The Mafia negotiates and chooses the victim from among Civilians. For communication and voting Mafia accorded 3 minutes. If the Mafia cannot come to a consensus and selects different players, that it reveals itself, and one of the members of the Mafia (random program selection) do not survive until the morning. In this case, no one of civilians dies. If the Mafia successfully negotiates and chooses a victim, then the city wakes up with the arrival of the day, and Civilians will know that someone of them did not wake up this morning…

Then another day comes, and Civilians talking again and again, trying to identify who are the Mafia among them. While they communicate, active spectators vote and "help" to make a choice to Civilians. In that case, if the active spectator has not made his choice in the specified time, he is eliminated from the number of participants and can not count on the prize in case of the victory of his team. Then comes the turn of voting players, and they make their choice. In case of the same number of votes for one and the other resident, the voting begins again. In that case, if one of the players did not vote, then the common choice falls on him, and he is eliminated by the residents of the city; in this case, no one else dies on this day. For every lived day, a Civilian gets +1 point. Starting from the second day, the Mafia members can already vote against each other during the voting.

Then the day turns into the night, and the Mafia takes to the streets of the sleeping city. Mafia makes their choice, and once again some of the Civilians do not wake up. For every successful night the member of the Mafia gets +1 point. If one of the Mafia is killed, the counter of his points stops.

The game continues as long as the Mafia will not be neutralized until either the Mafia will not destroy all Civilians. If there are only two players left, one of them is the Mafia, and the second is a Civilian, it means that the Mafia won.

Attention!!! Participant of the game is prohibited in any way to tell anyone what role he plays. Sharing screenshots, etc., using any data channels is prohibited. Violators will be permanently blocked from participating in the "Mafia" game. If other players see a rules violation, they can exclude the violator from the game, by voting against him, without waiting for the actions from moderators.

Copying your status or any other information (correspondence from the chat, etc.) to the chat is undesirable and can cause a ban if abused. Abuse can be a high frequency of this action, and a large amount of one-time copied information.

Awarding the participants

The Prize Fund is assigned by the administration of the game, it is divided as follows:

  • 60% is divided between the players of the winning team, payments are making depending on the level achieved by each player. The level is the number of points scored by the participant. The total number of points of the winning team is taken as 100%.
  • 40% of the Prize Fund is divided between all active spectators who reached the final of the game (not eliminated when skipping the vote). Payments are making depending on the level achieved by each active spectator. The level is the number of points scored by the participant. The total number of points of all active spectators is taken as 100%.

Payment of the prize is making in the name of the main clone of the game account.

Complaint for violation of the rules

If a player sees a violation on the part of another player - he can complain about it by clicking on the exclamation mark on the right side of the corresponding message that violates the rules. When preparing of a complaint, you can choose the type of violation, as well as leave your comment if it is necessary (to fill in these fields is optional). The complaint will be considered by the moderation service, after which the offender may be temporarily restricted to accessing the "Mafia" game, up to an indefinite ban.

What you should definitely complain about

A gross violation of the rules is links to screenshots in the game chat, which shows the role of the player (Civilians or Mafia), sent in order to influence the voting process.

Participation in the game of one player from several accounts, as well as participation in the game of a group of two or more players who have agreed in advance to coordinate their actions through other communication channels (except for the game chat) in the case of their simultaneous participation is a violation. If in the course communication in chat has become obvious this situation - leave a complaint.

If the player deliberately and unreasonably offends other players, uses obscene language, sends links, tries to advertise something or just interferes with the game by his behavior - complain on him.

What situations are NOT a violation

In addition to the obvious violations, in the "Mafia" game are quite acceptable situations that are not violations. For example, the following:

  • Copying the text of your status to the chat. This text is easy to edit, and the technique can be used to confuse the opponent. But it should not be abused.
  • Intentional omission of voting by the player by his personal decision. This may well be a tactical move.
  • Significant expression of their emotions during the game. For example, the phrase "Civilians are fools, such a game blew ((((" will not be a violation, although not desirable.