If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffett

Here you are a Rentier (investor). Let your money work for you!

Skillfully manage your financial assets, and a constant 'passive income will keep you alive and will give you the opportunity to engage in any creative activity and activities for the soul.

  • Love to watch the stock market? Create your your own portfolio of securities and receive daily dividends in your wallet! (See "Securities" for details);
  • Real Estate for every taste and scale: building houses, renting out, receiving benefits, agricultural income on adjacent lands (details in the section "Real Estate" );
  • Creation of own resource enterprises and mines - production of a resource and turning it into specie + % of income (details in the section "Production Sites" or .ageofclones.com/mines "Gold Mines");
  • Construction of administrative units (town planning), management, production, trade, tax collection, development of manufacturing enterprises (details in the section "Power → Town Planning");
  • Creating your own Principality, development, great construction projects, wonders of the world, income and expense flows, the path to greatness and freedom - the Emperor! (See "Power → Principality" for details).

Get rich yourself and help others - sincere care is always priceless!

(*) Rentier - a resident who has income from rent, securities, real estate, mines, raw material production sites...