In the Gun Shop you can purchase new weapons for tournaments, military service, real estate protection , stash raiders or robberies.

Attention! An artillery gun can be commanded by a clone with social status no lower than "Peasant", and a warship can be commanded by a clone with social status no lower than "Townsman". These two types of weapons are used only in the process of training at the Arena and in combat operations with the participation of prince's troops, bandit army and stash raiders. They are not suitable for tournaments, security or robberies. Ships and cannons should only be loaded with Cannonballs to fire.

At the same time, you can put on only one type of firearms and cold steel arms. Artillery gun or ship refers to firearms.

Each weapon has two characteristics:

  • Durability (the number of hits or shots that can be made with a weapon);
  • Damage (minimum and maximum number of health units that the enemy will lose when hit / shot).

Artillery and fleet have an additional characteristic:

  • Basic protection (what percentage of the damage received by the health of the clone will be taken by the weapon).

Different types of firearms have different ammunition capacity, limiting the amount of cartridges (cannonballs) that can be taken into battle. You can buy ammunition at the Trade Guild, and if you have an education of a gunsmith - make your own from the required components. Salt cartridges are required for guard, robberies and tournaments, in other cases - combat ones.

When the Durability is completely consumed, the weapon is considered incapacitated, it must be replaced with a new one. If your account has storehouse, then you can configure automatic replacement of used weapons (if you have a working one). The weapon will be replaced after the end of the battle, during the battle this is not possible.

Other types of weapons are available at "Weapons for robbers" or at Overseas Weapons Auction. You can also visit Arm's Stock Market, where used weapons are sold by hand.

Gun Shop Earnings Fund

The gold coins obtained from the sale of weapons by the gunsmith is the income of the State. From this source of income, the State pays daily: