Well armed before the raid! It sells brass knuckles, bayonets and guns, ideal for a thief.

Look at the characteristics of weapons - one is better than the other!

At the same time you can put on only one type of firearms and cold steel arms. But keeping a few in reserve is not a bad idea.

Each weapon has two characteristics:

  • Durability (the number of hits or shots that can be made with a weapon);
  • Damage (minimum and maximum number of health units that the enemy will lose when hit / shot).

Different types of firearms have different ammunition capacity, limiting the amount of cartridges that can be taken into battle. You can buy ammunition at the Trade Guild, and if you have an education of a gunsmith - .ageofclones.com/armourer/production/production_type/3 make your own from the required components. Salt cartridges are required for guard, robberies and tournaments, in other cases - combat ones.

When the Durability is completely consumed, the weapon is considered incapacitated, it must be replaced with a new one. If your account has storehouse, then you can configure automatic replacement of used weapons (if you have a working one). The weapon will be replaced after the end of the battle, during the battle this is not possible.

The gold received from the sale of this weapon, I spend not only on the development of the Brigands' Den.

  • 10% is deposited in the "Common Fund of a criminal community";
  • 30% I give to the State Treasury of the Land of Clones;
  • 10% of the profit I send to the dividend fund of the Steel Rolling Plant Securities.

You can find other weapons at Gun Shop or at Overseas Weapons Auction. Do not mind taking a knife or barrel cheaper from hands? Then go to Arm's Stock Market.