Rules of partnership activity

A strong State is a State whose inhabitants are united, honest and like-minded.

The resident who holds the position of Ambassador is a state envoy, and his mission is to speak clearly about the Land of Clones, thereby helping the state to steadily grow and replenish the ranks of residents with talented and ambitious people!

To start your partnership activity, you must obtain a partner link. This can be done after registration on the website of the partnership program.

Referral is a player who came to the game and registered on your partner link. All clones in his game account will be your referrals.

Attention: you can not be a partner of your game account, as well as any account with the same IP address as yours - be careful. The system monitors that, and in case of the described coincidence, your partnerships can be broken.

To work in the Embassy does not require a working tool, and points of Energy are not spent.

All the main statistics of your partnership activity will be displayed in your personal account of the partner.

Partner program of the "Age of Clones" is a great option for passive income. Advertise your partner link, invite your friends and acquaintances to register on it, help them get started and begin the game. Virtual State will be happy to thank you for the development of each of the clones of your referrals. Game currency - the Clonero - is exchanged for electronic currencies of payment systems convenient for you.

Most players have more than one clone (game character), some have more than 100, and some have more than 1000. The number of clones of one player is not limited. Therefore, there are no restrictions in the amount of income of the partner.

The partner program is, in fact, a kind of gratitude to those who help to develop the project, attracting the attention of the Internet community.

Dear partners! Please note that the partnership program is aimed at active work with new players. It has nothing to do with ways to save on your own development. Some players may try to use the partnership program for other purposes – for example, as a way to receive partner (and equally mentoring) bonuses for the development of their secondary (newly created) account registered on some third-party partner link, and in the future – try to combine the old and new accounts in accordance with the existing game rules.

The described situation and other similar ones are a gross violation of the rules of the game and the partnership program. The revealed violation may lead to the blocking of the game account.

Remuneration of the partners

There are State bonuses to the partner from the development of his referrals:

1. If the referral's clone proceeded to the next social status, the partner receives from the State:

  • Proceeding into the social class of Craftsmen – 1 Clonero
  • Proceeding into the social class of Peasants – 2 Clonero
  • Proceeding into the social class of Townsmen – 8 Clonero
  • Proceeding into the social class of Merchants – 30 Clonero
  • Proceeding into the social class of Noblemen – 80 Clonero
  • Proceeding into the social class of Boyars – 300 Clonero

2. The construction and development of the administrative facilities by referral's clone will also bring income to the partner:

  • Construction of the Hamlet - 3 Clonero.
  • For each carried out development of the enterprise's level in the settlement - 1 Clonero.
  • For the completion of construction of the Wonder of the World "The Great Ear" in the City - 150 Clonero.
  • For the completion of construction any of the Great Buildings in the settlement - 100 Clonero.
  • For the construction of the Leather Production, Leather Atelier, Glass Foundry in the settlement or Principality - 1 Clonero for each.
  • For the construction of the Principality - 10 Clonero.
  • For each carried out development of the enterprise's level in the Principality - 2 Clonero.
  • For the completion of construction any of the Wonder of the World in the Principality - 150 Clonero.
  • For the completion of construction any of the Great Buildings in the Principality - 100 Clonero.

3. For the partners which advertise the "Battle of the Thrones" game server, there is also a payment of 1 Clonero with each "privileges card of the “Battle of the Thrones” game server" purchased by their referrals.

Attention! It is necessary to take into account the important point dictated by technical capabilities at the moment. If a partner advertises a link to the main server of the game, and his referral also participates in the game on the "Battle of the Thrones" server, when he activates the "privileges card", the partner does not receive a bonus for this. If the referral registered on the link of the partner of the "Battle of the Thrones" server, then the partner will receive a bonus. Conversely, if the referral is registered on the link to "Battle of the Thrones" server, the partner will not be able to receive bonuses from his game on the "Golden Clone" server. These restrictions will be removed in the future.

Declared bonuses are paid into the partner's account minus 10% of the value of the bonuses, these 10% come in the "Tournament of Partners" reserves.

Statistics of the Partnership activity

Full and detailed statistics on the activities of his referrals (number of registrations, status increases, construction of facilities and so on) partner of the game can watch in his partner account. It is on the basis of this information, which the game sends to the partner cabinet, the partner bonuses are calculated.

Directly in the game account statistics of the above actions is not conducted. However, if a partner has linked his partner account to a game account, he can see two additional tabs in the "Embassy" section.

The "Referral Information" tab contains a list of all clones from all active referral accounts registered via the partner link. In this list fall, for example, clones bought in the game at the Auction of clones (for the specified action, partner bonuses are not provided). There is also no information in the list about game accounts that have been deleted. This explains the discrepancy in the number of registrations and the number of clones between the information in the game and the statistics in the partner account.

The "List of referrals" tab was added to be able to contact the referrals by the game mail. This page provides a list of the main clones from active referral accounts. It should be borne in mind that the main clone can be a clone bought at the Auction, so this page is not a source of information about the social status improvements of referrals.

Tournament of Partners

The State has planned systematic competitions between partners.

Each month, 10 winners are revealed who have earned the most Clonero from the partnership activity during this time interval.

Prizes in the Clonero are paid from the "Tournament of Partners" reserves, which are formed from deductions of 10% from each bonus received by partners during this time, as follows:

Prize place Part of the Tournament reserves
1 20%
2 15%
3 14%
4 12%
5 11%
6 9%
7 7%
8 5%
9 4%
10 3%

Ethics of Ambassador's mission

The game has many advantages, it is multifaceted, and it is a reason for interesting advertising:

  • Jewelry business - exclusive gifts to players.
  • Real eco-ranch in the Dominican Republic, incomes of which partly is returned to the game and paid to its players.
  • Additional game server "Battle of the Thrones" with high prize funds and intensity of emotions.
  • "Golden Clone" server, the main game, is a full simulation of the life of the state and its economic processes.
  • We follow all the achievements in the development of mankind, technologies and theories, and we use a lot in our work: the ideas of Jacque Fresco, biotechnology, renewable energy, financial flows of Robert Toru Kiyosaki and world market trends – everything finds its application. The "Age of Clones", the project we are developing, is not our "business" – it is our Life and Favorite Thing.

Photos and a more detailed description of the game and its components can be found on the pages of the game, and in the official group in a special topic on forum. The "Age of Clones" is a unique project, which is known to a relatively small number of Internet users, so the work of partners is very promising.

Warning! Delivering information with the use of SPAM is strictly forbidden! Any partner found in such a violation will be immediately and permanently demoted and dismissed from the Embassy staff.