Manure processing and fertilizers production

Here you can process manure into fertilizer. Their use significantly increases the yield of Agricultural fields.

In total, there are 4 types of manure and, accordingly, 4 types of fertilizers:


Processing manure to get 1 kg of any fertilizer will cost you %manure_exchange_cost% gold coin.

  • Having a Cowshed reduces the cost of processing cattle manure into "Smelly-Hurricane" fertilizer (read more here).
  • Having a Pigsty reduces the cost of processing pig manure into "Pig’s Aroma" fertilizer (read more here).

Fertilizers must be used on your Agriculture fields or sold to other residents of the Land of Clones at the Fair and make a profit.

You can read more about fertilizing fields and growing crops in the game section "Business → Agriculture → Help".