The purpose of the Training Arena

The arena allows to conduct combat training with the personnel of the prince's troops. During training, fighters increase their combat abilities and develop characteristics. This is the place where a clone, with constant training, has a chance to become a true military professional.

The princely "Training Arena" includes areas for both field and naval exercises. Thus, here you can practice both on artillery pieces and on warships. Remember that an artillery cannon can be commanded by a clone of the social status of "Peasant" or higher, and a warship - a clone of the social status of "Townsman" or higher.

The arena has several levels of development. The higher the level of the Arena, the more points of the "Additional bonus for kvass" characteristic the clone earns in one training session. Also, the number of bottles of the Kvass drink that the clone can drink during training depends on the level of the Arena. The use of kvass in larger quantities allows you to more effectively develop military expertises or military initiative, as well as quickly convert "Additional bonus for kvass" into military expertises right during training.

More information about the development and use of the "Additional bonus for kvass" can be found in the help section "Security" , chapter § Service in the Prince's Troops and fighting with an external enemy → § "Additional bonus for kvass" characteristic.

Don't forget that a clone's own military expertises (basic value) is limited up to 1,000,000 units.

Training Rules

Members of the Prince's Troops of this principality who have paid for a daily training are allowed to the Training Arena. Thus, training is carried out only with those fighters who have expressed a desire to train. The cost of training is set by the prince. A clone whose "Work Efficiency" indicator is below 0 (or there are clones with a Work Efficiency below 0 at same account) cannot train in the arena.

You can pay for the desired number of days of training, set the number of bottles of kvass that the clone will use during training (kvass will be taken by the clone from the bag or storage automatically, if available). You can also choose the type of "bonus" expertises that the clone wants to receive from consuming kvass (Military Expertises or Military Initiative).

The princely arena automatically provides the fighters with the ammunition necessary for training and exercises. The weapons of the fighters wear down during training. If the firearm is so worn down that it is not enough for the current training, then you will training either with cold steel arms (if equipped), or "hand to hand" (in the absence of any arms).

Each training consumes 1 "Work Efficiency" unit. Therefore, be careful and keep an eye on the durability of your arms and the availability of "Work Efficiency" in your Canteen.

The increase in expertises, consumption of the arms durability, the use of kvass occurs 24 hours after the start of the training. In case of dismissal from the Troops, the clone will be returned gold coins for the training paid in advance, and the training process itself will be terminated.

Accrual of "Military Expertises" and wear down of arms

Table of daily increase in military expertises and wear down of arms, depending on the type of the using arms: