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Welcome to the Land of the Clones, %name%! I am your State Assistant.

Your clones earn coinage for you. To protect your account and game values, it is recommended to fill in personal information. This can be done at any time, take your time.

The assistant window can be left open, it will not interfere with you. It's easy to find me, the State Assistant - on the simulator page, under the character's avatar, click the link "The first steps of a Serf".

First of all, I recommend take the Jung Test, also called the key to the unconscious. It will become clear to you that your inner unconscious "I" is thinking about ... After the tests, come back to me. The test is not mandatory, it is made for general development.

Very important! If you confirm your e-mail, the chat will become available without restrictions, ask any questions there online! If after your registration the confirmation letter did not come to the mail, check your spam folder.

In the upper right corner of the screen there is a gearwheel icon - it's a settings, click it. Your verified e-mail will appear in the "Contact Information" section.

Please note that if you change your email address in your account settings, you will need to repeat the e-mail verification procedure again.

Game servers

Which server should you choose? This is a personal choice, but we will help you with the choice. Each of the servers has its own characteristics (brief description below).

Server "World of Clones":

- Everything that exists in the World of Clones is here, from settlements, cities, empires, megalithic structures, to golden dragons. Dragons have a flair for gold. Every day they bring the found gold to their owner and ask for it only food!

- This server contains the entire audience of the World of Clones;

- The birth of the server is April 13, 2007 - a year and a half before the birth of Bitcoin!

- On this server, the profitability of business processes is lower than on the server "Conquered Lands". The reason is higher competition, many industrial enterprises, cities and principalities have been built. There are currently dozens empires on the server.

- The game currency of the server is a little cheaper, which means that with equal investments, you can build more.

Server "Conquered Lands":

- Began its work on April 13, 2020. The server is young (2 years), compared to the first server, which is over 15 years old;

- The profitability of business processes is very high, there are few manufacturing enterprises, few cities, dragons have not yet been born. For example, only 4 empires have been created here. Therefore, the only difficulty at the initial stage of development is that resources are more expensive than on the first server.

- There are still few players, the competition is not high = it's a good entry point into the game;

Both servers are connected by gameplay, if you want to get the maximum profit, you should consider creating accounts on both servers.

Social Status

There are 8 social classes in the game : Serf, Craftsman, Peasant, Townsman, Merchant, Nobleman, Boyar, Emperor.

The Serf… Everyone starts with this status! Not a penny of donation and not limited in time. Serf can earn on various unskilled jobs until he manages to accumulate 6 gold coins (that's roughly the equivalent of 3$ US). This will be enough to pay for his education and the transition to the next estate - "Craftsman". This way is long, BUT it's free. Get your Serf for all possible jobs - he will work and earn 24/7. You sleep, the clone works!

Each estate (social status) has personal opportunities - creating your own business, trade, profitable managerial positions at state enterprises. Opportunities to create your own settlement, city, principality, empire. All these are highly profitable jobs! But they take their origin from the status of "Serf".

In the game chat, the names of the clones are highlighted in different colors - they correspond to the social status:

Serf - Grey, Craftsman - Green, Peasant - Brown , Townsman - Purple, Merchant - Blue, Nobleman - Pink >, Boyar - Orange, Emperor - Red.

The higher the social status of a resident, the more the clone's income, which means more respect and attention he deserves from other residents!

An account with an unconfirmed e-mail with a single Serf on the account is automatically deleted after 90 days from the moment of registration.

If you are interested in the rapid development of your own game account, which brings a daily income in gold, you can skip the "Serf" level, but you will have to buy coins (donate) and educate a clone so that he moves to the next social stratum - "Craftsman".

State Benefits

Additional State Benefit for Clones Starting Life

As long as you are a Serf, your allowance will be 0.01 gold coin per day, while the clone is no more than 60 days old.

Hurry up to become a Craftsman! All craftsmen, whose age does not exceed 100 days from the date of creation of the clone, receive a daily additional benefits from the State in the amount of 0.02 gold coin per day - cash back , during all these 100 days from birth (the moment of registration). So the faster you [1] complete your education and upgrade your status, the more benefits you will receive! Saved means earned!

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Peasant" receives 0.05 gold coin per day within 120 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Townsman" receives 0.16 gold coin per day within 150 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Merchant" receives 0.3 gold coin per day within 180 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Nobleman" receives 0.6 gold coin per day within 250 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Boyar" receives 1 gold coin per day within 360 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Even more cash back! Clone in the status of "Emperor" receives 2 gold coins per day within 500 days from birth (the moment of registration);

Once a clone has achieved "Craftsman" status, Psychology of Success section will become available at Clone University.

In total, there are 4 types of benefits on the Land of Clones. In addition to benefits for young residents of the State, these are:

  • Age allowance (the older the clone, the higher the allowance), paid at the end of the week.
  • Allowance according to the social status occupied in the State.
  • Allowance for active players.


At the "Jobs" section a Serf will get a job. It will not be highly paid, but nevertheless, the clone will work for you while you sleep!

One clone at the same time can combine (be in time) to perform different types of work - "Servant", "Meat Cutter", "Builder". Additionally, the clone can work at one of the State enterprises.

Flophouse - here you can also get a job, a roof over your head, and even social benefits from a charity fund.

State Newspaper - here you can write your own articles that will be published and read by the whole World of Clones. There are high fees here, for a good article the fee can be 5, 10 or more gold coins. You will become a higher status and more experienced, welcome to the ranks of reporters! With one good article you can recoup the cost of education a clone to become a craftsman, three articles to become a peasant, and so on.

All financial transactions are displayed on your game account.

The Record of Employment of your clone lists all of his jobs.

The higher the social status of the clone, the more highly paid job, positions, ranks and income await him.

Perhaps you are one of the future emperors. It does not matter when you became one - 10 years ago or now. The rapid development of this meta universe is just beginning.

Here, it is possible to create passive income! Gold coins can be added to your account daily from profitable enterprises you have built. If this way is closer to you - buy coins and act without delay.

Changing any characteristics of a character is recorded in the characteristics log, you can always view and analyze everything on the character page.

Currency of the virtual world

Like any State, the World of Clones has its own currency - the "gold coin".

All calculations within the virtual world are carried out with gold coins (receipt of salaries, payment of dividends, benefits and other payments).

Services of other players are available to you, where you can exchange game currency.

The World of Clones does not stop its development even for a minute, billions of operations are processed by servers every day.

The World of Clones community discusses innovations, creates new modules and blocks of the simulator, developers implement all the interesting ideas of the community. Be at the center of events.

Mentor's Help

A mentor can help with development. A mentor is a more experienced and wiser participant over the years. He will help you understand the possibilities of a business simulator, give advice, and answer questions.

You can choose a mentor at the Embassy. It is also possible to change your mentor, but be sure to read the rules.

By learning from a mentor, a clone acquires additional characteristics - "experience" or "intention". For example, after successfully obtaining the status of a craftsman, the clone will be awarded 500 points of "experience"! The mentor, having provided help, becomes a wiser teacher, for which he will also receive "experience" in the amount of 4 points. To receive the required bonuses, enter the name of your mentor at the University before you begin your general education.

If the Serf' communicates with the chosen mentor by internal mail, then in this case the restriction on sending 1 letter per hour is removed - the Serf can communicate with his mentor without restrictions. Craftsman status and higher will automatically remove any such restrictions.

A Serf's mentor can be a clone of any status, from a craftsman to an emperor. Of course, the emperor is perhaps the best mentor!

First own business

Growing flowers is available for Serf!

Flowers are in demand in the virtual world. The inhabitants of the Land of Clones attach them to letters - this is how you can express your sympathy or gratitude. In addition, flowers are used by the administration in congratulations. Therefore, there are wholesalers from higher social classes who buy flowers for the purpose of future resale at a better price.

Flowers are grown in the backyard. The Serf needs to build a dugout house - a very modest building, so the Serf builds it on his own without spending a single coin.

Flower seeds will be given to the Serf for free at the State Farm.

Serfs sell grown flowers for gold coins at the Fair. This is another source of income for a Serf.

Quiz and contests

In the game chat, you can not only communicate, take an interest in current events, exchange development strategies, but also participate in a Quiz.

It takes place daily at 20:00 Moscow time in the corresponding chat room. The goal of the quiz is to correctly answer 3 questions (out of 20). Each correct answer will bring you 0.10 gold coin.

The Quiz' Moderator asks a question, and the first person who answer correctly receives the specified prize.

Thus, you can earn up to 0.30 gold coin per day. Anyone can participate. In addition, you can become the host of the quiz - for this you need to make 20 entertaining questions for the players. The payment for the work of the presenter is 1 gold coin. Details about the quiz can be found in the chat.

Immediately after the end of the Quiz, an exciting game "Mafia" is played in the chat.

During chatting, you can notice that the nicknames of the players have different colors. This allows you to determine which estate the clone belongs to. The colors represent the following statuses:

  • Serf - gray color
  • Craftsman - green color
  • Peasant - brown color
  • Townsman - dark purple color
  • Merchant - blue color
  • Nobleman - light purple color
  • Boyar - orange color
  • Emperor - red color

Interesting competitions for participants are constantly held at the forum, many of them provide cash prizes. You can find competitions for every taste - intellectual, creative, literary.

The State Duma

Residents of the privileged social class "Nobleman" and higher can put forward their own bills and put them up for discussion and voting in the State Duma! Just imagine - in the case of a positive result of the general vote for the bill - it comes into force, and the entire virtual world, without exception, begins to live according to the new provisions!

Thus, the builders of this virtual world are its inhabitants - the community of the World of Clones! Perhaps it is you who have the abilities of a supreme ruler, and it is your ideas and bills that can change the life of an entire State for the better. And maybe even radically!

Serfs - are considered not only poor, but also "powerless". Residents of the State believe that serfs are not able to offer anything worthwhile because of their poor knowledge of the virtual world, therefore they are not allowed to take part in voting for this or that bill put forward in the State Duma.

Brigands, Guards and Tournaments

Do you like risk and "easy" money? As soon as you become a craftsman, the doors of the Brigands' Den will open for you. Arm yourself to the teeth or try your luck with your bare hands. You can rob wealthy houses - all of your own choice, the jackpot can be very solid! However, be careful - if you get caught, you may be subjected to heinous torture in the basement. If you have become a reputable bandit, of course, you can try to pay off ...

Tournaments will not only help you improve your fighting skills, but will also bring ringing gold coins for prizes, fame will also come in handy…!

Are you against crime? Then you can get a job as a security guard in a house or join a settlement squad (hamlet, village, town, city). Participate in the search for treasures, repel the attacks of brigands. Or maybe you will choose a career as a professional military man and stand up for the defense of the principality.

Flea Market

Check out Flea Market often - there you can get some decent stuff for cheap or even for free. The Flea Market is an amazing place, here you can find everything from a falling apart hammer to a majestic warship overgrown with moss, but which may well fit for one or two military campaigns. You will be able to use most of the items obtained there at the next stages of your development.

Trade Markets

Serf can purchase gold coins from the Currency Market and food items from the Commodities Market of Land of Clones. When the clone receives the status of a craftsman, he will be able to purchase all types of resources on the Commodities Market and the Fair, securities on the Stock Exchange, trade gold coins on the Currency Market.

The main part of securities of our State gives daily dividends, which can be a good source of passive income.

As soon as the clone moves to the next social stratum "peasant" - he will be able to participate in trading on the exchanges not only as a buyer, but also as a seller. You will be able to try out various trading strategies and, perhaps, over time, with your large trade deals, you will be able to influence the market of an entire State.

There are stock market tycoons in the World of Clones, and often they arrange real economic wars on the trading markets. It is very interesting to watch their game, sometimes the daily profit of a trader can be comparable to the average monthly salary in the real world!


By becoming a craftsman, you get access to the auctions of the Land of Clones.

  • Auction of Clones - here you can buy a fairly advanced clone for a very good price.
  • Securities Auction is the place where you can buy securities of various State enterprises. Securities can bring very high dividends, almost all types of securities pay dividends daily. Some participants do not see themselves in the game without a large portfolio of certain securities. In some cases, income from a well-collected portfolio of securities brings in a month much more than the usual salary of a living person.
  • Other types of auctions also offer a variety of useful items, such as overseas resources auction. Lots with unique chocolate from unroasted cocoa beans, which is produced at the project's eco-factory in the Dominican Republic.


Register on our forum where you can find interesting people, friends and business partners, take part in contests with cash prizes and just chat with like-minded people. For many participants, this project has become a second home, and all of them will be happy to help you understand the rules - both on the forum and in the game chat ("Help Chat" room). For professional help, you can always contact support@worldofclone.com