You have taken a giant step forward, having surpassed 70% of the entire population of the virtual State in development! Now you belong to the "Peasant" social stratum.

Well, let's discuss your situation...

Go to University first - Success Psychology section - for peasants now available to you!

You have become a much more powerful figure, and therefore state benefits for you will become higher.

Now you have the right to build your own settlement - a hamlet. Over time, it will grow into a magnificent city.

Your Settlement

Possibilities of own settlement - construction and development of own production and processing enterprises. Production of wood, mining of stone and ore, cereals, flour, mixed fodder, processed wood, stone, iron. The possibility of own orders at the State factory for processing the tertiary resources (timber, blocks, fitments and other building materials).

Own gold mines and daily gold mining by your clone miners!!! Note, Now it makes sense for you to create more clones .

All of them will be able to work at your enterprises.

If you build a settlement, you will start working as a manager. You can hire workers for your enterprises - clones of yourself or other players - as you wish! If you wish, you can pay social benefits to the inhabitants of your settlement (on your own behalf - the mayor). To develop your settlement, you can attract developers, create your own programs and conditions for them - everything is in your hands.

Feel free to ask questions on the forum or in the game chat.

At the same time, you will begin to receive additional benefits from the State, from the Prince and from the Mayor - on whose territory you will create your own administrative unit (hamlet). You can also establish your own Principality (this requires the following social status - Townsman).

The built hamlet has small manufacturing enterprises (your small business). You can develop your enterprises and gradually the hamlet will become a village, and then a town and a city with powerful manufacturing enterprises.


The social stratum "peasant" makes it possible to engage in own agriculture and Livestock Breeding.

In our State, each built house is allocated plots of land. Peasants can cultivate these lands and get a harvest.

These fields can grow a variety of products - from fodder for livestock to various vegetables to feed the clones.

Having available animals - cows, pigs - you can feed them with products of your own production, resulting in milk, meat, manure.

Proper agricultural activities will affect the cost of the final product, which you can use both for yourself and for sale.

Now you have the full right to trade on all markets of the State.

Livestock Breeding

Livestock products are in a stable high demand on the commodities market, because they are the main food of golden dragons. Dragons are the top of the evolutionary chain of the animal world of the Land of Clones.

Being engaged in Livestock Breeding, you will be able to participate in various tournaments with prizes in the form of gold coins.

Nominations are various: - the highest milk yield, the highest weight of a newborn calf, hen_yard/periodicalRating highest number of eggs laid by hens, highest number of hatched chicks

Participation of boars in races at Pigs' Racecourse - bets, bitterness of defeat, triumph of victory - all this is at your service.

Civil Service

Of course, a peasant can also get a job at state-owned enterprises, for higher-paid positions. The peasant also has access to all the possibilities of the previous social stratum (the craftsman).

Your current position allows you not only to provide yourself with food, but also to generate income. Of course, a pair of peasant hands cannot earn mountains of gold... As they say in our virtual world - "If a clone brings a nice income, it's better to have two clones.

You can follow the path of increasing the number of your clones' army... Or you can go further up the social ladder of development - after learning, you will be able to move to the next social stratum "Townsman".

Characteristic "Intention"

A very important characteristic is "Intention".

Wherever you work and whatever you do, the power of intention will increase the quality of any of your skills (increase in clone's special expertises).

To train Intention, a clone must be living in their own or rented house. I recommend to study in detail ways of training "Intention", it can help you in the future.

In the Townsmen?

This social class can the founding of their own Principality!

The possibility of cultivating more land plots, keeping livestock, chickens, pigs is several times higher than that of a peasant.

Opportunity to occupy managerial positions in State-owned enterprises, although it should be noted that it will not be easy to break through there, experience and expertises are required there.

All townsmen, whose age does not exceed 150 days from the birth of the clone, receive a daily additional allowance from the State in the amount of 0.16 gold coin.

Future tycoons

Increase your daily income in gold, there are no limits! To do this, you need to increase production volumes, follow the needs of the market, and learn how to make long-term forecasts. Don't forget, you are already becoming a market participant. Perhaps, over time, you will be able to operate with volumes that can affect market prices.

Who knows, maybe you are the one who will dictate the market prices for this or that commodity in the future!

So, now you are aware of your possibilities. Do not hesitate to ask experienced playersall the questions you have in the chat or on the forum.

Remember - not the good advice that comes from the hungry mouth of a craftsman, but the one that flies from the lips of a nobleman - a wise and successful one.

If you become a Townsman - call! I'll tell you a lot of interesting things!