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Oh my friend, you are already a townsman, great! Just imagine, Slightly more than 3.5% of the total population of the Land of Clones was honored to receive the social status of "Townsman".

Your State benefit has become even more. Your opinion is listened to in the town square (chat).

You can become a great mayor - the city planner, and you can establish your own principality!

But let's go in order, first of all go to the University - section "Psychology of success" - now available to you - the Townsman!

Town planning

A resident of the "peasant" social status can only develop a settlement up to the level of a Village. The path to the construction of the City is open to the Townsman.

If you want to save as much as possible, you will have to do social work - to attract new residents to your Settlement. So that they build houses, acquire a household, work at your enterprises. Now you're "uncle" and they work for you!

You have control levers, you yourself set the cost at which you will buy the resource from enterprises (thus assigning salaries to employees), you can increase or decrease social benefits for your residents.

If you do not want to waste time on agreements with other players - build everything yourself. Create your own clone army, put them to work for your enterprises!

In addition, you should think about expanding the sphere of influence of your "Administrative Unit" ("Settlement"). This can be done by attracting clones who want to create their own settlement in YOUR territory. Thus, all of them will be administratively subordinate to your settlement, which means that you will be able to collect taxes from the construction of all production enterprises.

It is necessary to hurry up and develop your settlement, because if some settlement, administratively subordinate to you, becomes equal or higher than your level, then it will go out of your control.

With the development, more and more variety of enterprises and factories will become available for you to build. The gold of the treasures that your settlement squad will be able to discover will not fail to please the eye.

Production, sales

More and more production volumes become available to you.

Now you can store some of the resources in storage, saving for some buildings, if you wish, you can sell some on the commodities market.

You become more and more frequent visitor of marketplaces, you have already been noticed, be sure…

Or maybe you started to receive personal offers for the supply of a particular resource from other merchants?

A Principality

Create your own Principality - your state. Be its ruler! Houses and castles, hamlets and cities can be located on its territory, all of them will be directly subordinate to their prince.

The prince can assign social benefits to the inhabitants of his principality, can collect taxes from cities and towns. This is a huge step towards the formation of his own empire. The princes have a list of additional state contributions, these contributions are quite significant, their size also depends on the level of development of the principality.

At the Auction of Principalities you can try to choose a variant of a ready-made state of one or another level of development, it depends on offers from respected developers... In the case of acquiring a principality, you will only have to turn it into mighty empire.

The Principality has great potential, including production, engineering and military, has its own Troops... This is the transition to the elite of the inhabitants of the Land of Clones. Your direct road is to the imperial throne. However, this path is not easy...

Military career

You can try yourself in this direction. It is very promising, since any developing state is subject to pressure from its neighbors. The Land of the Clones is no exception, the virtual state is being attacked by aggressive aliens. A reliable state is a strong state! The princes' troops are the support and protection of the Land of Clones. The state generously pays for the work of professional troops.

You can go to work in the troops of one of the princes. Your status allows you to control a battleship! This can be quite a lucrative venture. Just keep in mind, there is no place for greenhorns! Experience and practice are necessary in everything, therefore, if the choice falls on a military career, train at princely arenas, drink more "kvass", and military strength and experience will come to you.

A battleship commanded by a competent captain can work wonders on the battlefield, which will certainly be followed by honorary awards, military benefits and trophies.

Blue chips

A literate citizen of the State will certainly create a portfolio of securities.

Securities are an indicator of the mood and profitability of a particular branch of the State. All of them bring daily income in the form of dividends (gold coins). Yields may fluctuate. Therefore, having a set of different types of securities, you can create an additional passive and fairly stable income. There is no extra gold - that's what they say in our world.

Securities are the most profitable to buy at Auction, where they fall at the lowest (nominal) price. I recommend to follow the yield of all securities, statistical information is presented on the page of the financial report. You will be able to understand which of the securities are the most highly profitable and stable at the moment, that is, they represent the blue chips of the State.

Currency Market

Currency Market. If you have noticed, then the rate of gold coin to clonecoin "floats". On these fluctuations you can earn ringing gold. After all, you can buy gold coins when the price is at its lowest, wait patiently for the price to rise, and then sell at a higher rate for a profit.

Be careful! As they say, go with the flow. It is important to correctly find the very “low price”, make no mistake!

Merchants' Guild

The Merchants' Guild is the next step on the road to social growth.

The status of a Merchant will emphasize your seriousness, your words and actions will be listened to.

You will be able to equally discuss economic strategies with large wholesalers.

Three steps will separate you from the imperial throne.

I will visit you when you become a member of the guild. I wish you success and great buildings!