Daily rate of Work Efficiency consumption

Each clone residing in the State and having the social status "Craftsman" and higher spends one rate of Work Efficiency consumption daily. This is required for active participation in social and working life. Serfs do not need in "Work Efficiency".

One rate of Work Efficiency consumption = 1 unit of Work Efficiency.

The clone will consume this Work Efficiency even if it is not working any enterprises or doing any activity. The normal value of the "Work Efficiency" characteristic of a clone is 0 units or higher. If you do not replenish the Work Efficiency, this indicator will decrease below 0.

Remember, a hungry clone (with a Work Efficiency indicator less than 0) cannot focus on business and therefore completely limited in his actions. Such a clone is only allowed to buy gold coins on the Currency Market, as well as food products on the Commodities Market of the Trade Guild. He (and other clones on the same account, even if their Work Efficiency is higher than 0) are not allowed to do anything else.

All operations of spending or adding Work Efficiency to a clone can be found in the Characteristics Log, with a detailed description.

Spending Work Efficiency at labor activity

In addition, clones need Work Efficiency units for work.

The amount of Work Efficiency consumed by a clone per day depends on the specific job(s) it is involved in, as well as other activities it performs (for example, tilling agricultural fields).

When working (or combining several jobs) at State Enterprises, the clone will consume 1 daily rate of consumption at each of the jobs (except for the Embassy, where costs are 0). There are state-owned enterprises where the consumption of Work Efficiency is specified separately - for example, in jewelry production, a clone spends 1 daily rate of consumption + 1 Work Efficiency unit additionally.

When working at a Private Enterprise, the clone spends 0.5 Work Efficiency unit per day, regardless of social status.

For all other jobs/activities, Work Efficiency consumption is described separately in the relevant help sections.


The clone-peasant works at 3 state-owned enterprises (sawmill, mill and jewelry workshop). In addition, he develops one gold mine and working on an agricultural field.

Thus, the total consumption of Work Efficiency will be:

  • Daily rate of consumption (1 unit);
  • Consumption at the sawmill (1 unit);
  • Consumption at the mill (1 unit);
  • Consumption in the jewelry workshop (1 unit + 1 unit);
  • Work at the gold mine (6 units);
  • Work on the agriculture field (1 unit).

Total: 12 units of Work Efficiency.

How to get Work Efficiency

There are the following ways to replenish the Work Efficiency:

  • Dining at the Canteen (the main way);
  • Living in real estate;
  • Wearing clothes made of flax;
  • Visit to the "Thermae" megalithic building;
  • Wearing Work Efficiency rings (these rings are no longer made).

Let's consider these methods in more detail.

Dining at the Canteen

Clones can get the Work Efficiency they need from Canteen. You need to create a sufficient supply of Work Efficiency there by serving various food on the table. Products can be purchased at the Commodities Market of the Trade Guild or grow/produce yourself (Livestock Breeding, [https:// www.ageofclones.com/agriculture/fields Agricultural products]).

All clones of your account will eat in one common Canteen, automatically consuming the amount of Work Efficiency they need as needed. You only need to keep track of the balance (parameter "Canteen Total") and replenish it with food in time.

Living in real estate

If the clone has moved in and lives in a house (it doesn't matter, in own or in rented) - it will be daily restore some Work Efficiency. This amount depends on the level of the house.

A house level 1 restores 1% of the daily rate of consumption, a house level 50 (castle) restores 50% of the daily rate of consumption. General rule: each level of the house restores 1% of the daily rate of consumption.

If the house is located in a principality in which a Hospital VI level is built, then the clones living in such a house have an additional opportunity to restore 5% of the daily rate of consumption. If the Principality has entered the "Era of the Megaliths", then it has a Hospital of the required level.

Wearing a flax clothes

Flax clothing also helps the clones recover Work Efficiency daily. The more decently dressed a clone is, the more Work Efficiency he can get - from + 20% of the daily rate of consumption (in the clothes of a craftsman) to + 50% of the daily rate of consumption (in the clothes of the emperor).

If the clothes correspond to the social status of the clone, then the characteristic "Intention" is additionally developed. In order for the intention not to decrease, it is necessary to live in the house.

Clothing must be worn by the clone for bonuses to be awarded.

Visit to the "Thermae" megalithic building

A clone that visits Thermae recovers +20% of their Daily rate of consumption per visit.

Wearing Work Efficiency rings

It may happen that your clone will have an ancient jewelry artifact - a Work Efficiency ring. These rings are no longer produced in the Land of Clones, but can still be hand-purchased at the Fair.

A clone wearing a Work Efficiency ring will receive a daily bonus in the form of Work Efficiency units. The size of the bonus depends on the type of gem in the ring and is specified in the description of the ring. Only a clone whose current Work Efficiency indicator is at least 0 can wear a Work Efficiency ring. If any clone on the account has Work Efficiency less than 0 for some reason, Work Efficiency rings will be automatically removed from all clones of this account and placed in their bags. You will need to put them on again.

At the same time, you can put on up to 8 any rings on each clone.