Information for Ambassadors of the "old affiliate program"

New principles of referral program introduced from the end of October 2013. You will not need this information if your account was created after this date and if you did not buy "old" clones at the auction.

All old referral links between clones continue to exist and function according to the old rules until the clone-referral is sold through the Clones Auction. Immediately after the sale of the clone, his ambassadorial connection with the clone ancestor is severed and he disappears from his family tree. If such a clone ends up in the account of a player participating in a new referral program, then the referrer of this player will receive all the due payments under the rules of the new program when developing this clone. Otherwise, no payments are provided. When selling, only the connection with the ancestor of the clone is lost. Links with descendants-referrals are preserved, the clone will continue to receive ambassadorial bonuses when they upgrading their social status.

The old ambassador link continues to work, but newly invited clones do not become ambassador referrals.

Ambassadors who have referrals registered according to the old rules receive the due one-time bonuses immediately after each upgrading in social status by a clone referral, in the amount of:

Specified bonuses are paid (in gold coins) to the ambassador's game account minus 10% of the bonus amount. These deducted funds go to the "Partners Tournament" Fund. Only ambassadors of the "new affiliate program" can participate in the Tournament.

Old referral links do NOT transform into new ones and thus do not bring additional income from the development of the referral described in the section "Affiliate Program".

New referral links, in turn, do not receive the capabilities of the old ones, but only those described in the "Affiliate Program" section.

In order to participate in the new referral program, you need to register in the affiliate cabinet and get a new partner link.