Trading Conditions

Any resident of the Land of Clones who has the status of "Craftsman" or higher can purchase weapons at the Arm's Stock Market. The "work efficiency" of the clone (as well as other clones on this account) must be at least 0.

Lots can be created at the Arm's Stock Market by residents of the Land of Clones with the status of "Craftsman" or higher.

The price is specified for one unit of goods.

The minimum lot price is 0.0001 gold coin.

The number of goods offered for sale at the same time can be any.

Immediately after the placing, the lot becomes unavailable for sale for a random period of time (from 5 to 30 minutes).

If the placed lot is not sold within 120 hours, it will be automatically removed from sale, and if desired, you will be possible to re-place it.

Each weapon has two characteristics:

  • Durability (the number of hits or shots that can be made with a weapon);
  • Damage (minimum and maximum number of health units that the enemy will lose when hit / shot).

Artillery and fleet have an additional characteristic:

  • Basic protection (what percentage of the damage received by the health of the clone will be taken by the weapon).

Different types of firearms have different ammunition capacity, limiting the amount of cartridges (cannonballs) that can be taken into battle. You can buy ammunition at the Trade Guild, and if you have an education of a gunsmith - make your own from the required components. Salt cartridges are required for guard, robberies and tournaments, in other cases - combat ones.

When buying a lot, the seller is charged a commission of 20% of the cost of this lot, but not less than 0.0001 gold coin.

The commission is the income of the State. From this source of income, the State pays daily:

The "Treasury of Real Estate" fund accumulated per day is paid in the same way as the state allowance for real estate - to all real estate owners according to the level of development of the house. The entire payment is transferred to the treasury of the house, which must be protected from robbers. Every day at the checkout time, the funds accumulated and saved in the treasury of the house are automatically transferred to the game account of the owner of the house. Read more in the section "Rentier" → "The Real Estate".