Welcome to the help section for keeping simple farm chickens in the Land of Clones!

Chickens are extremely useful poultry that will help you secure your account with eggs, chicken meat, fertilizers, and State Farm coupons.

Here we will tell you how to build a chicken farm, get chickens and profit from their products.

In "Journal" you can find a records of all the events that happen daily with your chicken farm.

What you need to know before building a Chicken Farm

Social status of Clone

To build a chicken farm, your clone must have a social status of "peasant" or higher. One clone can own only one chicken farm.

Construction of chicken farms of various levels is available. At the same time, peasants have the opportunity to maintain a farm of I and II levels. To build a farm of a higher level, the social status of "townsman" or higher is required. Details in the table below:

Chicken farm level Minimum clone status Maximum number of chickens on the farm
I Peasant %hen_max_level1%
II Peasant %hen_max_level2%
III Townsman %hen_max_level3%
IV Townsman %hen_max_level4%
V Townsman %hen_max_level5%

Clone's Real Estate

A chicken farm cannot be built in an open field, it must be located next to your clone's house. What kind of house it will be - it does not matter. It is important that the level of development of the house be at least 1 (a dugout is not suitable for these purposes). Therefore, before building a chicken farm, make sure that the clone has the required real estate, and if not build a house.

Work Efficiency consumption

Immediately after your clone builds a chicken farm, he will start working on it. Working on a chicken farm costs 1 unit of work efficiency per day. The clone will consume work efficiency even if the farm is empty (no chickens on it).

If a clone does not have enough work efficiency units to work on the farm one day, it will not be able to cope with the work on the farm that day. In this case, the chickens consume feed, but there is no production.

Information for owners of old-type chicken coops (deprecated functionality)

If your clone has an old chicken coop (coop with a capacity of 20 chickens), this clone will not be able to work on the new chicken farm. It will be necessary to make the transformation of chickens from the old chicken coop to chickens of a new sample. Transformation is an irreversible operation. When performing the transformation, you will be asked to select a house to which the new farm will be attached. It will also be proposed to build a new farm. After that, 20 chickens from the old-type coop will be transformed into 20 new-type chickens that will settle in the new farm.

If you have upgraded the old chicken coop with "Chicken Rush" potion, then the chickens from the fully improved chicken coop will be transformed into 30 new-type chickens. With incomplete improvement, the number of chickens will be proportionately smaller.


Question How many chicken farms can one clone have at the same time?
Answer Only one. It may seem like a little... But you can create an unlimited number of clones, each of which can have its own chicken farm.
Question After building the chicken farm, my clone started expending an additional 1 work efficiency unit per day. Why?
Answer After your clone built a chicken farm, he started working on it. Accordingly, at the same time, he will spend 1 unit of work efficiency per day on this work.

Build, Repair and Upgrade of Chicken Farm

When calculating the "Character Score" and "Account score", the score value of a chicken farm and the chickens living there is taken into account by nominal (state) cost of their construction/purchasing.

Building a Chicken Farm

You can build a chicken farm of various capacities. The building process is instant. The cost of construction is shown in the table:


Repair of Chicken Farm

Like some other buildings in Land of Clones, all chicken farms need periodic repairs.

The cost of repairs depends on the level of your farm. The larger the farm, the more resources it will take to repair every %hen_yard_days_until_repair%. Details in the table:


If the chicken farm is not repaired in time, it will be considered broken. Chickens will not produce products, but will consume the feed in full. If the farm is broken, then the clone will not work on it and, accordingly, will not consume work efficiency units.

When calculating the "Character Score" and "Account Score", the score value of a broken chicken farm and the chickens living there are not taken into account.

In order not to repair the farm manually every time, you can set up automatic repairs. To do this, on the chicken farm page enable the setting "Automatically repair in case of breakage". The repair of the chicken farm will be carried out by the clone owner, if he has the necessary resources available at the time the need for repairs arises. Resources must be in the clone's bag or in storehouse (provided that the storehouse settings allow automatic distribution of resources to clones). There is no automatic purchase of resources at the Commodities Market for repairing a chicken farm.

Automatic repairs are performed on the day following the breakdown, just before production on a particular farm. At the same time, during the day, the state of the farm can be displayed as “Broken”. This is a normal process and does not cause interruptions to the farm.

Upgrading Chicken Farm

You do not need to immediately build a chicken farm of maximum level. You can build a beginner or intermediate level farm and then gradually upgrade it, depending on your needs. So, starting with a small farm in peasant status, you can then upgrade the clone to townsman status and after that upgrade the farm to the maximum level, with a capacity of %hen_max_level5% chickens. The table below shows the cost of upgrading each chicken farm level:



Question Where is the work efficiency spent to build and upgrade a chicken farm?
Answer The work efficiency units that the clone has will be used up. If the work efficiency indicator is insufficient, then the missing work efficiency units will be consumed from the Canteen.
Question What happens if I forget to repair the chicken farm?
Answer In this case, no production is produced on the farm, the clone does not consume work efficiency units, but the chickens continue to consume feed from the feeder, if it is available.

Vital activity of a Chicken Farm

Buying chickens to the Farm

Immediately after construction, the chicken farm is empty, there are no chickens on it yet. To buy chickens for the farm, use the "Buy chickens" button on the chicken farm page, which looks like this: %buy_hen_button_image%. Each chicken costs %hen_cost%.

The purchase of chickens for a farm of any level occurs in accordance with the rules:

  • You can buy exactly %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens into an initially empty farm.
  • If your farm already has a certain number of chickens (less than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens%), then you can buy as many chickens as there are not enough to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pieces.
  • If the farm has %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% or more chickens, then it is impossible to buy more chickens. More than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens can only be breeded on your farm. To do this, you need to enable the "hatching mode" %chicken_production_control%. Read more in chapter § Products produce by the Chicken Farm → Livestock increase.
  • If in the process of life the number of chickens on the farm falls below %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% again, then the purchase occurs according to the same rules.

Chicken Feeding

Each chicken on the chicken farm must consume %hen_ration% per day. Such a diet is optimal and ensures maximum production. Remember to replenish the feeder after building a new farm and buying chickens. You can add food to the feeder with a margin, ahead for several days and even months.

If there is not enough cereals in your feeder on a given day, your chickens will not be fed optimally on that day. At the same time, the amount of products produced on the farm on that day will proportionally decrease.

If there is no food left in the feeder of the chicken farm, then your chickens will begin to starve. They won't produce at all, but your clone will still spend 1 work efficiency unit daily tending the farm. The chickens on the farm don't die of starvation.

Cereals can be purchased at Commodities Market. If you have your own Settlement - you can produce them yourself.

In addition to cereals, such products as Flax and "Chicken Health" potions can be added to the farm feeder. Read more about the use of potions in the chapter § Potions for chickens.

Features of feeding chickens with Flax

Specialists of the State Farm have developed a special feed ration for chickens that can improve their performance. To do this, you need to add Flax to the usual diet. Each chicken needs 0.05 kg of Flax per day.

Here are the benefits of feeding flax:

  • Increased egg production of chickens if the farm if the "egg production mode" %eggs_production_button_image% activated. Read more in the chapter § Products produce by the Chicken Farm.
  • Increases the resistance of chickens to disease. Read more in the chapter § Vital activity of a Chicken Farm → § Circumstances affecting the life of chickens.

Flax can be purchased at Commodities Market. If you are engaged in Agriculture you can grow flax yourself.

Circumstances affecting the life of chickens

Just like in the real world, farm chickens in the Land of Clones are subject to various life circumstances. Such events are impossible to predict. Only the probabilities of certain events are known.

The table below contains the calculation of these probabilities for the number of %hen_max_level1% chickens at Farm:

Description of the event Probability of occurrence
Death of one of the farm chickens from old age %hen_die_age_percent%%
Theft of a chicken by a fox, a kite or a thief %hen_die_steal_percent%%
The death of one of the chickens from the disease %hen_die_sick_percent%%

For every %hen_max_level1% (full or incomplete) chickens on the farm, no more than 1 event of each type can occur daily. As the number of livestock on your farm increases, the number of possible events will increase. So, with a population of %hen_max_level5% chickens, up to 5 events of each type are already possible. The probability of each event remains the same.

All of these events take place at the same time that chickens are fed and produce is produced on the farm.

How to reduce the impact of these negative circumstances?

It is impossible to prevent the death of chickens from old age or their theft. However, chickens will not die from the disease if there is a sufficient supply of the "Chicken Health" potions in the feeder (1 potion for each sick chicken). More about the use and effect of this potion is described in the chapter § Potions for chickens.

Additionally, you can reduce the chance of chickens getting sick from %hen_die_sick_percent%% to 10%. To do this, you need to add flax to the diet of chickens. Read more in the chapter § Vital activity of a Chicken Farm → § Chicken Feeding.


Question If, due to natural causes, my number of chickens decreases to, say, 13, will I be able to buy up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens?
Answer Of course you can! Even if you haven't kept track of the livestock for a long time, and you don't have any chickens left on the farm, you can always buy the required number of them up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% pieces. But if you want to have more than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens - you will need to breed them on your own farm.
Question I added too much food by mistake. Can I take food from the feeder back to the bag?
Answer Yes, it is possible to do so. Adjust the amount of the desired type of food in the feeder and save.

Products produce by the Chicken Farm

You can choose which of the two modes each of your chicken farms will run in: "Egg Production Mode" or 'Hatching Mode. These two modes are switched to your farm management page and are marked with the icons %eggs_production_button_image% and %chicken_production_button_image% respectively. You can switch these modes at any time.

  • "Egg production mode" means that you take all the laid eggs from the chicken farm, and they automatically transferred to your clone's bag. Thanks to this, you will be provided with chicken eggs.
  • "Hatching mode" means that you will not take the eggs, but will leave them for your hens to incubate until the chicks hatch. Thanks to this, the number of chickens on your farm will increase.

Each chicken farm can provide your account with the following types of resources:

  • Simple chicken eggs;
  • Chicken meat;
  • Chicken manure;
  • State Farm coupons;
  • Gold coins (proceeds from the profitable sale of an advanced chicken farm in the Poultry Market).

Remember that chickens only produce products if they have food.

The production of all types of products increases in proportion to the increase in the number of chickens on your farm.

Chickens give products 1 time per day at feeding moment. This time is individual for each farm and depends on the time of construction of this farm.

Below is a detailed description of all types of products.

Production of Eggs

For the production of chicken eggs on the farm, you must enable the "Egg production mode" (%eggs_production_button_image% button).

If each chicken is given a normal diet (%hen_ration% per day), then she will lay one egg every 48 hours. The table below will tell you how many eggs per day you will receive with a different number of chickens on your farm:


If each chicken receives a special diet (with the addition of flax), then the egg production of chickens increases. You can read in detail about feeding with flax in the chapter § Vital activity of a Chicken Farm → § Feeding chickens . With such a diet, there is a possibility of receiving additional products daily:

Number of chickens on the farm Number of extra eggs per day
20 chickens 0 to 2
40 chickens 0 to 4
60 chickens 0 to 8
80 chickens 0 to 12
100 chickens 0 to 16

In the "Egg production mode" all laid eggs go into your clone's bag. Next, you can use chicken eggs in the following ways:

  • Serve at Canteen as food for your clones (source of work efficiency);
  • Embark on a Voyage Ship to equip it for sailing to distant shores;
  • Use as an ingredient for making some potions in Mages Tower;
  • Sell at Commodities Market at the Trade Guild.

Livestock increase

To increase the number of chickens on the farm, you must enable the "Hatching mode" (%chicken_production_button_image% button). In this case, all laid eggs will remain on the farm, and some will hatch chicks. The number of chickens on the farm will increase.

If the farm is already filled with the maximum number of chickens, no new chickens will hatch. In this case, you can switch the farm to "Egg Production Mode".

The table below shows how many chickens will appear on your farm every 48 hours, depending on the current number of chickens on the farm:


Don't forget that if you have less than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens, you can always just buy up to %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% chickens. You can read more about this in the chapter § Vital activity of a Chicken Farm → § Buying chickens to the Farm.

Chicken Meat

Once you have at least 40 chickens on your farm, you can take poultry to the Meat Processing Plant and receive %meat_process_production% from each chicken. At one time, you can hand over any number of chickens. Processing each chicken at the Meat Processing Plant costs %meat_process_cost%.

On the page of your chicken farm there is a special button for sending chickens to the Meat Processing Plant: %meat_plant_button_image%.

You can use the receiving chicken meat in the following ways:

Chicken Manure

You will receive this type of production in any mode of the chicken farm (both in "Egg production mode" and "Hatching mode"). Each chicken produces %manor_production% per day. The more chickens you have, the more manure will be produced daily.

Chicken manure is a valuable raw material for processing into the "Chicken Breeze" fertilizer. Manure can be recycled in "Business → Livestock Breeding → Manure and Fertilizers". The receiving fertilizer you can use for your agricultural fields (see section "Business → Agriculture").

To get 1 kg of "Chicken Breeze" fertilizer, you need to spend:

  • 7 kg of chicken manure;
  • 0.002 gold coin.

If for any reason you don't want to process chicken manure yourself, you can sell it at the Fair. You can also sell ready-made "Chicken Breeze" fertilizer there.

Exchange the Chicken Farm for State Farm coupons

Chicken Farm can be exchanged for State Farm Coupons. To do this, your farm must have at least 40 chickens. You will receive 3 or more coupons for every chicken you donate to the State Farm Nursery. At the same time, the more chickens there are on your farm at the time of the exchange, the more coupons you will receive. Details are in the table below:


By exchanging your farm for coupons, you, along with the chickens, give away the building of the chicken farm itself. It is impossible to exchange only chickens and keep an empty farm for yourself.

The received State Farm coupons can be used in the following ways:

Trading Chicken Farms at the Poultry Market

The chicken farm itself is a commodity. At Poultry Market of State Farm, you can sell your chicken farm to another player for gold coins. The number of chickens on the farm can be any. You can even sell an empty farm. If you have become a pro in keeping chickens and increasing their number on chicken farms, trading in developed farms can bring good profits.


Question I switched the farm to "Hatching Mode" and began to increase the number of chickens. How long does it take for a chick to turn into an adult chicken?
Answer The chick hatches as a full-fledged chicken and immediately begins to produce products on a par with the other chickens on the farm.
Question Is there a limit on how much chicken manure fertilizer can be produced per day in the Department of Biotechnology?
Answer No, there are no such restrictions. You can produce as many "Chicken Breeze" fertilizers as you want at one time or in one day.
Question When selling a chicken farm in the Poultry Market, is it sold with the house it is attached to?
Answer No. The chicken farm is being sold without real estate. The house remains in the possession of the clone. The buyer must have his own house, to which he will attach the farm.

Potions for Chickens

"Chicken Health" Potion

If one of your chickens on the farm gets sick, she will die of the disease. However, magical potion Chicken Health will help to avoid this. This potions serve as medicine.

Bottles with the "Chicken Health" potion should be in the feeder of the chicken farm. A sick chicken will consume one bottle, fully recover, and continue to bring products at your farm. It may happen that several chickens get sick at a time (this is possible if there are more than %hen_yard_max_to_buy_hens% on the farm). In this case, there should be a sufficient supply of potions for each sick bird. If at the time of the disease there is no potion in the feeder, then the diseased chicken will die.

The potion is produced at Mages Tower. The minimum production batch is 1 box, which contains %chicken_elixir_count_in_barrel%.

Cost and ingredients list for crafting 1 box of "Chicken Health" potion:


If you are unable to craft a box of potion at Mages Tower, you can always buy one or more bottles from other players at the Fair. Or vice versa - if you have produced a lot of potion, you can sell its surplus at the Fair. At the Fair, the potion is sold only by the piece (one bottle each). There is no way to buy or sell the whole box.

"Happy Farmer" Tournament

The State of the Land of Clones encourages poultry activities to stimulate the development of this industry. To identify the best poultry farmers, a weekly "Happy Farmer" tournament was established. ALL chicken farms on the Land of Clones (or on the Conquered Lands, depending on the server) participate in the tournament.

Contest Nominations

The competition is held in two categories:

Nomination Description of the nomination
Maximum total number of eggs per week The maximum number of eggs laid on the farm in the period from 00:00:00 Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.
Maximum total number of chicks per week The maximum number of chicks born on the farm in the period from 00:00:00 Monday to 23:59:59 Sunday is taken into account.

Prize Fund

As you already know, in the Mages Tower you can produce "Chicken Health" potions. The player must spend 1.5 gold coins to craft each box of potions.

From this income item, the State transfers 5% to the Prize Fund of the tournament. The prize fund accumulated during the week is further divided into two equal parts, each of which forms the prize fund for two nominations of the tournament.

Prizes in each nomination

There are 10 prizes in each nomination, and the prize fund of each nomination is divided into winners as follows:

Prize place Percentage of the prize fund
1 35%
2 20%
3 15%
4 9%
5 6%
6 5%
7 4%
8 3%
9 2%
10 1%

If it happens that several clones have the same indicator values at the end of the tournament, then the one with the largest number of chicken farms (at the time of determining the winners) will take the higher place. If these indicators are equal, then the distribution of such winners by prize places will be performed in random order.


Question Does the capacity of the chicken farm affect the ability to participate in the "Happy Farmer" tournament?
Answer No, it doesn't. However, the more chickens you have on your farm, the higher your chances of winning!