Jobs for the Serfs

In this section, the youngest inhabitants of the World of Clones can find a job for themselves - clones of the "Serf" social status.

Your clone can receive three types of tasks - for a servant, for a butcher and for a builder. The table below shows the required information:

Parameter/Job Type For the Servant For the Meat Cutter For Builder
Your employer Inhabitants of the World of Clones State Meat Processing Plant Inhabitants of the World of Clones
Required clone status Serf (the only clone on the account) Serf (the only clone on the account) Serf (the only clone on the account)
Presence required - At least 1 butcher's expertise unit At least 10 experience units
Time to complete one task 60 minutes 15 minutes 60 minutes
Amount of payment for one task Set by the employer 0.0001 gold coin Set by the employer
Payment source The owner of the house has appointed the salary fund and the price of the task for the servant Players handed over chickens, pigs or cattle to the Meat Processing Plant for processing The owner of the house under construction set the salary fund and the price of the task for the builders
Can be combined with other types of tasks + + +
Can be combined with work at state enterprises + - -
Max. number of work places 1000
Way to get tasks Automatically Manually Automatically
  • Experience units can be earned at State enterprises by working as a maintenance worker (at the sawmill, mill, stone mine or ore mine).
  • Butcher's expertise units can be obtained by exchange Experience on them.

There are two ways to get tasks (at different jobs):

  • Automatically. Serf queues up to receive tasks and begins to complete them on his own, even when you are not at the computer. You sleep - the clone works!
  • Manually. To start the task, you must give the correct answer to the Gatekeeper's question. Questions may relate to many aspects of life in the virtual state of clones. Any serf who aspires to become a full member of the State must confidently understand its laws. Therefore, at first, he must intensively study the rules and possibilities of the State simulator. If the Serf gave the wrong answer, he can only try to get the next task after 60 minutes.

You can complete one task from each group at the same time.

Payment for the completed task will be credited to your game account immediately after the completion of the task.

Additional features

The Serf clone, provided that he is the only clone on the game account, can engage in the following activities:


Question What does "There are currently no tasks" mean? When will the tasks appear?
Answer If, when trying to take a task, the system reports: "There are no tasks at the moment", this means that at the moment the salary fund of tasks for this position is empty (zero). Tasks will appear when the fund is replenished by the employer from the appropriate source.
Question I can't start the task, I keep getting the error "The clone failed to complete the task". What am I doing wrong?
Answer In order to start the task, you must correctly answer the proposed question from the Gatekeeper. This must be done within a limited amount of time. The gatekeeper asks questions about the rules of the game, you can find the answers in the Help for the relevant game modules. If the answer is given incorrectly or you didn't meet the allotted time, then in this case the clone failed to complete the task. The clone begins to display a time counter until the next attempt to take the task. Also (if the salary fund is small), a situation is possible when another applicant is ahead of you, and your clone does not have enough tasks.
Question I have incorrectly displayed the time until the end of the task.
Answer If the time until the end of the task is indicated incorrectly (for example, more or less than it should be), or if there is just a dash instead of a counter, this means that the time on your computer is set incorrectly. Go to your computer's time settings and set the correct time zone. Check if you need to set automatic daylight saving time for your area (if not, turn it off). The display of the time until the end of the task is directly dependent on the accuracy of the date and time settings on your computer. If you have a dash at the end of the task, then refresh the page - in 1 minute you will be able to take the next task.