Participation in Construction

The construction of a Clay Production Site begins when government geologists find a suitable raw material deposit.

To build a Clay Production Site, it is necessary to combine the efforts of many inhabitants of the Land of Clones. Any clone of the social status "Townsman" or higher can become a companion in construction. To do this, he needs to invest in the construction of a part of the total set of the required resource (any resource in any quantity).

Total construction cost:


Those wishing to participate in the construction creates an application (order), indicating the type and amount of the resource that he is ready to contribute, as well as the "investment ratio".

Investment Ratio determines how many times more units of the resource you are willing to offer in order to receive your declared share. Let's say the coefficient is 1.5 with the specified share of 1000 units of wood means that you are ready to invest 1500 units of wood to get a share of 1000 units of wood.

You can create an unlimited number of orders of any size. The resulting amount of the resource, taking into account the coefficient in each order, must be such that it is possible to spend. Otherwise, you will see the "Invalid coefficient value" error.

  • Types of primary resource are taken into account up to hundredths;
  • Types of secondary resource are taken into account up to hundredths;
  • Types of tertiary resource are taken into account up to whole units.

For example, the amount of any tertiary resource equal to 1, with a coefficient of 1.1, will lead to an error, since the consumption of a tertiary resource cannot be fractional. With a quantity of 10 units, a coefficient of 1.1 will already be possible.

The following manipulations are prohibited: Issuing and withdrawing an order or a plurality of orders in order to deliberately distort the average value, in order to mislead other participants in the construction. Such manipulations are prohibited!

When creating an order, the required amount of the resource is reserved from the clone's bag. When an order is deleted, the reserve is returned to the owner.

If geologists of the Land of Clones find a new clay deposit and with the approval of the State Commission, the construction of a new Salt Production Site begins according to the same principle (even if the current site is still active).

Completion of Construction

The first attempt to complete the construction is made at the checkout time two days after the start of the construction. Orders are accepted in descending order of coefficient. With the same value of the coefficient, the order that was placed earlier in time will be accepted first.

If the total amount of the resource in all orders is less than the required one, then all the proposed resources will go to the construction site (all orders will work). The next attempt to collect the missing resources will be made the next day. This will happen until the required amount of all types of resource is collected.

If, at some stage, the total amount of the proposed resource is higher than required, then the first orders with the highest coefficient will be accepted, covering the required amount of the resource. The reserve from other orders for this type of resource will be returned to the owners after the construction is completed.

The list of your orders only displays pending orders that can be cancelled. If some orders are not in the list, this means that they were accepted for construction. At the end of the construction, all orders not accepted will be canceled automatically.

The construction is considered completed as soon as the entire set of necessary resources is collected.

Production and distribution of Products

The constructed Clay Production Site produces clay in the amount of %day_resource_amount% kg per day during %production_days% days after construction is completed. After that, the production site is closed.

The produced clay is distrubuted daily to the companions of the production in a percentage that depends on the part of the resources invested in the construction, converted into gold coins. This takes into account the nominal price of the resources expended. The amount of clay is taken into account to hundredths.

The nominal price of resources can be found in the Trade Guild (column "Nominal price").

The companion of the production site can dispose of the received resource at his own discretion: sell it at the Trade Guild, use it as one of the materials for construction, and also for many other things. New opportunities for using clay will appear in the process of creation of new game modules.