Clones of the Craftsman's social status and higher can participate in the Resource Lottery.

Each type of resource has its own lottery Fund, currently 4 main types of primary resource participate in the lottery, namely the stone, the wood, the cereals, and the metal. The Fund is replenished by the State, by transfer of 5% of income from the "discount" on the Commodities Market and the Fair, for all types of resources equally.

Resource lottery is held constantly, immediately after the accumulation of the Fund to 100 gold coins. At that moment, the sale of tickets for the current draw completes, and the sale for the next one begins. The draw itself starts 1 hour after that.

To participate in the lottery, you must purchase at least one ticket. Each clone can purchase an unlimited number of tickets. The ticket price is 1 unit of the appropriate resource.

Any clone can find a lottery ticket on the streets of the virtual world of clones. To do this, he must have the social status of at least a craftsman and regularly log in the game. If the ticket is found, the clone will receive a notification via in-game mail.

At the time of the draw, one winner is selected in each resource category, which receives the entire prize fund. The draw is always made up of 20 rounds. For example, tickets bought 1000 pieces. 1000/20 = 50, this means that after each round, the system will choose 50 tickets that will come out of the draw. After each selection round there will be approximately 40 seconds of emotional break. During the break, each player can check which tickets have been eliminated and which remain in the draw - and so on until the last 50 tickets remain. After that, the last round of the draw will be held, this time the system will choose only 1 ticket which will be happy.

You have the opportunity to automatically participate in the lottery and do not follow the progress of replenishment of funds, it is enough to check the box opposite the type of resource and enter the number of tickets. Purchase of tickets will be made immediately before the launch of the current draw of the lottery.

Attention! For automatic purchase of tickets, the resource units need to be available in bag or in storehouse.

In the archive you can see all the winners of the lottery and the size of the prize.