Participation in the races

To participate in the sports races can boars aged %min_age%-%max_age% days with active "Sports mode" setting.

You can take part in a race created by someone, or create your own race, specifying the desired number of participants in the race and the cost of participation in gold coins. In order to create your race, you must have a boar-athlete, and he will automatically participate in the race created.

The minimum cost of participation in the race is %min_participation_cost% gold coins. The maximum waiting time for the gathering of participants is 24 hours. If during this time the required number of participants has not been recruited, the race is canceled and the contributed gold coins will be returned to the owners.

The minimum number of participants is %min_participants_count%, maximum is %max_participants_count%.

One animal can participate in a maximum of %max_races_per_day% races / day. If the animal additionally participated in the "Three little pigs" tournament in this day, it does not reduce the number of possible races at the pigs’ racecourse. Simultaneous participation of the animal in the race and in the tournament is not allowed.

Before the start of the race, participants do not know the features of the track prepared for them on the pigs' racecourse.

The race begins immediately after the set of the required number of runners.

Participation in the race adds to the boar 0,016% muscle mass. Remember that the muscle mass can not be more than 70% of the animal's weight.

The quality of boar's food affects its characteristics during the race - the lower the satiety of the animal in percentage terms, the lower all its characteristics.

Video broadcast from the races can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate icon near the image of the animal.

Payment of prizes

From the formed Fund of the race is paid:

  • 10% - to the Sports Committee of the pigs' racecourse
  • 8% - to the State income
  • 2% - to the Emperors' Residence Reserves
  • 80% - to pay prizes to the winners

In the races, all participants are announced as the winners, except the one who came to the finish line last. The prizes are paid according to the weights of the winners, which are determined by the members of the arithmetic progression in reverse order (from the value of the number of winners to 1). The total sum of the weights is calculated as the sum of the members of the progression.

Example: 6 boars participated in the race. Accordingly, there are 5 winners in the race.

The total sum of the weights of the winners: (1 + 5) / 2 * 5 = 15.

Distribution of weights by places:

  • 1st place - weight 5
  • 2nd place - weight 4
  • 3rd place - weight 3
  • 4th place - weight 2
  • 5th place - weight 1

Betting on the winner of the race

Within three minutes after the end of the formation of the race, you can bet in gold coins on the boar - the participant of the race.

The winner is the boar, who took the first place.

If you make several bets on the same boar, they are summed up.

You cannot cancel the bet.

Depending on the number and amount of bets already made by players, you can see dynamically updated odds.

90% of the placed bets are distributed to the winners according to the odds (provided that the bets were made not only on the winning boar, but also on other participants, otherwise all bets are returned to the players). For example, if your bet is 1 gold coin per boar and the odds are 1.3, you will get 1.3 gold coins if this boar wins.

If the bets are made on boars, but no bets was not made on the winner boar, then all the losing bets go to the Fund of the Sports Committee.