Friendship with Fairy Tale Characters

On the Land of Clones, five fairy tale characters live in the far corners - Muttering Head, Baba Yaga, Squeaking Stump, Ghoul and Koshchey the Immortal.

Many residents (beginning with the social status "Craftsman" and higher) are friends with fairy tale characters and endow them with resources and characteristics. Fairy tale characters often frighten and beat overseas merchants-moneybags. Fairy tale characters often hide gold won from overseas merchants in the Land of Clones, burying coins in damp earth. The guards of the houses and the settlement squads daily notify about the found treasures. Treasure hunting information here:

"Befriend a character" means to give him a certain amount of a certain type of resource. Fairy tale characters make special offers to their friends - various magical artifacts.

You can use the reserve of the resource that you donated to a fairy tale character in bidding for his offer at the auction. When you win the right to offer, the character will turn to you for a favor, in return for which he will bestow a magical artifact. The artifact can be sold at the Fair or used to gain additional special expertises (read below).

Offers of Fairy Tale Characters

To receive an offer from a fairy tale character, you need to win it at "Fairytale Auction". Offers won are displayed on the dedicated page.

After receiving an offer, you need to craft the desired potion at the Mages Tower or buy it at the Fair:

Fairy tale character Required potion
Muttering Head Potion of Wisdom
Baba Yaga Potion of Life
Squeaking Stump Potion of Strength
Ghoul Potion of Happiness
Koshchey the Immortal Potion of Immortality

Fairy tale character will be waiting for you for 48 hours. If you do not have time to get the potion and give it to the character, then the offer will be lost.

Magic Artifacts

Why Magic Artifacts are needed and where to get them

Artifact is a magic item that your clone can use to temporarily (and in some cases permanently) increase the amount of special expertise of a certain type.

Bigger special expertise value will allow your clone to increase the amount of premiums they receive at state enterprises and qualify for higher positions.

You can get a new magic artifact in exchange for a special potion if you win the right to receive an offer from a fairy tale character. For more details, see "Trade" → "Auctions" → "Fairytales Auction".

Also, the artifact can be bought (or sold) at Fair from other players (both new and partially used).

General rules for wearing Artifacts

Artifacts can be used by clones of the social status "Craftsman" or higher.

For almost every type of special expertise, there are 4 artifacts designed for their respective wearing areas (Headgear, Phalerae, Mantle, Item).

Clones can be equipped with 4 artifacts at the same time, and of any type, one for each wearing area. You cannot equip two artifacts belonging to the same wear area. The table of correspondence of artifacts by area is below.


For the artifact to work, it must be put on a clone. To equip an artifact, you need to work for state enterprise where this type of special expertise is required.

The initial durability of the new artifact is 31 days, the artifact is valid for 30 days and its durability decreases only if it is worn on a clone. The expiration date of the removed artifact (lying in bag or in storehouse) is not reduced.

If an artifact is equipped, then every 24 hours from that moment on, the artifact will temporarily add special expertise units of a certain type to the clone already has (according to a special rule described in the section below).

If the clone continues to work at the corresponding enterprise while wearing the artifacts, then each time the artifact is triggered, he can receive another 100-500 additional expertise units (the amount is determined randomly), which will remain with the clone forever (they are basic units). The probability of obtaining this expertises depends on the number of equipped artifacts for expertise of the same type and is listed in the table below:

The number of equipped artifacts for expertise of one kind Probability for each artifact
1 3%
2 4%
3 5%
4 6%

After wearing on an artifact, it cannot be removed for 25 hours.

After removing an artifact of any durability, all additional temporary expertise units received from it is immediately subtracted from the clone and stored on the artifact. Expertise units added on a permanent basis remains with the clone. If you put on this artifact again, then the expertises accumulated on it will immediately be added to the clone, and then will grow according to the artifact rule, as usual.

Once an artifact's durability reaches 0, it disappears and the special expertises it added is subtracted (except for those added permanently). Please keep this feature in mind when using artifacts to advance a clone through the ranks. In many enterprises and positions, the principle of displacement of an employee is applied if the amount of his expertises is less than that of the applicants.

Attention! It is forbidden to manipulate artifacts in order to receive bonuses at state enterprises without spending off the durability of the artifact at the scheduled time.

The principle of accruing temporarily Expertise units from an Artifact

Magic artifacts equipped on clone every day temporarily increase the level of special expertise units. The additional bonus increases daily in arithmetic progression, from +40 units on the first day to +1200 units on the last day of wearing.

The principle of accrual of expertise units is presented in detail in the table below:

Wear Day Bonus units for this day Total gain for the day
First day 40 +40
Second day 80 + 40 + 80 = +120
Third day 120 + 40 + 80 + 120 = +240
... ... ..
Thirtieth day 1200 + 40 + 80 + 120 + ... + 1200 = +18600

The formula for calculating the total bonus gain for a specific day:

Bonus = ( 40 * (1 + X) / 2 ) * X,


  • X - serial number of the day.

Expertise units temporarily added by an artifact is not taken into account where a certain expertise limit is required or expertises is spent, for example, when raising a military rank.