To additionally equip warships at the Land of Clones, their owners require rigging equipment. A fully equipped warship has greater speed, maneuverability and protection, which means that its combat characteristics are noticeably increased:

Ship type Durability increase Base Defense increase
Brig +4500 units +7%
Corvette +6000 units +8%
Battleship +9000 units +10%

If you are a Prince or Mayor, then you may well start your own rigging production. If not, rigging can be bought at Commodities Market.

Only ships that are in the clone's bag or in the storehouse are available for equipment. Each ship can only be equipped once. You cannot remove the rigging from an already equipped ship.

Only clones with at least 100 units of Rigging Practice can pilot a combat ship equipped with rigging equipment. A clone can learn Rigging Practice at University (in general classes with teachers or through individual training).

Each clone with a Rigging Practice indicator of at least 100 ubits receives a daily payout from the Captains' Fund of the Land of Clones. Payments are made in proportion to the number of Rigging Practice units. It is not necessary to command a warship. In addition, each clone with at least 100 rigging practice automatically becomes a teacher of this discipline at the University (even if he does not work there). You can set prices for the cost of an hour of tuition here.

Captains' Fund Formation:

  • 50% of the gold coins spent in the production of rigging equipment in principalities and settlements;
  • 20% of the payment for individual training in Rigging practice with the old man Barterer (individual training).