The Utility Vests allow the clone to take additional "Health potions" with him to a tournament fight or duel, which the clone can use, if necessary, right during the battle. The vest will fit up to 5 bottles of "health potion".

If during a tournament fight or duel the clone's health drops below 10 units, then he can manage to get the potion from the vest and use it. The potion will restore health by +50 units. The clone may not have time to drink the potion, then he can use the combat skill "Last Chance" he has, and if it is not available, he will lose the battle according to the standard rules. The probability of successfully using the potion is:

  • 1st bottle: 80%
  • 2nd bottle: 70%
  • 3rd bottle: 60%
  • 4th bottle: 50%
  • 5th bottle: 40%

Before the fight, you need to load the required number of bottles of "Health potion" into the vest on this page, and then put it on the clone. Only a vest removed from a clone can be filled. Potions cannot be removed from the vest back into the bag, they can only be spent in battle.

You can set up automatic replenishment of potions in the vest before each battle. The setting will work for all clones on the account. Vests will automatically fill up completely (that is, up to the amount of 5 potions in the vest). If the supply of potions in the clone's bag or in the storehouse is not enough to fill it completely, then it will not work.

The durability of the vest is 100 battles and decreases only if the vest has worked at least 1 time during the battle. You can buy or sell utility vests at the Fair (both empty and with potions). Their production is available in Principalities and Administrative Units, if the "Leather Atelier and Tailoring" factory built.