Dear editors! Your work is important for the smooth organization of activities in the newspaper!

Article evaluation parameters

Evaluate the incoming work from the point of view of a simple player - will he be interested in reading it? Will he get something for himself out of it? Is the author's writing style good enough? Would you be interested in reading this yourself?

It is important to understand the “message” of the publication proposed by the reporter, its main idea: what feelings will it evoke in the reader, positive or negative? What actions or thoughts does it call for, constructive or destructive?

Types of publications

The newspaper accepts publications in the following categories:

The Article

The material is based on the research / reasoning of the author on one specific topic. Consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion. In conclusion - necessarily some conclusions or calls to action.


  • Recommended length is from 2000 to 4000 characters.
  • At least 1 image (picture, diagram, graph, photo) illustrating the essence of what is written.
The Note

A short message that states a fact or raises a specific question. It may not contain an answer to a question or an assessment of this event.

The note is based on any event, news, case.


  • The volume is not more than 2000 characters.
  • At least 1 image (picture, diagram, graph, photo) illustrating the essence of what is written.
The Interview

Interviews with people of interest to a wide range of players.


  • Volume - within the limits of common sense.
  • At least 1 image (picture, diagram, graph, photo) illustrating the essence of what is written, depending on the volume.
Creative writing and humor

Artistic works of authors, including within the framework of competitions.


  • Positive message.
  • The volume is not more than 2000 characters.
  • Illustrations are desirable.

Article Validation

To facilitate the work of the editor, we recommend using popular tools for checking texts (or similar to those listed):

  • online service - checking the "purity" and "readability" of the text (the goal is to achieve a score of at least 8-9 points in both parameters);
  • - revealing the "water content" of the text (the percentage of words that do not carry a semantic load), the optimal value: 30% -50%;
  • Microsoft Word or equivalent to check spelling and punctuation.

Your task is also to filter out articles that are contrary to the rules of the newspaper:

  • suggestions for improving / creating new game modules,
  • long calculations with a bunch of numbers; calculations based on “floating data” or ambiguous,
  • frankly bad, illiterate works without style.

If the article seems promising to you, but needs to be edited, make the necessary changes (spelling, punctuation, style, correspondence of premises and conclusions to the rules of the game) and send the article to publicate.

If you decide to reject the article, take it for editing and add your explanations in the special field “Editor's comment”.

Principle “one article - one editor”

It is important that the article rejected by you, after being revised by the author, again turns out to be yours. To do this, recommend that the author indicate in the title of the newly submitted article the name of the editor for whom it is intended. For example: “The World of Clones is the best game, for ed. Mario".

If you're unsure about something, take your time and contact the SKINBALL editor or other editors.