In his bag, the clone stores things, resources and work supplies. All products received, purchased and produced by the clone, as well as animals belonging to the clone, go here.

The table reflects all the items and resources that the character has. By hovering cursor over the headings of the columns of the table, you can give a command to your character to deposit this inventory in storehouse. Also, when you hover cursor over the amount of a particular resource or item, you can give a command to your clone to partially hand over resources or items to the storehouse. The Storehouse must be built and repaired.

All things and resources that are in the clone's bag can only be used by this clone. If you want to give something to another clone, you need to use the storehouse: carry out the necessary thing there, and then take it from the storehouse by another clone.

Attention! When the "Auto-feed food to the canteen" function is activated on a clone, all food entering the bag (for example, when buying on the commodities market) will be converted into Work Efficiency units in the canteen and no longer can be returned to the bag.

Attention! You can throw out items and resources from the bag if you no longer need them. The operation is irreversible, so be careful. This feature can be disabled or enabled on the Bag page. Most thrown items go to the Flea Market.