How to feed the clones

The Canteen is a place where all the clones of your account eat food and thereby replenish their "Work Efficiency". Your Clone needs Work Efficiency daily to maintain energy and work abilities.

Each food product has an energy value - Work Efficiency units. The second column of the table displays these values.

The third column displays the number of products of each type that are in the clone's bag and in the storehouse.

The fourth column contains the amount of Work Efficiency that you can get by serving this type of product to the Canteen.

To serve products to the Canteen, enter the quantity in the required fields and click on the "Serve" button below the table. In this case, the value of the field "Canteen total" will increase by the number of Work Efficiency units that was submitted. This is the available amount of Work Efficiency that your clones can consume at the moment.

Clones will consume Work Efficiency automatically as needed. If you need to boost the Work Efficiency of a particular clone right now, you can do it on the "Restore Work Efficiency" tab.

Detailed Work Efficiency consumption statistics from the Canteen and an estimate of how long clones will last with their available Work Efficiency stock can be found at "Food Log". Please note that the calculation of the remaining time is approximate and may differ from actual consumption. Always keep a supply of Work Efficiency in the Canteen just in case.

You can set up automatic delivery of certain types of products from the clone's bag to the Canteen. In this case, the products, being in the clone's bag, will immediately (within 5-10 minutes) be served in the Canteen in full. This is convenient, for example, if the clone receives products from animals for its own use - eggs, milk, and so on.

To enable autofeed, select the required checkboxes and click the "Save" button. Note that each clone has its own automatic product feed settings. Auto-feed is being done only from the clone's bag. All products that are in the storehouse will not be served. Keep this in mind when enabling Canteen auto-feed settings and resource auto-collection settings in storehouse settings at the same time.

Serving products to the Canteen is an irreversible operation! It is not possible to convert Work Efficiency back to products. However, you can convert Work Efficiency to "Work Efficiency coupons" and vice versa. "Work Efficiency coupons" are used in certain game situations - for example, to update thieves' tip list at Brigands' Den or to purchase "Trade Guild Securities" at /auction/security_paper auction.

Drinking the "Kvass" drink

The main properties of kvass

With drinking each bottle of kvass, the clone increases one of the characteristics (of your choice):

  • Military expertises (+10 units);
  • Military initiative (+2 units).

In addition, each bottle of kvass can add (or maybe not) one more unit of any special expertise (except for such expertises as "criminal authority", "robber's luck", "luck"). Special expertise is chosen randomly.

The special expertise units obtained in this way remains with the clone forever (these are "basic" units).

Kvass can be drunk in the Canteen before each fight, in the amount of 1 to 3 bottles of kvass. You can set up automatic consumption of kvass. In this case, the clone will drink kvass before the next battle immediately after the end of the previous one.

Additionally, kvass can be consumed during training in the prince's arena (if the clone is in the prince's troops). In this case, you can drink up to 5 bottles of kvass per 1 training, depending on the level of development of the arena. This feature is available on the training page.

For consumption, Kvass must be in the clone's bag or in storehouse. You can buy kvass at Fair.

Don't forget that a clone's own military expertises (basic units) is limited. For details, see the section help "Employment" → "Security" and "Business" → "The Brigand way".

Additional properties of kvass

The clone can drink kvass in order to convert the "Additional bonus for kvass" characteristic into "Military expertises".

"Additional bonus for kvass" can be earned in the following ways:

Conversion occurs automatically in proportions of 1:1 (but not more than 33 units for each bottle drunk).

To do this, the clone can drink an unlimited amount of kvass - as much as necessary to fully convert the "Bonus" he has. The first three bottles drunk before the fight, as usual, give +10 military expertises or +2 military initiative (player's choice), converts up to 33 "Bonus" units in the military expertises, and can also give 1 unit of any special expertise. Subsequent bottles (drinking before the next fight) only convert the "Bonus".

If a clone is registered for the Battle Tournament, it is not allowed to drink kvass indefinitely. He can drink no more than 3 bottles before each fight. You can convert the required amount of "Bonus" into military expertises before registering in the tournament.