Trainers are real pig care specialists! They will help develop the sporting characteristics of boars during individual training.

To get a job as a trainer at the Pigs' Racecourse can be a clone of the social status "Townsman" or higher. To do this, you need to rent a sports arena at the Pigs' Racecourse. The rental price is 15 gold coins for 30 days.

The trainer trains the boars by selling hours of private lessons. The maximum number of hours he can train per day is limited by the number of his own pigs weighing at least %hours_limit_own_pig_min_weight% kg. Pigs belonging to other clones of your account do not count. The number of training hours is recalculated every day, with an interval of %sync_remain_hours_interval% hours after renting the arena.

Each new pig weighing at least %hours_limit_own_pig_min_weight% kg owned by a trainer will give him 1 additional hour of training per day.

The trainer appoints the cost of one hour of training independently. When someone buys hours of training, the trainers with the lowest price per hour at the current moment are automatically selected first. If there are several trainers with the same price, then they are selected randomly.

A trainer can train their own boars, as well as boars belonging to other clones of his account. In this case, first of all, the hours of your trainers (if any) will be redeemed, and then the cheapest ones.

The payment received for each training session is distributed as follows:

  • 80% goes to the trainer;
  • 10% goes to the "fund of the sports committee of the Pigs' Racecourse";
  • 10% goes to the State budget.

30 days after paying the rent, an attempt will be made to renew the arena rent automatically. If the trainer's game account does not have 15 gold coins, the trainer will be fired. At the same time, all paid training sessions will be completed to the end.

A trainer can leave at any time of his own. The gold coins paid by him for the rent of the sports arena will not be returned. If at the time of dismissal the coach is busy in training, then the paid training will be fully completed.

For more information about boar sporting careers and the development of sporting characteristics, see «Business → Livestock Breeding → Pigs → Help» section.