Intention is one of the forces that exist in the Universe. When you clearly and distinctly imagine what you want to achieve, then the power of intention opens the way to achieving your goal. And this means that you will receive everything that you sincerely desire.

The power of intention must be constantly developed, this characteristic affects the level of all special expertises of the clone, increasing their value by the number of units of intention (does not affect Rigging Practice, Merchant Authority, Robber's Luck and Luck).

The "Intention" characteristic cannot increase the value of special expertise by more than twice its base value. If a clone needs to spend expertises (for example, to get the next military rank ahead of schedule), then he must have the necessary amount of basic expertises, since it is impossible to spend espertises given additionally by "intention".

Conditions of training "Intention"

In order to train Intention, a clone needs to live in their own or rented house, as well as spend an additional amount of Work Efficiency.

If the clone does not live in the house, the characteristic "Intention" is reduced by 1 unit per day (but not less than 0).

The higher the level of development of the house in which the clone lives, the less Work Efficiency he spends on training 1 Intention characteristic unit:

The level of house development The amount of Work Efficiency to get 1 "Intention" unit
1-10 8
11-20 7
21-30 6
31-40 5
41-50 4

Castles (houses with level 50) have one magical property: if the castle has the full developed "social policy", then clone living in such a castle will be spent 3 Work Efficiency units to get 1 Intention unit.

You can set the value of the number of intention units that the clone will automatically receive at the end of the working day. A maximum of 5 units of intention per day can be trained in the Canteen.

The "Intention" characteristic can also be increased at University of Land of Clones. The cost of 1 unit of intention at the University is 0.03 gold coin. At the University, the clone can receive no more than 5 units of intention per day.

An example how the characteristic "Intention" works

The clone has 100 forestry expertises, 600 mining expertises (of which 500 basic expertises and +100 added by a magic artifact), 2000 military expertises (of which 1000 basic expertises and +1000 added by a magic item), and 150 merchant’s authority.

Suppose the clone has accumulated 50 units of "intention". Accordingly, the value of Special expertises has increased by 50: 100+50=150 Forestry expertises, 600+50=650 Mining expertises, 2000+50=2050 Military expertises, and 150 Merchant's Authority (the value has not changed because "intention" does not affect this characteristic).

Suppose "Intention" has increased to 900 units. Accordingly, the values of the clone's characteristics have changed: 200 forestry expertises (characteristic's value cannot increase more than 2 times of the base value), 1100 mining expertises (characteristic's value cannot increase more than 2 times of the base value, and +100 from artifact), 2900 military expertises (1000 + 1000 +900) and 150 units of merchant's authority (not changed).