Employment conditions

Clones of the social status "Craftsman" and higher can work at the Carters' Guild.

To work, the clone needs a working tool:

  • mittens (for all positions, except for the manager);
  • quill and barn lock (for manager).

A clone can only hold one position in a given enterprise. Work at the Carters' Guild can be combined with work at other state enterprises (except for the Meat Processing Plant).

Craftsmen and clones of higher status start their careers at the Carters' Guild with the position of "Handyman". If its characteristics meet the conditions of employment for a higher position, the clone will be transferred to it automatically.

While working at this enterprise, the clone consumes one rate of work efficiency consumption according to their social status. If a clone combines several jobs, the work efficiency consumption is summed up at all enterprises. If a clone does not have enough work efficiency to perform its duties, then he will not cope with them and, accordingly, will not receive a salary and experience units. At the same time, the durability of the tool is not consumed, and a reprimand is entered in the personal Record of Employment. If an employee is reprimanded in this position for three days in a row, he will be fired.

At any time, you can leave the Cartres' Guild at your own request.

Attention! Within one settlement day, it is prohibited to change jobs at enterprises in order to receive additional (extraordinary) salaries (in violation of the general employment rules). Within one settlement day, it is forbidden to leave the enterprises and get a job at the Meat Processing Plant in order to complete tasks, and then return to the enterprises.


The salary of all Carters' Guild employees is paid daily at checkout time (after 00:00 GMT) in two parts:

  • Fixed salary (different for each position, + daily "enterprise bonus").
  • Additional premium.

Also, your clone will receive daily experience units, their number depends on the position held.

For detailed information on each position, see enterprise page (hover cursor over position name).

Enterprise Bonus

An enterprise bonus can increase your regular salary. Every day the State transfers to the "Carters' Guild enterprise bonus fund":

At the end of the working day, the accumulated fund is divided equally among all employees of the enterprise. The amount received is added to the fixed salary of the employee. Remember that amounts less than 0.0001 gold coin cannot be credited.

Additional Premium

In addition to the salary and enterprise bonus, Carters' Guild employees can receive premium. The amount of the premium depends on the amount of "Logistics Expertise" units the clone has. The more units - the higher will be his premium. If the clone has 0 expertises, or if its amount is not enough to receive the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), then the clone will not receive premium on that day.

"Logistics Expertise" units can be purchased by exchanging "Experience", "Reasonableness", or "Charisma" at University, or by using magical artifacts.

Every day the State transfers to the Cartres' Guild premium fund:

  • 3% from commission on sales at Trade Guild;
  • 2% from the State's profit from tourism activities in the Real Land of Clones;
  • 2% from income from training the "Intention" characteristic at the University.

At the end of each working day, the accumulated Cartres' Guild premium fund is paid out in six parts:

  • 20% of the fund - to all handymen, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone;
  • 10% of the fund - to all skilled handymen, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone;
  • 10% of the fund - to all foremen, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone;
  • 10% of the fund - to all carters, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone;
  • 10% of the fund - to all forwarders, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone;
  • 40% of the fund - to all managers, in proportion to the amount of "Logistics Expertises" of each clone.

Number of workplaces and promotions

Each position has a different number of workplaces. This number is calculated according to the following rules:

  • The number of places for the position of a handyman is not limited.
  • There is 1 skilled handyman per 24 handymen.
  • There is 1 foreman per 40 handymen.
  • There is 1 carter per 77 handymen.
  • There is 1 rorwarder per 100 handymen.
  • There is 1 manager for every 1000 handymen.

Recalculation of employees, transfer from position to position and opening of new vacancies in higher positions takes place at the checkout time (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, during the working day, one or more of the already occupied positions may be vacated (if the clone fired of his own or for other reasons). In this case, free places will display at enterprise.

If the number of subordinate employees is not enough to maintain one of the management positions, a reverse process is provided: the vacancy will be reduced at the checkout time. In this case, an employee with a minimum amount of "Logistics Expertises" will be transferred to a lower position.

To qualify for a higher position, your clone must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the required social status (or higher);
  • Have more "Logistics Expertises" than the worst employee in a higher position.

If these conditions are met, at the end of the working day, your clone will be promoted, and the clone who occupied it before will be moved one step lower. Note that a promotion can occur even when the clone does not have the tool needed to work in a higher position. In this case, the clone will be promoted, but due to the lack of a tool, he will not be able to perform his duties and will receive a corresponding reprimand in his personal Record of Employment. If a clone gets reprimanded for three days in a row, he will be fired.

The higher social status of the clone does not increase the chance of getting a higher position. It only determines the possibility of occupying a particular position. Only the level of special expertises affects the promotion.

Notice! You can temporarily increase the amount of "Logistics Expertises" by equipping the clone with the appropriate magical artifacts. With the right use of them, you can significantly increase the clone's chances of promotion!

Attention! It is forbidden to manipulate artifacts in order to obtain bonus "special expertises" without reducing the durability of artifacts at the scheduled time.