Submission of application and participation in the tournament

The "Battle Arena" tournament is held three times a week - every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18:00 GMT. The Prize Fund of each tournament is replenished by the Sports Committee of the Land of Clones in amount of 60 gold coins. Anyone who meets the League requirements can register for the tournament.

If you have the right characteristics, choose a League. And take clothing and weapons at your discretion. If you use a firearm, it will be useful salt cartridges. You can, of course, fight with bare hands, but then the chances of winning almost no, and Military expertise do not earn with punches... If you have units of Criminal authority at the registration, the clone will be initiated in the tournament as a bandit, otherwise - as a security guard.

Registration begins 24 hours before the announced start time of the tournament.

To participate in the tournament, there is no need to leave the Settlement squad, as well as to leave the ranks of the Prince's troops or Stash raiders. It is necessary to leave from the Gang of robbers or Bandit troops.

Until the tournament has started, you can withdraw your entry at any time.

You can set the automatic participation in the League, if too lazy to come here every time...

The Prize Fund of the tournament is determined by the State and can vary in one direction or another.

If a tournament in some League did not take place due to a shortage of participants (at least 16 participants in the League), its Fund is transferred to the next tournament and added to the new Fund.

The Leagues

"Battle Arena" tournament is divided into 10 leagues.

You can choose only one League to participate that suits you according to the characteristics. After the end of the tournament in this League, you can choose another League that suits you, or continue to participate in the same League.

The rules of the tournament

Tournaments in all leagues will start simultaneously. You can participate only in one League at a time.

Within each League 4 prize places are allocated. The winners will receive from the Prize Fund of the League:

Prize place A percentage of the Prize Fund of the League
1 45%
2 30%
3 18%
4 7%

You can also get black pearls for each battle won in the tournament. The number of pearls, as well as the probability of obtaining it depends on the available weapons of the fighter:

Weapon type How many pearls you can get The probability of obtaining each pearl
Punches 1 1/50
Brass knuckles 1 1/30
Sharpener 1 1/20
Knife 1 1/10
Bayonet 1 1/7
Sword 1 1/3
Gun 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/6
Fusil 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/5
Musket 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/4
Carabine 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/3
Pistols 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/2
Yataghan 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/6
Katana Sword 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/5
Double-barrelled rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/4
Triple-rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/3
Sniper Rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/2
Automatic Rifle АW 0614 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/2

Attention! To obtain pearls with firearms, you must have cartridges in battle.

A League tournament starts if at least 16 fighters are registered in the League.

Registration begins 24 hours before the start of the tournament.

If the clone is registered in the tournament, it will participate automatically, you do not have to be at the computer at this time. The main thing is to worry in advance about the cartridges and the potions...

The results of the tournament will be available immediately after the end of the tournament.

The results of the previous tournament are stored until the registration for the next tournament starts.

The order of the tournament:

  1. Qualifying battles. By drawing lots, the League fighters are split in pairs and entered into the tournament table. Battles are held, and the losers are eliminated from the tournament. The battles continue until there are 16 teams stay - they are passing in the 1/8 finals.
  2. 1/8 finals – final. Fighters are entered in the tournament table, and battles are held. The losers are eliminated as they approach the final. One fighter wins in the final.
  3. Awarding of winners (4 prize places) and the end of the tournament.


Tournament battles are held according to the standard rules of battle between bandits and security guards. A hungry clone will not be able to fight; if his Energy is below 0, then he does not participate in the tournament.

All due characteristics are charged according to the standard rules during the tournament.

In addition to the possibility of restoring health with "Potion of health", there are doctors on duty on the battle arena, who inspect all the fighters and treat them to 20 health units before each battle.

If you have no health left before the fight and the doctors corrected it up to 20 units, then you will continue to participate, but your chances of winning the next battle are quite small... To win, stock up with enough amount of the "Potion of health" and set up the automatic replenishment of health in the Canteen. Attention! During the tournament, you should use automatic replenishment of health, not manual.

In the Canteen you can drink kvass before each tournament battle, for cheerfulness of spirit (no more than 3 bottles). To do this, you need to configure the automatic use of this wonderful drink in the Canteen.

Questions and answers

Question Can I wear arm and ammunition after the filing of the application for the tournament?
Answer Yes, certainly. You can put on/off things on your own discretion. Those things that will be put on the clone to the time of the battle will take into account.
Question Will I be able to increase the amount of military expertise or military initiative (using an artifact or magic item) to become higher characteristics than the value allowed by the League if I have already joined this League?
Answer No, you will not be able to wear any magic artifact or item if you have already applied to the League (even if the final amount of expertise does not exceed the threshold of the current League). You can put on the magic items you need before joining the League, thus possibly discovering a higher League to participate.
Question If in the process of the tournament after the battle, the amount of military expertise of the clone will be higher allowed by the League, will he be banished from the League?
Answer No, your clone will continue to participate in the tournament until it is complete. But the next time he will not be able to apply for participation in this League.

Betting on the winner of the battle

Before the start of the final battles (those that are included in the tournament table), within 10 minutes before the start of each battle, you can bet on winning one of the opponents. The notification about the beginning of accepting bets will be made in the news feed (events).

Bets are accepted in gold coins. While accepting bets, you can't reduce or cancel the bet, but you can raise it.

An unlimited number of players can bet on one fighter.

In case of winning the fighter on whom you bet, your bet is returned to you, and 90% of the amount of bets of rivals will be paid to the winning players in proportion to their bets (win).

The remaining winnings are paid out:

  • 5% - to the State Budget
  • 3% - to both fighters participating in this battle, equally
  • 2% - to the winner of the battle

Your winnings cannot be higher than the value of your bet (see Example 2), that is, you can get back the amount no more than "bet size x2".

In case of losing a fighter on whom you bet, you lose no more than the value of the total opponent’s bets. The remaining gold will be returned to your account.

If bets were placed only on one fighter in a pair, they will be returned to the players.

Example 1

You bet 100 gold on fighter "A" and 3 more players bet on fighter "A" for a total of 500 gold. On the fighter "B" got up bets for 50 gold.

In the case of winning the fighter "A", the total winnings of players put on it will be 50 gold. Your part of the winnings will be 90%*(50/500*100)=9 gold. Your bet is also returned to you. Thus, when you bet 100 gold, you will get back the amount of 109 gold.

If fighter "B" wins, your loss will be no more than the amount of opponents total bets, that is only 50 gold. The remaining 50 gold coins will be returned to your account.

Example 2

You put 10 gold on the fighter "A", as well as 5 more players put bets on the fighter "A" in the total amount of 100 gold. On the fighter "B" had accumulated bets of 1000 gold.

In the case of winning the fighter "A", the total winnings of players put on him will be 1000 gold. Your part of the winnings will be 90%*(1000/100*10)=90 gold but you will receive a prize no more than the size of your bet, when you bet 10 gold your winnings will be equal to 10 gold. Your bet is returned to you, so you get back the amount of 20 gold.

If fighter "B" wins, your loss will be 10 gold.

Automatic betting on your own fighters

On the "Automatic betting" page you can bet on your own fighter, it will be automatically placed before each of his final fights in the current tournament (if he reached the final). After the end of the tournament, the automatic bet will be cancelled.

In the event that at the beginning of the battle is not enough gold on your account to place a bet, your bet will be 0.