Submit an application and participate in the Tournament

The "Fight Club" Tournament is held for bandits and guards continuously throughout the day.

Registration in each league lasts 10 minutes. If at least 16 participants are not recruited into the league during this time, then registration is extended for another 10 minutes, and so on. With a set of participants, the league tournament begins. New registration starts 5 minutes after the end of the previous tournament. Anyone who meets the requirements of the leagues can register to participate in the tournament.

The cost of participation in the tournament depends on the chosen league.

If you have the right stats, select a league. If during registration you have "criminal authority" units available, then the clone will be initiated in the tournament as a bandit, otherwise - as a guard.

To participate in the tournament, you need to quit the guard, as well as quite the ranks of the settlement squad, prince's troops or squad of stash raiders, gang of robbers or bandit army.

If you have your own gang of robbers (or bandit army), you will have to disband it for the duration of the tournament.

From the moment you apply until the end of the tournament (or until you cancel your application), you cannot loot houses.

While the tournament has not started, you can cancel the application for participation at any time. In this case, the money deposit will be returned to you.

You can set up automatic participation in the league so as not to miss the moment of registration. But keep an eye on the characteristics of the clone: if they no longer meet the requirements of the league, the clone will not automatically participate in the tournament. You will need to choose another league.

During the day, you can participate in the tournament in various leagues, but no more than three times.

Funds received as a cost for participation in the tournament in each league are distributed by the State as follows:

  • 90% - go to the prize fund of the league;
  • 5% - go to the common fund of tournaments;
  • 5% - go to the State Budget.

The Leagues

The "Fight Club" tournament is divided into 10 leagues.

You can choose to participate in only one league that suits your characteristics. In the next tournament, you can choose another league that suits you, or participate in the same league again.

Tournaments in all leagues start independently of each other.

Within each league, 4 prizes are allocated. Prizes for winning places is paid from the league prize fund, as follows:

Prize place Percentage of the league prize fund
1 45%
2 30%
3 18%
4 7%

Tournament Rules

General Information

The tournament in a league starts when at least 16 fighters are registered in this league.

If the clone is registered in the tournament, it will automatically participate, you do not need to be online at this time. The main thing is to worry in advance about equipment, cartridges and health potions...

The results of the tournament will be available immediately after the end of it.

The results of the last tournament are stored until registration for the next tournament begins.

Order of the tournament stages:

  1. Qualifying bouts. League fighters are divided into pairs by drawing lots and entered into the standings. Fights are held, and the losers are eliminated from the tournament. Fights continue until 16 fighters remain - they go to the 1/8 finals.
  2. 1/8 final - final. The fighters are placed in the standings, and fights are held. The losers are eliminated as they get closer to the final. One wins in the final.
  3. Awarding the winners (4 prizes) and the end of the tournament.

Equipment of the Participants

The clone can take with him to the tournament:

  • Protective leather clothing;
  • Utility Vest;
  • Steel cold arms;
  • Firearms (+ salt cartridges);
  • Magic artifacts;
  • Jewelry accessories.

Artifacts and accessories must be worn by the clone prior to registration. Once registered, this will not be possible. Other things can be changed between tournament battles. To prevent the clone from accidentally going into battle unarmed, we recommend using automatic functions (issuing weapons, filling utility vests, etc.)

You can, of course, fight with your bare hands, but then there is almost no chance of victory, and you can’t earn “military expertise” units with your fists...

You can read more about the use of each item in the sections "Security" or "Way of the Robber".

Read more about Utility Vests at this link.

Obtaining the Black Pearls

You can get the "black pearl" resource for every battle won in the tournament. The amount of pearls, as well as the probability of obtaining them, depend on the type of weapon used by the fighter during the battle:

Weapon Type How many pearls can you get Probability of getting each pearl
Fists 1 1/50
Brass knuckles 1 1/30
Shiv 1 1/20
Knife 1 1/10
Bayonet 1 1/7
Saber 1 1/3
Pistol 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/6
Fuzeya 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/5
Musket 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/4
Carbine 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/3
Pair of Pistols 2 1st - 100%, 2nd - 1/2
Scimitar 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/6
Katana 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/5
Double-barreled rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/4
Three-barreled rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/3
Sniper rifle 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/2
Light machine gun AW 0614 3 1st - 100%, 2nd - 100%, 3rd - 1/2

Attention! To obtain pearls with firearms, you must have salt cartridges in battle.


Tournament battles are held according to standard rules for a fight between a bandit and a guard.

A hungry clone won't be able to fight; if his work efficiency is below 0, then he does not participate in the tournament.

All due characteristics are accrued according to the standard rules during the tournament.

In addition to the possibility of restoring health with the help of "Health Potions", doctors are on duty at the fighting arena, who examine all the fighters and heal them up to 20 health units before each battle.

If you didn’t have any health units left before the start of the battle and the doctors improved it to 20 units, then you will continue to participate, but your chances of winning the next battle are very small... To win, stock up on enough “Health Potion” and set up automatic healing in Canteen.

Attention! Exactly Auto heal should be used during the tournament.

Before each tournament fight, you can drink "kvass" for good spirits (no more than 3 bottles). To do this, you need to set up the automatic consumption of this wonderful drink in the Canteen.

Bets on the Winner of the fight

Before the start of the final fights (1/8 final - final) in each league, within 10 minutes before the start of each fight, you can bet on the victory of one of the opponents. Notification of the start of accepting bets will be made in the news feed ("events" at the top of the page).

Bets are accepted in gold coins. Once you place a bet, you cannot decrease or cancel it, but you can raise it.

An unlimited number of players can bet on one fighter.

If the fighter you bet on wins, your winnings will be calculated as follows:

  • You get back the amount of your bet in full;
  • 90% of the amount of all opponents' bets (those who bet on the losing fighter) will be divided among all winners in proportion to the sum of their bets;
  • The amount received back cannot exceed the bet amount by more than 2 times (see "Example 2" below).

The remaining 10% of the amount of all opponents' bets are paid out:

  • 5% - to the State Budget;
  • 3% - equally for both fighters participating in this fight;
  • 2% - to the winner of the battle.

If the fighter you bet on loses, you lose no more than the sum of all your opponents' bets. The remaining gold coins will be returned to your game account.

If bets were made on only one fighter from a pair, then all bets will be returned to the players.


Example 1

You bet 100 gold coins on fighter "A", and 3 other players bet on fighter "A" for a total of 500 gold coins. Fighter "B" got 50 gold coins in bets.

If fighter "A" wins, the total winnings of the players who bet on him will be 50 gold coins. Your share of the winnings will be 90%*(50/500*100)=9 gold coins. Your bet is also returned to you. Thus, for a bet of 100 gold coins, you will receive back the amount of 109 gold coins.

If fighter "B" wins, your loss will be no more than the sum of the opponents' bets, that is, only 50 gold coins. The remaining 50 gold coins will be returned to your game account.

Example 2

You bet 10 gold coins on fighter "A", and 5 other players bet on fighter "A" for a total of 100 gold coins. Fighter "B" got 1000 gold coins in bets.

If fighter "A" wins, the total winnings of the players who bet on him will be 1000 gold coins. Your share of the winnings will be 90%*(1000/100*10)=90 gold coins, but you won't win more than your bet. With a bet of 10 gold coins, your winnings will be equal to 10 gold coins. Your bet is returned to you, so you will receive back the amount of 20 gold coins.

If fighter "B" wins, your loss will be 10 gold coins.

Automatic bets on your own fighters

On the page "Automatic bets" you can place a bet on your own clone fighter. The bet will be automatically placed before each of his final fights in the current tournament (if he has reached the final). After the end of the current tournament, the automatic bet settings will be cancelled.

In the case that at the time of the start of the battle there are not enough gold coins on your game account to place a bet, then your bet will be equal to 0.


Question Is it possible to arm and put on ammunition after applying for a tournament?
Answer Oh sure. You can put on / take off things at your discretion. Those things that will be worn by the clone by the time of the battle will be taken into account.
Question Will I be able to increase the amount of military expertise or military initiative (using a magical artifact or jewelry) so that it exceeds the value allowed by the league if I have already joined that league?
Answer No, you will not be able to equip any magical artifact or jewelry if you have already applied to the league (even if the total amount of characteristics does not exceed the threshold of the current league). You can put on the magic items you need before joining the league, thus possibly opening up a higher league to participate in.
Question If, during the tournament, after the next battle, the amount of military expertises of the clone becomes higher than allowed in this league, will he be kicked out of the league?
Answer No, your clone will continue to participate in the tournament until it ends. But next time, he will no longer be able to apply for participation in this league.