Submission of application

The "Three little pigs" Tournament is held three times a week - every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 GMT. The Prize Fund of each tournament is replenished on 60 gold coins by the Sports Committee of the Land of Clones.

To participate in the "Three little pigs" tournament can boars aged 15-350 days with active "Sports mode" setting. Participation of the animal in the tournament does not reduce the number of possible races at the pigs’ racecourse on this day. Simultaneous participation of the animal in the race and in the tournament is not allowed.

Until the tournament has started, you can withdraw your application at any time.

You can set automatic weekly participation of your boar in the League.

The size of the Prize Fund of the tournament depends on the amount of gold accumulated by the Sports Committee over the past week. The maximum Prize Fund of the tournament is 100 gold coins.

The Leagues

The "Three little pigs" tournament is divided into 10 leagues. The entire Prize Fund of the tournament is divided between them.

To participate, you can choose only one League in which the boar is suitable for the "Experience" characteristic. If the boar of the lower League is registered in the tournament for the higher League, he will certainly meet the boar from this high League during the tournament.

The name of the League The maximum experience Part of the tournament's total Prize Fund
I 50 3%
II 100 4%
III 300 5%
IV 600 7%
V 1000 9%
VI 2000 11%
VII 3000 12%
VIII 4500 14%
IX 6000 15%
X 20%

The rules of the tournament

Tournaments in all leagues start at the same time. One boar can only participate in one League.

Within each League, 4 prize places are allocated. From the League Fund paid for prizes:

Prize place A percentage of the Prize Fund of the League
1 45%
2 30%
3 18%
4 7%

A League tournament starts if at least 16 boars are registered in the League. Otherwise, the tournament in this League is not held and the League Fund is returned to the Sports Committee.

Registration begins 24 hours before the start of the tournament.

If the boar is registered in the tournament, it will participate automatically, you do not have to be at the computer at this time.

The results of the tournament will be available immediately after the end of the tournament.

The results of the previous tournament are stored for two days.

The order of the tournament:

  1. Qualifying races. By drawing lots, the League boars are split in pairs and entered into the tournament table. Races are held, and the losers are eliminated from the tournament. The races continue until there are 16 boars stay - they are passing in the 1/4 finals.
  2. 1/4 finals – final. Boars are entered in the tournament table, and races are held. The losers are eliminated as they approach the final. One boar wins in the final.
  3. Awarding of winners (4 prize places) and the end of the tournament.

The Race

Tournament races are held according to the standard race rules.

Before the start of the race, the participants do not know the features of the track.

Participation in the race adds to the boar 0,016% muscle mass. Remember that the muscle mass can not be more than 70% of the animal's weight.

The quality of boar's food affects its characteristics during the race - the lower the satiety of the animal in percentage terms, the lower all its characteristics.

Betting on the winner of the race

Within 2 minutes before the start of each race, you can bet on winning one of the opponents. The notification about the beginning of accepting bets will be made in the news feed (events).

Bets are accepted in gold coins. While accepting bets, you can't reduce or cancel the bet, but you can raise it.

An unlimited number of players can bet on one boar.

Depending on the number and amount of bets already made by players, you can see dynamically updated odds.

90% of the placed bets are distributed to the winners according to the odds (provided that the bets were made not only on the winning boar, but also on other participants, otherwise all bets are returned to the players). For example, if your bet is 1 gold coin per boar and the odds are 1.3, you will get 1.3 gold coins if this boar wins.

If the bets are made on boars, but no bets was not made on the winner boar, then all the losing bets go to the Fund of the Sports Committee.