Renting a boar-breeder

One of the benefits of Pig Breeding is the ability to produce your own young by mating your sows to boars. If you do not own a boar, you can rent one from another clone in this section of the State Farm by paying the rent assigned by the owner of the animal.

No mating is possible until the sow and boar are %min_breed_age% days old and %min_breed_weight% kg (both conditions must be met).

Your sow must also be ready to mate and gestate. You'll know it's ready when the entire bar above the %icon_heart% heart icon in the lower right corner of the pig image is filled with orange.

You can choose to breed any boar offered for rent at the State Farm, based on the characteristics of the animal and the cost of the rent.

Do not forget that the weight of the future offspring will directly depend on the weight of his parents. The heavier the boar at the time of mating, the greater will be the total weight of the born piglets.

Placing a boar-breeder for rent

Any inhabitant of the Land of Clones with the status of "Peasant" and higher can put up a boar-breeder at the Fair. The "work efficicency" indicator of the clone (as well as other clones from your account) must be at least 0.

Your boar should be ready to mate, which will be seen by the full orange color of the bar above the heart icon %icon_heart% in the lower right corner of the boar image. You can place a boar for rent from the page "Business" → Livestock Breeding" →"Pigs".

When placing a lot on the Fair, the seller is charged a commission in the amount of %commission_create%% of the rental price. When cancelling a lot, the commission is not refundable.

Upon the renting, a commission is charged in the amount of %commission_sell%% of the rental price.

The commissions go to the State Budget. The State, in turn, at the end of each working day pays this income to the following funds:

  • 10% - to the Social Allowances Fund of the Land of Clones;
  • 10% - to the fund of the Wonders of the World "Giant Sunflower";
  • 10% - to the fund of the Wonders of the World "Great Ear;
  • 20% - to the dividend fund of the State Farm Securities;
  • 10% - to the dividend fund of the State Bank Securities;
  • 20% - to the dividend fund of the Fair Securities.

Immediately after the boar is put up for the fair, as well as after the moment of its production (1 time per day), the lot becomes unavailable for rent for a random period of time (from 5 to 30 minutes). After this period, the lot becomes available for rent again.

Being at the State Farm, boars continue to eat and produce products as usual.

The tab "Your boars-breeders at the State Farm" contains a list of your boars available for rent. Here you can return the animal to the farmyard (cancel the lot).

After Mating

The mating takes place immediately after the owner of the sow pays the rent. Immediately after mating, the animals return to their farmyards.

After mating, the boar will not be able to mate for %animal_ready_to_matting_days% days, and the sow will gestate %animal_base_gestation_ticks% days with an optimal feed ration.

If the feed ration is not optimal, the rest period of the boar, as well as the gestation period of the sow, will increase proportionally. You can read more about this in the section "Business" → "Livestock Breeding" → "Pigs" → "Help".