Trading rules at the Magic Hens' Fair

At the Magic Hens' Fair of the State Farm, you can sell or buy fabulous magic hens.

Any resident of the Land of Clones with the status of "Craftsman" and higher can sell and purchase goods at the Fair.

In order to purchase a magic hen, a clone must have either a separate henroost for it or a magic hens' yard (unlimited capacity), which can be purchased from the State Farm Nursery on the tab Magic Hens.

The clone acquiring magic hens (as well as other clones on this account) must have a work efficiency indicator of at least 0.

While at the Fair, magic hens continue to consume food and produce products, but grazing at the fields will not be available to them. Detailed information on nutrition, hens production and grazing at the fields can be found in the section "Business" → "Livestock Breeding" → "Magic Hens" → "Help".

To date, the following breeds of magic hens exist on the Land of the Clones:

Leghorn, Minorca, Sussex breeds

The sale of hens of these breeds at the Fair is subject to the following conditions:

  • Upon placing the lot, the seller is charged a commission of 0.5% of the cost of the magic hen;
  • Upon the sale of the lot, the seller is charged a commission of 4.5% of the cost of the magic hen.

The commissions go to the State Budget. The State then pays them to the profit fund of the Fair.

Andrew, Alex, Nikolas breeds

Magic hens of these breeds cannot be bought or sold at the Magic Hens' Fair.