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Bonus from sales of NFT Taurus Guard in the secondary market

Dear players! The "Bonus from sales of NFT in the secondary market" fund was paid out in a total amount of more than 5 SOL.

The next lots of NFT "Guardian Bulls" on the MagicEden marketplace

Dear players! We inform you that on Monday, May 1, the next batch of NFT Taurus Guard will be put up: 250 pcs. after 12:00 UTC and 250 pcs. after 19:00 UTC. We wish you a successful "hunt"!

Mines "Elvereon" (server Enclave)

Dear residents! Geologists have prepared sites for the mines of the magic stone "Elvereon". At 17:00 GMT, 10,000 mines will start appearing in the auction.  Spawn interval 10 mines per hour. 

Sand Quarry (Metropolis server)

Geologists conducted exploration and found a site for sand mining . The quarry will become available for construction on 04/29/2022 at 17:00 GMT.

Preparatory work for the opening of the auction of crypto-boxes

Dear players!

At the moment, we are finishing the implementation of the Taurus Guard Mystery Boxes crypto-box auction functionality. The estimated start of the auction is scheduled for Wednesday 05/03/2023 at 12:00 GMT. 

We remind you that the following prizes can drop out in cryptoboxes:

- NFT Taurus Guard, starting with the most common rarity and ending with Mythic and Legendary, which are very rare and combine the most outlandish traits.

- 1 Solana.

- 3 Solana.

The starting price of the cryptobox is 200 gold, step by 5 gold. 10 lots will be posted daily

Hurry up to stock up on gold for betting! Good luck with your auctions and big prizes!

Mystery boxes (cryptoboxes) with NFT Taurus Guard

Dear players! As you know, the Taurus Guard NFT collection has been trading on the well-known MagicEden marketplace for several weeks now. We decided not to stop there, and part of the NFTs intended for open sale will be sold through the Overseas Resources in-game auction on the Metropolis server. The sale at the auction will be carried out using special crypto-boxes (boxes with prizes), in which the following prizes can fall:

- NFT Taurus Guard, starting with the most common rarity and ending with Mythic and Legendary, which are very rare and combine the most outlandish traits.

- 1 Solana.

- 3 Solana.

The starting price of the cryptobox is 200 gold, step by 5 gold. 10 lots will be posted daily. Depending on the interest of the players, it is planned to sell from 300 to 600 boxes.

Attention! With the volatility of the Solana cryptocurrency above 10%, the starting price of the box may be revised. The initial starting price is based on the rate of 1 Solana = 21.5 USD.

After you have won the auction and received your cryptobox, it cannot be sold/gifted/thrown away, there will only be an opening function. Upon opening, you can see the NFT serial number, and possibly additional Solana that was hidden in the box along with the NFT. Within 24 hours you will receive your prize in the crypto wallet linked to the game, so take care of this in advance. How to create and link a wallet to the game can be found in the help:

The first 300 NFTs that will be in the boxes have serial numbers 2801 to 3100 inclusive without gaps. Now they are in a purse specially created for this event and are looking forward to their new owners.

More details about the start date of sales and how these cryptoboxes will be arranged will be published later, but in the meantime, you have time to prepare for the hot auction!

Specialized Telegram channels for each game server

Dear friends! For your convenience, notifications about important events of each game server, such as the beginning and end of auctions and the like, have been moved to the corresponding Telegram channels:

In the same game news channel "Golden Clone | News” will only publish news related to both servers or our game world as a whole.

The next lots of NFT "Guardian Bulls" on the MagicEden marketplace

Dear players! We inform you that on April 24 the next batch of NFT Taurus Guard will be put up: 250 pcs. after 12:00 UTC and 250 pcs. after 19:00 UTC. Among these 500 pcs. expected to have 4(!) NFTs of the " Mythic " category according to the Rarity Score classification. We wish you a successful "hunt"!

Further symbiosis of the world of clones and the crypto-world

Dear players! We are pleased to inform you that we have already implemented the functionality of receiving out-of-game cryptocurrency bonuses for NFT owners. Also at the final stage is the introduction of in-game bonuses - a beneficial effect on the cowshed and receiving deductions from the new fund. “What next?” - a question that interests many. The purpose of this news is to reveal the nearest plans of the Golden clone in the crypto direction!

The next main goal is the tokenization of the currency (gold and cloncoin), as well as all game resources (commodity exchange and fair) on the Enclave server. The currency and the resource will be placed on separate crypto-exchanges where you can buy/sell the resource, exchange gold for kloncoin and vice versa, as well as deposit and withdraw funds using the exchange. For small transactions and for those who do not want to master the world of cryptocurrencies, the old man-changer will come to the rescue, which will be replenished with the function of selling various resources, however, the price of resources will be slightly higher than on the stock exchange, so as not to dump the general market. 

After the full tokenization of the Enclave server, it is planned to advertise the project in the crypto community, various promotions (both for our players and for the external audience), as well as collaborations with various crypto projects to exchange the audience. At the moment, the audience of crypto games has millions of users who make a daily turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. This world is a world of new opportunities and perspectives. And we can offer him our interesting and fascinating world with many game blocks and opportunities. We can offer him a stable project with a 16-year history, which will be a unique phenomenon in the crypto industry. And in return, he will be able to give us an influx of new users, technologies and opportunities that blockchain gives!

When this amount of work is completed and the results are visible, the inhabitants of the Metropolis server will be offered a similar option for moving into the crypto world. Each of you will be able to participate in determining the future development of the Metropolis!

Whatever the decision of the Parliament on the further development of the Metropolia server, it will be very important for us, because we, together with you, have been building it brick by brick for 16 years! Its development will be no less a priority goal than the promotion of the crypto direction. Already now we are closely engaged in the development and implementation of a new game module for the Metropolis server, which will unite the efforts of everyone and everyone! Prepare your planes and sledgehammers, pickles and trays for gold panning, because the new module will require a lot of different resources and gold! Follow the news closely!

Bonus from sales of NFTs in the secondary market

Dear players! We would like to inform you about the successful completion of the "Bonus from Secondary Market NFT Sales" task for the Taurus Guard collection, which was scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2023. Also today, a payment was made on this fund in a total amount of more than 15 SOL

We also inform you that the next 500 NFTs of this series will be offered during today. We wish you happy shopping!

16 years of Clone World!

Dear inhabitants of the Land of Clones! Today the project is 16 years old! 

These years have been an exciting journey for all of us. The project has become a second home for many. 

Friends, our adventure continues! And we know that amazing discoveries and new achievements await us ahead. Every day, the Golden Clone team works together to make the virtual world wider, deeper and more interesting. 

Congratulations to everyone on the birthday of the project!

The first high results of the NFT collection "Guardian Bulls"

Dear players! Congratulations on starting the Web3 era in our clone world! We are also in a hurry to share the good news: in terms of trading volume for 24 hours, we have reached the 21st place (out of 1000) in the rating of popular collections of the MagicEden marketplace !

The pre-sale of 1000 NFT at a discount price has ended. In the near future, lots of 1 SOL will begin to be exhibited . We remind you that information about the collection is available on the Taurus Guard page ( ), where you can also purchase the bulls you like. You can also go to the MagicEden marketplace and search for the name of the Taurus Guard collection (the name must be accurate!). 

As we can see, the crypto community has shown no small interest in our collection, although it has not even been advertised in it yet. So, we are moving in the right direction!

Announcement of the start of the presale of the first collection of NFT "Guardian Bulls" (Taurus Guard)

Dear players! We are pleased to inform you that our first collection of gaming NFTs " Taurus Guard " is already presented on one of the top Solana blockchain marketplaces " MagicEden ".

The start of sales is scheduled for April 08, 2023 at 12:00 UTC. Information about the collection is available on the Taurus Guard page . You can also go to the MagicEden marketplace and search for the name of the Taurus Guard collection (the name must be accurate!).

Open sale price from 1 SOL. Quantity 8000 pieces, which will be exhibited in 500 pieces. once a week or earlier if the previous volume was redeemed faster than a week before. 

However, before the open sale there will be a pre-sale for players with a special price of 0.5 SOL. The number of NFTs in the presale is 1000, which will be offered in batches of 250. Each subsequent batch is exhibited after the sale of the previous one. Presale means that the start time of the sale will be announced only in our community. And after the sale of this batch at a discount price, there will be external advertising in the crypto community.

You can read about the benefits of owning NFTs here at . If you're thinking about buying NFTs, be sure to check out this section. There you can find out what bonuses NFT ownership will give, the collection development plan and much more.

The mini-guides located at will help you learn more about linking a wallet to a game, a marketplace, and many other details .

We also strongly advise you to read the basic security rules when working with cryptocurrencies:

If you still have questions or incomprehensible moments - be sure to ask them on the forum or in the Telegram chat , where you can get comprehensive answers to any questions.

This is our first, but significant step into the world of Web3! You scale your accounts by creating new clones, principalities, settlements and much more, and we continue to work on scaling the project and expanding our audience!

Action "We build without letters"

Dear inhabitants of the Clone Lands! Today at 12:00 GMT, the campaign starts building principalities and administrative units without letters! The promotion will continue until September 1 on both servers.