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Gem mines (Enclave server)

Geologists have discovered new deposits of precious stones, they are finishing mapping the locations and transmitting information to the State Chancellery. Today at 19:00 GMT the office is scheduled to begin putting up plots for auction.

Plot on the river (3000 plots) - 6 mines are placed every hour. 

Large river mine (2000 plots) - 4 mines are placed every hour.

Plot in a quarry (1000 plots) - the interval of placing 2 mines every hour.

Large quarry mine (1000 plots) - the interval for placing 2 mines every hour.

Small mine workings (1500 plots) - the interval of placing 3 mines every hour.

Large mine workings (1000 plots) - the interval of placing 2 mines every hour.

We wish you success in mining gems!

Treasure Hunters (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Treasure maps found they are open to the public. Adventure and gold await cache seekers. Equip your troops and send them on a treasure hunt.

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.

New types of mines for krypton are already at auction!

Dear players! The Commissioner of the Clone World, together with the auction manager, have prepared for you new types of mines that are available for trading for krypton:

- Portaline mine on the Metropolia server.
- Elvereon mine on the Enclave server.

Start of trading - 1 krypton.
Step - 1 krypton.

These mines will be auctioned in small quantities, at varying intervals, so that our players from different time zones have a chance to participate in the auction.

We wish everyone successful trading and profitable purchases!

Backpack cryptocurrency wallet support

Dear players! Some users had difficulty installing Phantom or Solflare wallets because their mobile devices do not have marketplaces and can only install applications using installation files.

Recently, the Backpack crypto wallet has appeared, which, in addition to installation from marketplaces, has an official installation apk file. This wallet will be an excellent solution for mobile device users who do not have official stores for downloading applications. We have already implemented the ability to link this wallet to your game account in the game! In the short time of its existence, Backpack has already begun to gain recognition among developers and users.

You can find a link to installing this wallet in our help, in the section of mini-guides on cryptocurrency.

Big draw ahead

Dear residents of the world of clones! Within a few days, a large bonus in gold coins is expected to be paid to one of the carriage owners! 

The main requirement for participation is that the car does not sit idle at the depot. Just send all the cars you have on the trip. The more cars go on a trip, the more chances you have! 

If you still don’t have wagons and don’t know how to become a depot owner. They will be happy to give you advice in the help chat or general player chat!

We wish you a great mood and mountains of gold coins! 

Special license for emperor builders

Dear builders of the architectural miracle “Great Engine”! This structure plays a huge role in the life of the virtual world. Therefore, the commissioners of the clone world made a decision. Emperors who manage to assemble the great engine will be issued a state license, which will allow them to put their clones up for auction for a profitable sale. 

Stay tuned, we will keep you updated!

Gold coins for carriage owners!

Dear players! Every day, drawings are held among all operating carriages with payments from the state fund. Now each carriage has a chance to deliver not only a part, but also gold coins for its owner!

In the news feed you can see how several carriages have already received additional prizes. On special days, the prizes can be obscenely large! 

PS "Special day" is a random day. 

The possibility of building a giant engine is open!

Dear players!

The possibility of building a wonder of the world "giant engine" appeared in the corresponding sections "Principality" - "architectural wonders" - "Giant engine".

We wish you successful construction and a lot of gold in the form of bonuses, and large payments from the giant engine fund. All descriptions will appear very soon, stay tuned! 

Issue of securities (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the Land of Clones! 

Today at 17:00 GMT, the issue of securities will begin

Trade guild securities: 10,000 pcs.

Iron Mine Securities: 10,000 pcs.

State Farm Securities: 10,000 pcs.

Mill securities: 10,000 pcs.

“Dragons’ Gold” securities: 50,000 pcs.

We wish you successful purchases!

Treasure Hunters (Enclave server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Treasure maps have been found and are being released to the public. Adventure and gold await cache seekers. Equip your troops and send them on a treasure hunt. 

Limestone Quarry (Enclave server)

Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for limestone mining. The quarry will become available for construction today at 22:00 GMT.

Gold prizes for the first emperors! (Metropolia server)

The first emperor who will build the architectural miracle “Giant Engine” will be awarded a prize of 10,000 gold coins.

The second emperor receives a prize of 5,000 gold coins.

The third emperor receives a prize of 3,000 gold coins.

The fourth emperor receives a prize of 2,000 gold coins.

The cars can be launched! (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world of clones!

Automated freight cars are moving! The metallurgical plant began issuing large mechanical parts. Wagon owners can refuel and send wagons for loading.

To do this you need to go: “Investor” - “Railway” - “Your carriages”.

Good luck!