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Heading "Inquisitive Minds". Securities. Promising and reliable.

Hello dear readers!

In my opinion, the Securities block in the Clone Age is one of the most interesting. Because of its profitability and similarity to the financial markets of the real world. EC securities are a strong boat that allows you to survive any storm in the restless waters of a virtual state. The income from the Central Bank will help financially with the next changes in the game. While you will develop a new strategy in the changed conditions, the income from the Central Bank will feed your clones, provide them with working tools and weapons.

At the same time, the bloc itself was reformed more than once. The latest changes are related to the "finiteness of life" of the Central Bank - five years. And these changes scared away some of the players, which may be a chance for more daring clone breeders. How many times has our game proven that those who jump into the block (or modified block) of the game first end up winning. The rest have to catch up. It is clear that the reform of the bloc has not yet been completed, we are waiting for the opening of the stock exchange after the suspension of its work. But… you can replenish your portfolio of investments right now and, what is important, at face value during the issuance.

Until recently, it was necessary to compete for the Central Bank, increasing the cost of securities from nominal values. Right now there are interesting securities at auctions. One can argue about the payback period for a long time, but I think that the papers themselves will pay off under the most unfavorable scenario in three years. Then there is only profit. True, we must not forget that the treasury must be preserved. And here several strategies for maintaining income are possible: Maximum social policy, well-pumped security, fragmentation.

Under the first option, the payback period of the Central Bank will increase dramatically. But… If your houses are already “socially protected”, then it is foolish to leave them empty and without the Central Bank.

The second strategy has a clear disadvantage - for every guard of 10 leagues there is a robber 3 gold. I'm already silent about the "millionaires" and the robbery in the spirit of BSHiP.

The third option is with crushing. Here you can not do without calculators. The meaning of the strategy is in a large (or small, depending on the thickness of the stack of securities) number of houses and huts. Dividends should be distributed in such a way that the treasury is no more than 0.0007-0.0008. Then, your property will not be displayed in tips and all your dividends will be saved. With this strategy, you don't need guards and weapons costs. Plus, you get fields to grow crops. And do not forget about the additional allowance to the owners of houses in the settlement. There is, however, one fat minus. These are repairs that cost a fortune.

And each player needs to carefully consider all three options in order to choose his own. As they say, everyone has their own calculator. But it is precisely this need for a meticulous calculation of options in this block that pleases me. Often, the need for meticulous calculation scares off “newbies” or even “oldies” of the game from the updated block. This means that we, those who do not ignore this block, are given a chance to reduce the payback period and earn more.

Author: AgataNyuta, Editor: AdelinaL


Heading "Events". 10 years of the Hunt block!

Good afternoon, dear readers!

The developers of the game are working around the clock to improve our favorite game, Age of the Clones! And the best gratitude for them is to reap the fruits of their creativity! I want to draw your attention to the fact that exactly 10 years ago, namely on February 15, 2010, the "Hunting" block was introduced into the game.

In this simple block you can virtually plunge into active recreation - hunting! And note that you do not even kill the animal, but simply put it to sleep, i.e. in fact, you just catch it, and it pays off you with its forest gifts! All you need for hunting is a license, a gun for the corresponding animal and cartridges. And of course, you can increase your chances of a successful hunt by purchasing the necessary hunting equipment.

I think that the 10th anniversary of one of the many available blocks is a very solid period that deserves attention and respect! Everyone chooses their own development strategy, being an experienced player or just a beginner who is looking for himself in different game strategies!

I want to remind you that on the Hunt you can get a lot of useful things, ranging from gifts to a solid game prize - good luck and luck will do everything!

For example, just today (02/15/2020) in the "Lucky Clone" contest, more than 20 gold coins were paid out! Hunters have also earned over 70 gold in the Great Hunter contest. Solid payout!

In addition, you can always sell your honestly "extracted" forest gifts at the fair. Today alone, about 6,700 units of this type of resource have been put up, more than 850 have been purchased!

Note that the replenishment of kalita automatically daily from the Benefits Fund has not been canceled either!

In addition, you can find a lot of useful information on the game's forum, where experienced hunters share their experience of earning money in this block, share their tricks and tricks. After all, hunting together is much more fun!

Happy hunting everyone!

Sincerely, teenik!

Author: tenik , Editor: AdelinaL


Heading "Results". The Social Fund has paid out over 1,500,000 gold!

Good afternoon, dear readers.

Looking through the various game blocks, I came across the State Budget tab , which is located in the Power menu. I have often seen here many six-figure numbers of various funds that have been paid out to players, but the figure of more than 1,500,000 gold caused great delight. That's how much was paid to all players from the Social Fund.

In total, our project exists for about 154 months, and if we divide all the capital distributed to the players by this number of months, it turns out that more than 10,000 gold were paid to us every month. Of course, this was not always the case and, as the game developed, the numbers only grew. For example, last month, 19,484.5445 coins were paid out of these gold reserves . Now, during the period of promotion for statuses, the growth of the fund is especially noticeable. At the time of writing (02/05/2020), it amounted to more than 20,000 gold and continued to grow relentlessly! This can be observed in real time: the amount is periodically updated throughout the day. In just 5 days, it filled up more than in the entire last month! And this means that the last 2 Fridays of the promotion, all players will receive truly generous payouts For status and For age, and selected players who have reached certain heights will be able to receive FAI payments, which are also replenished from the Social Fund.

I would like to remind you that the state allocates 40% of the income item “Social statuses” to payments to all players. That is why we see such increased benefits during promotion periods. If you want to receive more payments from this fund, then you also need to move forward and develop your account, create more and more clones that will bring you at least payments for Status and Age. And if you develop diversified, you will certainly be able to receive payments from the active players fund when your account exceeds the average mark in the game in one or more ratings.

Considering that the game is developing faster and faster, it can be assumed that the Social Fund will constantly fill up and delight all clone breeders with its payments, unlike some other state funds that are periodically empty. And the constant growth of Social Security benefits only indicates that the game is in a state of active development and economic growth!

I have the honor to bow, hesk.

Author: hesk , Editor: AdelinaL