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Heading "Interview". Golden fever

The news about the gold rush excited the players very much, discussions on the forum and in numerous chats intensified. I would like to know a little more about this innovation, and I decided to go to someone who can shed light on this sparkling story.

Good evening Nikolay! The news leaves a lot of room for interpretation) In particular, the phrase about gold nuggets and sand - many are interested in whether it will be the usual gold, as in kalit, or separate resources that will need to be somehow converted into familiar coins? Even the idea of ​​changing the financial system and switching from coins to gold bars flashed by!

Nikolai Rogozhin: Gold dust and nuggets will be in the usual form of gold coins of different denominations. For example, in the current two minutes, the clone managed to find 0.0083745 gold.

A lot of controversy also flared up about the requirements for the production of the most valuable tool. The forum even managed to "reveal" the proposed composition: 10 metal and 100 flasks of nickel and chromium. But the phrase from the news about tens of thousands of clones ready to retrain as gold miners makes me doubt such proportions. And the price of chemical elements is now significantly more expensive than the face value, which will make production in the current conditions not the most profitable for the princes. Can I ask about the technology of creating gold miners' trays, or is it still a production secret?

Nikolai Rogozhin: The prince produces 10 trays for the price of 1 chrome + 1 nickel (used for coating) + 50 iron + 50 gold coins (factory production cost) = 60.04;

Denomination of the tray for the prince = 6.004 gold

The maximum production of the prince = 1000 trays per day;

Redeems money changer from the princes of the steel mill of the 6th level at a price of 6.007 = 1 tray;

Trays are sold by a money changer in a tool shop at a price of 6.01;

Also, many were interested in the fate of the trays produced by the princes. Will the owners of level 6 steel mills be able to keep the trays for themselves, or will they be automatically bought out by the state?

Nikolai Rogozhin: Everything will be redeemed by the state, this is the passive income of the prince.

And ordinary residents are even more concerned about the availability of this tool. Although we have a lot of developed princes, but will they be able to satisfy such a massive demand? I assume that the state already creates a certain stock of trays for clones, but how much will it last? Is it worth worrying about this or will the State Planning Commission be able to ensure uninterrupted sales to everyone?

Nikolai Rogozhin: According to calculations, there will be enough trays for everyone. Gosplan will provide for everyone.

Gold miners cannot do other things. Perhaps this is the most pleasant part of the news for me, since thousands of clones will be withdrawn from primary production, which will make the main resources more in demand and give many an incentive to develop. But in addition to work, clones are involved in many more blocks that are easily combined with work in governments and emergency situations (agriculture, animal husbandry, robberies, tournaments, hunting, work in the mines). Will the gold miners be able to continue their usual activities, or will they completely focus on the search for gold?

Nikolai Rogozhin: At the moment, gold mining is planned as a separate activity, which takes up the entire time of the clone. And yes, as you correctly noted, the goal is to withdraw a large number of clones from the extraction of a resource, which is quite abundant in the game, and transfer to another activity.

That is, all other blocks, even those not related to traditional work (state of emergency, butcher and gos), will be inaccessible to such clones?

Nikolai Rogozhin: Yes, for now. Let's simulate the situation: either free the market for new clones, or create additional activities for this.

Well, the phrase that scared the most impressionable a little: “Players can hardly divert their attention from the successful process of mining gold sand and nuggets!”. Does this mean that this block will require the active participation of the player in order to increase mining efficiency, or will everything happen automatically, like in most other blocks?

Nikolai Rogozhin: Players complain that the game is boring. 20 minutes spent and you can close. In principle, this goal was pursued by the administration all these years in all developments of game modules - saving the user's time. But the user is now bored and looking for something to do. This game module is therefore created with a visual part and a short tool durability. It will be amusing for the player to watch a group of his gold miners, who will constantly notify about the size of the find. There will be interest in scaling, but it will not require constant personal presence. This module should make the user's leisure time more interesting.

Next, a number of games are planned, of a slightly different plan, which will occupy all the user's free time, if he wants to play ...

Will the player be able to only observe or will something depend on his actions / activity? Conditionally, will the player be able to choose which area on the map will be “processed” by the gold digger?

Nikolay Rogozhin:The first version of the game does not involve player intervention for this reason: the game will push players to scale their gold mining business. It will be necessary to count and think where to get clones, buy inventory, put them in empty places. If there are not enough places to create new settlements. That is, at first the players will have enough worries + the administration will look at the situation, interest, conclusions and wishes of the players. Well, then we'll see what can be improved and made more interesting. If everything suits, then we will start implementing a number of games, but there the participation of the player will be mandatory. The player will be involved in the management. Also very interesting modules based on military attributes (ships, foot soldiers, artillery, dragons, etc.). Wander around the maps, get caches. But the collision will not be with each other, as it was in the module “cache robbers”, but with bots: the most disparate parts of Webman. It will be much more interesting and exciting. And, most importantly, profitable and playable!

The game fund of gold miners will be collected from different state. funds, ranging from the purchase of statuses and ending with the sale of water on the commodity exchange. In fact, we are going to reduce government revenue, giving more interest to the players.

However, a huge plus of this game block for the project as a whole will be an increase in the capitalization of game accounts, an incentive for development at all levels from an artisan to emperors.

For now, this module will be running on the main server. Let's see how it will take root and how much it will be in demand. According to forecasts, it should be in high demand due to its high profitability and dynamism.

With respect, Nicholai!

Thanks for the replies!

Well, the Land of the Clones is really waiting for the gold rush and the subsequent development. Instead of accumulating a resource that not everyone can profitably attach, clones will bring gold to their owners, who will be able to use it to develop their own accounts, to create new cities and principalities, to participate in those blocks that previously lacked gold. I hope that this innovation will be able to make the primary resource interesting to mine again, and the game even more exciting for the players.

Author: stebel2017 , Editor: AdelinaL